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Vybz Kartel Says He Wasn’t Dissing Mavado In New Song

Vybz Kartel caught the attention of dancehall fans with his recent single “Which League.” The internet blew up with reports that he was dissing Mavado and Alkaline.

The incarcerated dancehall deejay says that he wasn’t attacking Mavado on the track but was just reminding the dancehall community that he is still the top man.

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“Addi didn’t mention any artist in the song its just people trying to instigate a feud with him and Vado,” a rep for the World Boss told Urban Islandz. “Addi and Vado a legends in dancehall they had their thing and transformed dancehall with it but they still recognized that there are brothers from the same camp.”

Vybz Kartel’s reps also told us that the deejay has a lot more gritty singles to be released in the coming weeks.

Listen to Vybz Kartel song “Which League” below.


  1. If Usain Bolt were to be sentenced to 35 years in prison, you best believe he wouldn’t be making a living running track. If Police Commissioner Dr Carl Williams was found guilty of murder and given a cell in Tower Street Prison, you best believe he could not make a living as Jamaica’s top cop. I don’t have to tell you that if Justice Lennox Campbell was convicted of any felony much less a capital crime he would not make another dollar presiding over a court case.
    These rules seem not to apply when it comes to Kartel. In his case, he can be sentenced to life for murder yet continue to profit from his trade. UI will go on promoting this killer/murderer detailing his every bowel movement for his rabid fans.
    Jamaican justice appears to be a longest running joke in the entire Caribbean.

    • And they want CCJ here. The justice system is a joke. He should not be able to record music, worse giving statements.

    • u r an ignorant person i thot u think right nah how cud u even think like this when lil wayne was convicted he still recorded music shud we say USA

  2. thats all im saying, let the artists confirm when they are in feuds because the media is known to fabricate things and feed u whatever them wah feed u, all weh nuh go so. dont follow the hype ppl, the artists already talk certain things from their own mouths, dont let the tabloids trick u, the media is known to lie from morning

    • LOL! What’s next?? You going to tell people fire is hot, ice is cold and water is wet?!

      • if necessary, sometimes you have to state what’s easily discernable, it’s like reminding ppl to stay away from those they dont like/ or those that are not into them; also similar to person A lurking on persons B’s page when person A knows that they don’t need to be concerned with person B’s life, so sometimes its important to reiterate the obvious because there is no such thing as common sense.

      • I guess I really have to spell things out for you; this is where I have to state the obvious.
        It’s true. I have no business with fartel. He don’t know me more than he knows you. My beef is strictly with fartel’s fans. My beef is with you.

      • Your beef is with yourself cause I care zero for it. you’re on your own with that one. Its funny that you say he doesn’t know either one of us yet you’re ready to war me because of him.. I’ll be a fan of kartel’s music forever, sorry not sorry

      • You claim you don’t care, but you’re the one catching all kinds of feelings up in here.
        This is not a war, I’m merely stating facts. Do with them what you will.

  3. Big up yourself Vybz a time you come out a jail now,

    • Really??! You wish a convicted murderer be released into the general public to prey upon the citizens of Jamaica?
      You sure do talk big while sitting in an American city, eh?