Gully Bop Baby On The Way .. Mystery Baby Mama Surfaced

Gully Bop wasn’t joking when he said that every girl want a work work work off of him. Go listen to his single “Wuk Offa Mi.”

Last weekend the above photo surfaced on social media showing a female with a growing baby bump. Gully Bop’s other alleged girlfriends took noticed and immediately went on the attack.

Gully Bop New Girlfriend Gushes Over Deejay, Says Shauna Chin Is A Cheater

The female then uploaded a video of herself blasting responding to the criticisms but it is what she said about the dancehall deejay’s money that got his fans talking.

Gully Bop has not responded to the allegations. The dancehall deejay already has a grown son who is in his twenties.



  1. A wondr if the baby ago grow teeth? Bwoy Jamaica a real almshouse

  2. Lol what ah old dutty nasty parasite……She don`t have no class old gully rat that do not want to look a job but lay on her back and collect.Only song i listen from the Bop was when he diss Chin and that is all am going to listen.

    • His story was actually nice to hear from rags to some riches, because all now him no buy a house or car yet. However the people in his circle are no good they set him up for failure and he is already so dumb. He needs to take more pride in himself and so called career.

      Almost every video I have seen of him in another country there is always a different woman kissing his tongue out. Are these people not afraid of mouth disease? Some women really do not have any ambition or self esteem at all. They will do anything for chum change.

      • Well you know that old folks say a fool and his money soon part…he should really buy a house and stop squander his lil change cause ah straight back inna the gully him ah go and the same people inna him circle not even going to notice him.Really sad but it’s all his fault.

      • You sound jealous, do you want a wok off a Bop also dwl woieeeee a weak. a joke me a mek ya, when he wake up he will ask if he was dreaming because he thought he was an overnight sensation.

      • Smh you ah joker enuh bout jealous i can never jealous over something like this You must drunk off yuh henessey dwrcl….but away yuh haffi still sorry for people like Bop if yuh have a heart.

      • Well me want a wok off a Bop me no business way nobody wan say. Me have fi taste him before him pop a not going to stop till a reach the top. You hear way me me say me wan a try off a bop somebody haffi go call the cop. Me say me haffi go fine bop and wok till me get a baby bop. Barney a go look after the baby bop because me an bop a go dance a top.

  3. So where’s her money for this child?

  4. A lie he have more than 7 kids and his new woman Amari has 13. He is so nasty and disgusting sometimes you leave the trash in the trash where you find it cause that trash will come and treat you like trash just cause that is all they know their whole life. It is very nice Gully Bop found some kind of start in life but he is a dirty man I cannot understand why these dancehall clowns feel to be hype and popular is to sleep with every fish them catch.

  5. Gully Bop is the biggest gallis in dancehall lol. Now she got you for 18 years.

    • DNA TEST! Every woman want a wuk offa him fi tru lol! In this day and age why don’t they use birth control smh

    • Kmrt lol well what happen when bop career over.

      • Um Bop career is kind of over he entered in a bad circle of karma with the wrong crowd. He never surrounded himself with the right crew. I am not even sure if Shauna was the right blend for him at the time. All I saw was trouble from the get go she is young and giddee, and now he hooked up with an older druggie woman.

      • Well true i don’t listen to his i don’t even know about his musical career but what i see in the media people are just using him .