Dancehall Artists Lanmine Piercings Prevent Him From Travel

Dancehall artists Lanmine has over 40 piercings and now its affecting his career.

The deejay was scheduled to to perform in Antigua last Thursday but was barred from going through airport security after he triggered the metal detector with the piercings on his face.

Dancehall Artist Lanmine Pierce Face 40 Times

Security officials told him that he would have to remove the close to 50 piercings before he can board the flight. He declined and opted not to travel to the Caribbean island.

“For me to stand up and pull out 56 piercings would be a joke ting so wi jus’ call it a loss,” Lanmine said.


  1. I mean why not let him travel? Suh its a criminaliti to have piercings pan face? Mi a jus aks

  2. dumb ass

  3. I’m sure the people in Antigua have no interest in his music, they just want to see the piercings. They prob wondering if one man can suh damn fool. smfh