Alkaline Ghost Writer Leaked Voice Notes Dissing Vybz Kartel

Alkaline is seeing some huge fallout in dancehall after some voice notes between himself and his ghost writer Kasanova leaked online.

Sources are telling us that the voice notes are authentic and was leaked from a phone the Alkaline recently lost.

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Over the last two years Vybz Kartel massive fan base have been calling out Alkaline for imitating the incarcerated dancehall star. Turns out those accusations were very real if you listen to the voice notes.

Last week Alkaline alleged ghost writer, Kasanova, leaked some voice notes between himself and the deejay following their fallout. The two can be heard discussing Vybz Kartel’s influenced on Alkaline, who says that he wants to completely takeover the “Dancehall Hero” deejay’s spot.

“Everything has a time and everything has a expiration date so man ago just enjoy myself until that time comes,” Alkaline said. “Michael Jackson come run bout here and died round here. Same thing with Kartel him eat a food same way, him had a good run.”

Dancehall fans have been weighing in on social media with some fans of the “Ride On Me” deejay calling him bogus for using a ghost writer. Alkaline has been radio silent since the news broke.

Listen to the voice notes below and share your comments.


  1. I don’t see anything wrong with what he (Alkaline) said. Furthermore, I don’t see anything “obcene” or “American” about Alkaline’s music. Kasanova sounds like a jealous hypocrite.

    • Yeah, but how long did they last?(kartel, michael) By right, kartel still a run tings. Alka career a guh dung di drain fast. It’s not about it lasting foreva eno it’s about how long yuh cyan mek it last.

      • Whatever dude! Ghostwriter or not this dude is talented. While the others have faded into obscurity, Alkaline is still relevant. The fact that he keeps being mentioned with Kartel proves he’s in the big leagues.

  2. How can you want to be in Kartel shoe and can’t write your own music. waste man dat.

  3. Long time mi know Alkaline a fake and fraud. always want to be Vybz Kartel and can’t even write your own song.