Chris Brown Invite Rihanna To His New Multimillion Dollar Home

Chris Brown has a new state of the art home in the San Fernando Valley believed to be worth upwards of $4 million and he has already invited his old flame Rihanna to get a tour of the property.

She has not decided yet on whether or not she will visit his new pad, but sources close to the Bajan pop star told Urban Islandz that she gave Brown some much needed advice while he was home shopping.

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“RiRi and Chris are good friends and that is what good friends do they give each other good advice… She always gives him great advice so it wasn’t surprising when she gave him a few advice based off her own experience buying properties,” our source told us.

“He has already invited her over to come and check out his new home but she hasn’t accepted his invite at least not yet. These two have a romantic history and once paparazzi see anything like the whole internet is going to blow up and both of them just want to focus on their careers and on positive things right now,” our source added.

Chris Brown closet

Chris Brown has been showing off his new crib on Instagram. According to TMZ, the 8,317 sq. ft. house has six bedrooms, a 10 car court, a home theater with 14 recliner seats, a saltwater pool and state of the art security system.

The “Ayo” singer has also converted one large room into his own personal walk in closet with hundreds of sneakers.

The R&B singer bought the home in May and has been busy furnishing it off since then. He also showed off some custom paintings via his IG.

Chris Brown new home

Chris Brown has also been having some personal problems of his own involving his daughter Royalty and his custody and child support battle with baby mama Nia Guzman.

Last week, the “Private Show” singer blast his daughter Grandmother on Instagram after she called him out over taking care of his daughter.

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  1. Run Rihanna, run!

  2. chris n riri are made for each other she the girl for chris

  3. Y’all so dumb believing these blogs. They are made up stories to get likes.. Lol Chris isn’t over Karrueche because if he was why won’t he remove that picture of the both of them on his IG page if he was talking to Rhianna trust and believe that picture would be gone… People need to get over it Chris really loves Karrueche.. But what makes it’s funny tho people wants him back with Rhianna which is nothing but hypocritical because he beat the dog S h i t out of her because he cheated and got caught and then got back with her just to break up with her again while she was on tour a few years ago. I think he cares about her but not in Love with Rhianna.

  4. I hope they forget the past and get back together. I love them together. Tran is trash.

  5. its funny how karrueche tran only wants back in chris brown life when rihanna is involved

  6. No matter what… Rihanna and Chris Brown they both commited to each other and they both have a connection… Which makes them perfect Together!!!

  7. Chris take one step at a time. God has given you a beautiful new home. Your career looks good. Remember always let God fight your battles for you. You need to say anything more. Your daughter is your priority and I can see she makes you happy. Things for you will work out well. And always give God the glory and honor for it is he that makes everything alright.

    • Best post! Girl, I have been praying for this young man since the Rhianna civil incident with Chris. I am a grandmother of seven and have loads of nephews. I want to see all of our young men achieve their goals in life and more importantly keep it. Don’t know why I feel this way about Chris, but I keep him in prayer. I believe I feel this way because I saw him make a mistake at such a young age and how they tried to destroy him, tried to extinguish his light. From that moment on, I’ve been praying for him. Of course, some of this has been of his own doing. But as a young man, he’s doing, in part, what we all did on one level or another at his age. So my prayer is that Chris learns from his mistakes and grows into his purpose! He’s doing right by his daughter and so therefore God is answering my prayers. There are a few young men in the spotlight that I keep in prayer and Chris is one of them. Plus, as a grandmother pushing 60, I jam to his music (and my children/grandchildren laugh each time I put Chris on)! God bless him and Royalty! But great post Stephanie!!!

      • Thank you!!! You are so right Chris has come along way and as long as he stay focus and give honor to God in whatever he does that is truly will always have positive impact on his life!!

  8. All three should move on to new relationships and start fresh!!

  9. Some exes can remain friends forever and have a civil relationship. Others no matter what can’t. Chris and rihanna will always be friends, whether they get back together or not.

