Gully Bop Looses His Mind Tried To Kill Shauna Chin

Did dancehall deejay Gully Bop tried to kill his fiance Shauna Chin?

Gully Bop and Shauna Chin are once again in dancehall spotlight but not for their music. A video surfaced online on Tuesday of a terrifying incident between the couple.

Gully Bop Says He Is Never Going Back To Europe On Tour, Talks Being Robbed

The video shows Chin in her car breathing heavy while exclaiming that Gully Bop has gone mad and is trying to kill her.

“Him a try kill me people,” she cried. “Lord Jesus help me the man a get mad.”

Bop eventually let Shauna Chin free after relentlessly trying to get to her inside of the car.

Sources are saying that Gully Bop, whose real name is Robert Lee Malcolm, is accusing Shauna Chin of cheating.

Chin is currently managing Gully Bop’s career and has recently launched her own music career. Neither could be reached for a comment.

Gully Bop and Shauna Chin have been dating for about a year after the dancehall deejay rose to fame late last year thanks to a video of him deejaying going viral.

The couple got engaged in January of this year but since then there have been no talks of the wedding.

UPDATE: Gully Bop Exposed Shauna Chin Says Relationship Was Fake


  1. If the man tried to kill you why did he open the gate to let you leave? Stupid woman.

  2. Anyone think she might hv been putting something in his food or drinks. He is eccentric maybe a tad bipolar but some hv said he has been acting strange

    • Anything goes all I know is the whole story strange he said 3 months now they haven’t slept together. He shouldn’t have never gotten involve with her yes he mad for them. Yes he is mad not by looks but behaviour he doesn’t listen period people have been warning him from long time. They were onstage also about some baby talk garbage.

  3. This is so strange she buss up the man head then say he is trying to kill her , Yet out of all the other people i see in the video , he was the one to open the gate and let her out. Girl you cant get anymore *&^^ that this. You use the man , steals his money then say he broke into his house and try to steal his own things to sell lol … who really sound like the mad person bop or chin ? lol

  4. The Bible say ‘A fool and his money are soon parted’

  5. The psychology that people use in order to make it look as if they are the victim , and that the so-called mad man attacked her . Always 2 sides to a story . Who is telling the truth ?. And what are the signs of a mad person anyway ? Not the way he looks i presume . JUDGE NOT .

  6. It was chin who tell bop not to promote Tell Me,the collab with Vnitta Glanville,which had Jimmy Fallon calling Vnittas camp asking for her and bop to.come on the tonite show and perform Tell Me together..This was in October,and after reaching out to chin in Jamaica,while Gully was touring the US,chin did not tell bop about the Jimmy fallon invite,and took three weeks to respond to the Vnitta camp.Tell ME is Gullybop best collab,and its the song that would have shot him into the international reggae lovers rock market.

    • Right so tell me now. Why would you get involve for business with someone you a bang. Don’t mix business and pleasure for sure he broke now.

      • Money and fame without it legally gain by the person who is seeking it,will always fail.She was always looking backwards,though walking forward,and she slip,and we all know and hear about the end results.

  7. Wow.. red flag

  8. Poor Bop…. Many women have use their looks to bring down men. You gotta think with your brain and not your rod, that gold digger wouldnt even get the leftovers.

    • “Many women have use their looks to bring down men.”
      I am dead.?

      • Lust, this happened to me past fall too, just dealt with a wicked ass girl with emotional issues that wanted to drag me down.

      • So you saw her and run fast right?

      • Explain?? It started with lust from both sides.

      • evidently no, him still say with her for one more #redflag!!! Lol

      • I was talking about myself from there lol but only thing she was after was money. She lusted for money and him her chinky ass face.

      • i’m trying to understand that last part you wrote. We all have been there. Good thing you learn before any wrong deeds done.

      • Yes he was with a user and she tried to fool him with her looks but he took his head out of her you know what and started to breathe fresh air again.

      • Yea pretty got what I meant.

      • Bop is already broke because of Miss Chin when he was in England he give his money away. She probably booked his shows and took most of the profits also. Note to yourself, if you are an entertainer don’t mix business with pleasure.

      • Practical with most ppl but not everyone some ppl just have a different luck financially.

      • Since men use women for sex, why can’t women be gold-diggers?

      • If you think men use women for sex maybe that is your definition of a man or it must be to what you are used to. She was use to gold digging so she kept on the tradition. A women should act civilize just as the men, if not just die in sin together.

      • If I’m used to being used, then so are you. People shouldn’t have to remain in dysfunctional relationships just so others won’t label them. She had the looks and he had the money. It’s possible that he was controlling ($),set in his ways, talked down to her, smothered her,etc. If she’s a gold-digger, then he’s a pervert.

      • Your logic makes no sense, thats something a highschool kid would say. I am not used to crap because I know the type of women I like. No one is perfect so I expect to build with anyone I’m with. Aside from that he isn’t a pervert, he was in lust I’d say and she was attracted to the lifestyle. I think he was honest in his feelings hoping she was too, but being that women always have a upper hand in making successful men weak to their charms, he fell victim.

      • What part of what I said made no sense? The part where I hinted that Bop could’ve contributed to her cheating by being controlling, boring, treating her like a child, etc.? You act as if all successful men will treat women good.

