Alkaline Eyes Can Be Deceiving Where Did The Tattoo Go

Alkaline is creating more controversy surrounding his eyeball tattoo. The dancehall hitmaker posted a new photo of himself on the weekend showing his eyes looking brand new.

The deejays fans immediately took note and started going in calling him a fraud. “Alkaline you a fake and fraud tell lie just to get buss,” one fan wrote.

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But if you look closer Alkaline is black in this pic while these days he is white just like Vybz Kartel. So the big question is how old is the photo?

Alkaline build his career around his controversial eyeball tattoo. The procedure is permanent and cannot be removed.

Alkaline dancehall

Will Alkaline career be the same without an eyeball tattoo.?

Do you think Alkaline eyeball tattoo is fake or is this another publicity stunt? Sound off in comments below.



  1. ah long time me know seh #ALKALINE is a fake youth.ah GAZA MI SEH….FREE WORL BOSS


    All the people who commented earlier they a lyk politicians there a using propaganda.. nd their biased cox in lyf dol live for some one.. jus b what u wanna b make tht ur priority not an option… Alkaline lives his life fi himself not for all those poor ugly ancient scarecrows tottle beggars…….. jus let him live his own lyf his lyf is his business so bussiness z business guys when u kno to mynd yoh own business stop criticizing Alkaline u hooligans hypocrites

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  3. thus any old pic him jus wah hype

  4. thus any old pic

  5. Alkaline u cannot continue ur carrier without telling lies……..
    cash tyme ….. Yahya ……. u know who dat useless pig is alkaline …..alkaline looks lyk a tattoo pig for tattoo and bleeching

  6. KARTEL must be release.
    And alkaline eye tattoo is fake.. #badman# #dawg

  7. Vybz Kartel wanna be fake and fraud from long time. If you tattoo your eyeball you will go blind.

  8. Is that dope as in drug use?

  9. “But if you look closer Alkaline is black in this pic while these days he is white just like Vybz Kartel.”

    Stop! You’re killing me.

  10. he’s gonna come clean about everything and also get baptized next year. #2016

    • Dancehall has become a den of satanic vipers. Rife with murder, mayhem and inequity. If they’re not shooting a man over which music he should play, they’re shooting a man for losing two guns.
      I’m not surprised that it doesn’t surprise you that some artists would like to get out from under those deadly vipers and live life in an upright and righteous fashion.

  11. he been falling of lately so he prob needed some more attention. #FREEWORLBOSS