  10. No offense intended in this entire comment but which karrueche are we watching? im seeing a totally different tran than most ppl. what did chris and rihanna do together that was so magical? what was it that set their relationship apart from others? what in their relationship makes them soulmates? some Women say tran is all drama & insecure, but as a woman if your man 1. cheats on you, 2. gets a girl pregnant, 3. does not say shyt about it to you even after the birth, would you as his woman not feel violated and or insecure? aside from his musical talent, i dont see what was so great with his lifestyle. but i’m not judging him or them and i dnt intend any offense, ijs. but i know that kartel haters look at kartel fans the same way, such is life. im just seriously curious not malicious. k-tran run come a me yah mi gyal.

    • But Chris said she agreed to have threesomes with him. She also speaks about him and puts him on the spot, but rihanna has never said anything bad about Chris.

      • right, the 3somes were agreed, but the baby and cheating was not. if they agreed for him to have a baby outside of their 3some relationship, im sure she would have been fine with it and he wouldn’t have to hide it from her. but for 9+ months he didn’t even mention it! if your partner had a baby with another woman and you had to find out on your own, and the baby is nearly a year old (or whatever age she was) would it be okay with you? remember chris lied to, and left k-tran numerous times so its expected that she will express some form of hurt at some time, i wouldn’t expect anyone to keep all that bottled inside forever, nawmeen?

      • The point is at the end of the day. Its a real situation. Its not somebody’s else life. Its the man Karrueche claimed she loved life. So why go and do so many interviews talking about Chris and his baby when he’s dealing with the situation at the same time. This is new for Chris, he’s never been a father and he’s going to problems with mother and their going to court. So why would anybody’s ex girlfriend go on several interviews talking about their ex situation like its not a real situation that he’s currently dealing with. Karrueche has said several times that She done and washed her hands with the situation. Thats very offensive because regardless how the baby came about its a baby and his baby so to what Karrueche did is very insensitive and disrespectful. Just to promote some bullshi. things she doing. Common, She be lucky if Chris ever look her way again. Which is why he always make it know that his daughter come first and she’s the best thing that ever happened to him because Karruech is on every interview talking about how she washed her hands with them both. Now she doesn’t know if they’ll get back together. I wouldn’t trust Karrueche with my daughter. She should have kept her mouth shut and kept it moving. Damn she didn’t waist no time getting out there while the story was still hot. I have no respect for her at all. Gold digging Bitc.

      • understood, i’m not justifying either of them, but i can understand where the emotions come from and why certain things played out certain ways. i just find it weird that ppl actually attack k-tran (not physically). whatever she was wrong in doing, there is no justification for it, but why attack her as if we don’t understand human nature and emotions? she didnt wake up randomly and decide to talk about him (she would have done that from early on if that were the case), he put that girl through a lot. but i think Royalty is the best thing that happened to chris and i hope he is a great father to and for her.

      • There’s no emotions involved which is why she’s getting called out. She’s laughing and smiling through the whole interviews in all of them. Besides in each interview she manages to promote or plug what she’s doing which is the purpose of doing the interview but she needs to use Chris and Rihanna to strike interest. Nobody wants to hear about the shi. she’s doing. So Chris and Rihanna fans are calling her out for what it is. As you can see each blog about her is either Chris or Rihanna’s name attached to it. Karrueche knows what she’s doing. She better hope that it works because I think she blew it with Chris and allot of other celebrities. The next celebrity she deals with will get her to sign a contract that when their relationship is done she can’t talk about it. Like Kanye did with Amber Rose.

      • Gotcha, i get the picture

      • Karrueche has managed to bring Rihanna’s name up in just about every interview. Rihanna has never responded because she doesn’t want to elevate Karrueche. Rihanna told Chris from the beginning that Karrueche was trying to be a star and using his fame to do so. Now were finally seeing the real Karrueche and she’s getting allot of backlash. You would think she would be running away from the camera’s but instead she’s welcoming them. So that shows she’s more interested in being a star than being with Chris and thats fine but don’t use Chris’s name and Rihanna’s to do it. She should get her interviews on her own merit and not because she can talk about Chris or Rihanna.

    • I agree KT was right for leaving. Yet she didn’t need to go on a interview circuit. She has a manager that can state what can and can not be asked during her interviews. She’s clearly using CB to boost her career.

      As for him and RI, who knows what the future holds. But imo, they seem good for one another because they grew together in their careers. And it’s clear they wholeheartedly supported one another as well.