      • Success shouldn’t be a factor if you love someone. If you are a women who is with a guy because of money and he treat you like trash, thats your own fault. He not forcing you to stay. Lol all these excuses sound childish, stop wasting each other time. You see the end result, it comes down to someone being physically hurt.

      • It works both ways. But you’re only concerned about women draining men wallets.

      • Thats a common issue and root of the problem of this discussion.We discussing the main source, if Chin was a smart savvy women she wouldn’t care if Bop leaving her. Now she wants to talk about him using crack and defame him, too predictable.

      • Too predictable because that’s what women do? These two knuckleheads were in a relationship together how can one of them be the main source?

      • Thats what gold diggers do, majority of of knew her game plan. Relationship in his eyes, opportunity in hers. The main source was her not being honest and saying she just wants to mange him and not be with him. Business not pleasure. She wanted to milk him dry.

      • So people can’t change their mind? Why do you speak of his intentions as if they were yours? You don’t even want to accept the possibility that he wasn’t a good match for her.

      • He felt he was a good match, did you see the interview with him crying how she did him. I am speaking in facts, something thats missing from your dialogue. People can change their minds but dont commit wicked acts and keep something going especially bringing other lovers into the house.

      • I’ll do my homework and get back to you. If they stopped having sex, I hardly would consider it cheating due to the age difference.

      • Do your homework Salena lol.

      • Go entertain an older lady so you could get a bit perspective. Then you’ll see this isn’t a normal relationship. Good night dude.

      • Lol na 23-33 my limit ;)

      • Maybe that’s what you need.? That bloody list of yours is probably a book.

  9. Smh gal clown

  10. These hos ain’t loyal. She use the man and take him money and turn round start give the man bun. Side note, Gully Bop look crazy in the video lol.

    • He does but I feel for him its no fun getting used he even beg Obama for a chance for chin and she diss him.

  11. Chin was cheating on gully bop and him find out that is why he looks so upset and the relationship is over that is why she post this online to try and destroy his career what a wicked woman

    • Then a who tell you that?

      • You don’t need anyone to tell you that gully bop is one of the realest youth in dancehall.

      • But you need someone to tell you that Gully bop a mad fool. The girl never love him. She shouldn’t mess with a mad man.

      • Gully bop is not mad say all you want but that’s one thing am sure of.

      • Gully is a mad man and Miss Chin is a loser also you have to read them both then pick sense out of nonsense. Bop sell out him stuff and from him go England him turn fool and start act differently. Chin say Bop have a lot of woman who come in his hotel and him a give them 400 pounds and so on. Him trust gas and borrow money and still a pay rent the landlord even say he acting strange. Good for them all the 2 of them butter both side when people a make a little money it fly in their brain and they cant handle the fame I say. She wicked also she making sure she a film everything just to ruin the mad man career when a she suppose to a run it. Yes the deserve each other I hope they take each other back and go back for more Keep it between them and leave other innocent people alone no one needs their BS.

      • Define a mad man? Is he a mad man for being angry she cheated on him. Him living in poverty = him being mad? Explain.

      • You obviously didn’t read the whole story I wrote. They both sleep with other people. He is a mad man alright the way he talks and behave sure he could sing for that one hit wonder moment but he is not a wise person at all. He squanders his money away on all kinds of women in hotels and has to put gas on trust and borrowing money from people. Miss Chin probably booked his venues and share the money with her bonafide him a mad man yes don’t people know not to mixed business and pleasure? You will sure end up where you came from.

      • All I know she tried to kill him, so what ever she say I wont even buy. If he cheated, he was tired of getting bun.

      • Right he said/ she said serve them right she is an idiot and he is a fool let them deserve each other.

      • Bop doesnt deserve to suffer again, not like this. He gets sympathy from me because he wasnt use to the life.

      • Remember what granny say? Who cant hear must feel Bop has been warned a long time now. He couldn’t handle it the least is if you a slam someone don’t allow them to be your manager. Especially when you cannot conduct yourself in a mature manner.

      • Low the drunkard hennessey cause him ah the mad man.Him have no sense.

      • I am not drunk you must be young I am just stating facts. He is mad he was told long ago by hundreds of people about her. Just watch them from before and watch all the videos now he tells it all plain and simple. All the things he has put up with I don’t know very many sane men who would do that. Now he is broke she took all of his money he had so many different accounts for her and she still wanted more. Yes Shasyl trouble don’t set like rain when you see it you run.

    • Gully bop was just happy to find a woman and fall in love but he was blinded in the process and mistake fake for real.Cause when u see them kiss hochin was giving i knew it was fake all along.

  12. Long time everybody know say Gully Bop a mad man. But because yo money hungry yo go sleep wid mad man. Nobody no sorry for you.

    • Wheel up and preach again father a true you a talk.

    • I would be a mad man too if I seen my wife with another man in bed. Simple ass n**a.

    • You ever see mad man get visa yet to leave a country and go perform and make money.

      • There are many meaning of a mad man or a mad woman as people has all sorts of mental illness but yet smart about things. In Gully Bops case he is kind of a mad man for real you would have to sit down and watch all the latest videos and the ones from before to understand. Now all the truth is coming out about the wicked woman there are not many men who will sit and take what Gully take from this wretched woman. She better seek redemption and fast she steal all his money and have so many other men on the side from various countries and he even knew about all this and still put up with it. He opened all kinds of accounts for her in different countries and even took money from his account and give her.