Drake Exposed By Ex OVO Rapper Mo-G Over Ghost Writing

Drake is currently experiencing some fallout with one of his OVO rappers name Mo-G.

Last weekend Mo-G took to his Instagram to went off on OVO particularly Drake’s manager for stifling his career but now he is taking things a bit further by throwing Drizzy under the bus with accusations of ghost writing.

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We can all remember that ghost writing accusations were the root cause of the infamous Meek Mill and Drake beef. After cursing out OVO on IG, Mo-G then released an alleged text message between himself and Drake about writing hooks.

“This is a tittle of a song on views,” Mo-G wrote. “After I did this sh** Oliver put me in the studio and He said they need new hooks new flows and bars and sh**… I didn’t wanna be on these ni***z album cuz I’m not a slave only slave of Allah not the fake as “6god” it only gets deeper. Stay playing with me little forest hill creature.”

This is the text that Mo-G claimed was sent between himself and Drake.

Mo-G Drake text

Drake has not responded to the accusations but somehow we feel like he will be taking up his pen to write another diss record. Meek Mill probably should stay silent on this one also.

The bottom line here is Mo-G is claiming that he helped made a few hits for Drake and he never see a dollar for his work. The Young Money rapper even shout out Mo-G in his recent single “Summer Sixteen.”



  1. Suddenly everyone want to claim that they are responsible for your success.

    • KaribbeanKing4Lyfe

      well drake music suks anyway so he should go back to acting on degrassi high tv sitcom still ending up in the same wheel chair when he left the show.

    • KaribbeanKing4Lyfe

      he’s songs suks anyway and he should return back to his tv sitcom show *DEGRASSI HIGH* where he was in the same wheel chair before he left the show.