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Drake Slays Meek Mill On New Single “Summer Sixteen” (Listen)

The Drake and Meek Mill beef nowhere near over.

Drake released a new single “Summer Sixteen” on his OVO Radio show on Saturday night. The Toronto emcee has been prepping his fans since Friday that a new track is coming soon.

The new single was produced by Boi-1da, CuBeatz, and Noah “40” Shebib.

Meek Mill Diss Drake & Future On 4-4 EP (DL + Stream)

Since dropping the single at around 6 PM EST, the hashtags #Drake and #SummerSixteen have been trending worldwide on Twitter, signalling an epic start to the year for the Young Money rapper.

“OVO Sound Radio Episode 14 tmrw at 3PM PST/6PM EST…it begins,” Drake wrote on his timeline.

Earlier this month Meek Mill released a new EP 4/4 where he took a few shots at Drake and now it seems that motivated Drizzy to hit the studio.


Check out some quotable lyrics:

“To do what you couldn’t do / Tell Obama that my verses are like the whips that he in
They bulletproof / Minus twenty we in Pitt, feel that / Case catching in a canada goose
Famous as f**k but I’m still in the cut when they round up the troops / I’m just a sicko a real sicko when you get to know me ni**a / I let the diss record drop you were standing right below me, ni**a,” Drizzy raps over a catchy beat.

“Had us fooled for a minute now we done all grown up / But I’m better off anyway, y’all never gon’ finish Drake / Say you seeing ‘bout it when you see me man y’all never home anyway / Thought of things that you shoulda said, said things that you shouldn’t say / We even gave you the whole money play and ya’ll still broke to this day / “Oh it’s your time now” yeah, that’s what everybody say,” Drake raps in another line.

Drake also announced that his highly anticipated new album Views from the 6 will arrive in April.

You can stream on download Drake new single “Summer Sixteen” on Apple Music and iTunes.

Meek Mill posted a picture of himself with Drake and Kevin Hart on his Instagram page shortly after the new single dropped.

“Reppin dat set!” he wrote.



  1. Too many dick riders, yall don’t even wanna admit that Drake took a L this round. Smh

  2. So many dickriders. How are they in different leagues? Came out around the same time. At least Meeks style is his own.

  3. big difference between repping and endorsing lol, poor attempt at salvaging yourself or discrediting drake. drake never needed or wanted DC, just a kind gesture to show he supported your movement but he was already in a different league. thought this dude was a battle rapper? wassup with all this internet stuff meek? do it like dancehall and voice pon a riddim and low the social media

  4. Meek Mill is an idiot he can never be on Drake level no day. Why is he even posting the old picture on the Gram.

    • That was a big move by Meek Mill showing Drake repping DC. Just cause he won’t be on his level doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a right to defend himself. It would be idiotic for him to just stand around and take a beating. Maybe something you would do.

    • Aite fruit cake. ????