Gully Bop Says New Girlfriend Is Just Another Groupie

Gully Bop has been making waves this week with a new rumored girlfriend. The above photo was sent to Urban Islandz showing the viral dancehall deejay kissing a mystery woman.

The pic has been also making the rounds on social media with fans investigating on who the mystery female is. Bop told us that she is just a fan who came up to him for a picture and a kiss.

Gully Bop Looses His Mind Tried To Kill Shauna Chin

“I am not involved with anybody she is just a fan, it seems all of my fans love to kiss me maybe it’s my one teeth,” Bop said.

Gully Bop and Shauna Chin split earlier this month after dating for a little over a year. The couple both blame each other for infidelity but Chin went event further to accuse Bop of taking crack and letting fame get to his head.



  1. If Gully was poor and broke sitting on the corner begging, no one would even stop to drop a little bit of change in his tin cup, especially so for this groupie..

  2. hum, no just no..its not your nasty yellow teeth..is cus you got some money n fame and these ”women” are golddiggers lol..if u dont know that your ego is way too big

  3. Fulljoy yuhself gully just don’t fall for any of them. Your story is truly inspirational gwaaan do yuh thing. Goes to show that you just never know in life. From gully to glory!! every gal want a touch lol

  4. So he lets any woman kiss him? Normally Jamaican man no let any and any woman kiss them. He needs school and to worry about communicable diseases.

    • That kiss look gross and she is only looking for money old nastiness.

      • You that call me negative. This is disgusting he seems like he has no brains. How can you just go around letting strangers suck your throat out.