      We all know what it’s like to have that one person that was with us through all our ups and downs. Tragedies and successes. And that’s something those two will always have. They know each other’s deepest secrets and always will.

      • you’re right about their history, and if they decide to try again good luck, there’s nothing wrong with that. but hey if he used her for her body then she’s clear to use a career boost in my book, cant go through all that stuff and end up with nothing to show for, that would be foolish.

      • Well maybe she used him for his body. Thats ridiculous. The point is this. When you break up with somebody and you make it clear that its over as Karrueche did. Then its not right to go do several interviews saying the same thing over and over again. I found out when everybody else did. I’m done I washed my hands with the situation. and each and every time, watch me on this and that. I think its wrong. Im telling you Karrueche will do anything to stay in the limelight. Watch. She’s taking pic with guys, She’s with girls, now she’s trying to give false hopes of a reunion. I think Chris is done with her. He see’s thats she’s trying too hard to be in the public eye and its a turn off. He has done a couple of interviews with big boy and E and he hasn’t mentioned her name not once. So she’s looking kind of dumb talking about an ex who’s talking back to his ex over and over again. Now it’s looking desperate. If your doing interviews about Chris, its always going to be about Chris. Now she’s getting annoyed because after all the interviews, nobody is asking her about what she’s doing their asking her about Chris. Nobody cares about that shi. she’s doing.

      • lol album haha, idk what her intentions are and she may only get 15 mins of fame from this. all this publicity will be short lived yes. all i’m saying is that nothing she did was unexpected/shocking from my perspective. who feels it knows it so she expressed it how she felt best. wasn’t right if she bashed him so harshly, but i’m not surprised. gotta be careful who you involve with when you have an image at stake. good luck to chris, Royalty mi seh!

      • Karrueche definitely didn’t need to do 11 interviews to express anything. She’s trying to become and actress and thats what it is. She can do what she wants but she will get the backlash that comes along with it and that’s what she’s getting. Maybe she thought she would have more support but she didn’t have support when she was dating Chris so she had to know it would be worst but they say bad publicity is better than no publicity. Lets see if these interviews make her a star.

      • understood, i get the drift

      • I did agree to a certain extent. However, she did agree to an open relationship, b/c she engaged everything Chris did. Royalty happened during this “open” relationship. Chris is doing what any man should do and that is be a good father. I understood and sympathized with Kae in the beginning. Now she’s doing too much. Many people are beginning to side more with Chris, because Kae’s interviews appear now to be more opportunistic. Her friends close to her should tell her to make these interviews more about her future and less about Chris and Rhianna, because she’s making herself look bad. If it was meant for those two to get back together, they will. Now she needs to leave it alone.

      • okay i understand where you’re coming from, it makes sense. i think there’s more factors to take into consideration though. ppl judge her based off of her choices and lifestyle with chris, but ppl don’t really question why she agreed to certain things (i think that would open many new perspectives). I understand that ppl feel like k-tran was too excessive with her interviews (i would have to go search the interviews because i haven’t been following them closely, i only watched the iyanla 1 and a ryan seacrest 1). i’m not siding with either of them because i rate both of them, but as a man chris should know certain things and deal with things a certain way. im team Royalty though, that’s the only side i’d take

      • This is not the first time a celebrity dated a woman that was a regular person. This is not the first time a regular woman has become a star because of her celebrity boyfriend. However, this is the first time a woman that dated a celebrity has went on a promotional tour after the break up. This was Karrueche’s big break. only it doesn’t seem like a big break. It seems like a woman trying to get attention because her coat tails has been snatched from underneath her. So good riddance.

      • She wouldn’t get the interviews if she wasn’t talking about Chris, Rihanna, or Royalty. We all can agree if she was talking about Chris or Rihanna would be more interesting that listening to her talk about ? I believe she has to say something about Chris and then they will allow her to plug her show or whatever she’s doing. I think its a cheap shot though. Its just not respectable.

