Gully Bop Says New Girlfriend Is Just Another Groupie

Gully Bop has been making waves this week with a new rumored girlfriend. The above photo was sent to Urban Islandz showing the viral dancehall deejay kissing a mystery woman.

The pic has been also making the rounds on social media with fans investigating on who the mystery female is. Bop told us that she is just a fan who came up to him for a picture and a kiss.

Gully Bop Looses His Mind Tried To Kill Shauna Chin

“I am not involved with anybody she is just a fan, it seems all of my fans love to kiss me maybe it’s my one teeth,” Bop said.

Gully Bop and Shauna Chin split earlier this month after dating for a little over a year. The couple both blame each other for infidelity but Chin went event further to accuse Bop of taking crack and letting fame get to his head.