    • Everybody thought Karrueche was with Chris to get a career of her own. Nobody can be sure but Karrueche has always been sweet and innocent to the camera’s until this whole baby situation. Now Karrueche is a total different person. However, some believe she was a fraud all along. However, I don’t know if all the interviews has helped her career or not but I don’t think it helped her relationship with Chris. So if Karrueche is serious about not knowing if they will get back together or not. I doubt it. Yes Karrueche has every right to be angry with Chris for having a baby by another woman. Absolutely. Unfortunately using that situation to go on interviews talking about Chris, Rihanna and Royalty is not a good look. First of all the people she’s talking about are big stars with millions of fans and Royalty is innocent. Therefore, that was a disaster waiting to happen for Karrueche. I mean, how many times are you going to say Im done and this and that happened meanwhile watch me on this and that. Really, It comes off as are your really upset or was this your big chance to go on your own. Either way I’m glad Chris is concentrating on Royalty and not Karrueche. She had one of the biggest R&B singers in love with her and she blew it. He’ll never trust her in that way again. She can forget about a reunion.

      • yes most definitely, i agree with you, its not a good look and i’m not defending that but at the same time i’d expect that from a hurt woman who’s just experiencing those things. this is a part of her growing/maturing process and i feel like she will learn from it. Certain things are to be expected, but i’m just all for chris and Royalty at this point. as long as he’s focused on Royalty i think everything else is minuscule.

  11. disqus_7TiI3lXPrA

    If Chris Brown was smart he’d continue on w/ his life and discredit anything Karreuche may be filling his head and thoughts with. She’s shown her true colors and what she’s really out for. Stay with what is true Chris and the obvious cuz you’re right about what shes after. Remember she’ll will always hold you and the making of Royalty against you and she won’t ever forgive. To get back involved w a girl that is so insecure and drama filled will only bring you more problems and you surely don’t need those kind especially from a greedy self absorbed chic . You need to enjoy being young and having a good time. Concentrate on you and your sweet little precious daughter, Royalty and you will find the contentment and happiness you deserve. You are such a awesome talent and have so much to give . Shes one Lucky little girl.

  12. Chris Brown and Rihanna are two of a kind. They are made for each other.
    Rihanna should at least go and see Chris Brown’s new house. They can at least be friends and that’s what a friend does. Damn, Never saw that many shoes in anyone’s house.
    Listen…Can someone please tell that B”tch Rihanna to go and get her man.

  13. Chris and Rihanna together for ever….

    • Chris and Rihanna are great together and I don’t think Rihanna would have a problem being a step-mom to baby Royalty…

  14. Karrueche is done. Chris will never take her back after all the promotion interviews that she continues to do after their break up. Karrueche has shown Chris she’s all about herself and could careless about he and his daughter. Also, it looks like Chris and Rihanna are on speaking terms again. So why would Chris work it out with Karrueche. I wouldn’t trust Karrueche around my daughter knowing how she came about. Chris just needs to concentrate on raising his daughter. Forget about Karrueche all together because she played herself and continue a friendship with Rihanna.

    • OMG, do not have Royalty around her bisexual ass. Not good Chris. He must be so mad that she told that to the world. WOW

  15. I definately think Chris Brown and Rihanna are in a better place these days since he’s not with Karrueche anymore. I don’t think Chris would get back with Karrueche because even though Chris was wrong for having a baby with another woman, Karrueche handled the situation all wrong. I think Chris has seen a side of Karrueche he hasn’t seen before and didn’t like it. Karrueche used the whole baby situation for a career boost for herself and that’s not right either. I think Chris and Rihanna are made for each other and in time they will be a couple again. If Chris doesn’t mess it up again.

    • Thank you. Rhianna wants him to be a better mature man and she checked Kae for airing their business on Social media. I give Rhianna her props. Remember Kae is the one who talked about Blue Ivys hair on 10th & Park and received death threats, for bashing a 2 yr old child. Pathetic

      • CrackheadBreezy

        When did rihanna check kae lmfao!!! Your paranoid Chris wants kae his made it clear get out of your fantasy land and rihanna ain’t getting back with Chris especially now that he has a baby

  16. We’ll see. Don’t count out Kae though. She’s his “best friend” and seems like they’re not over. They are on a break. And always leave the door open. Chrae is more acceptable. People just don’t like chris with rih. After all these years

    • I totally disagree. I think Chris is totally done with Karrueche. This entire promotional tour she’s been on talking about Chris, Rihanna, and Royalty has rubbed him the wrong way. Karrueche took the opportunity of the situation to promote whatever she’s doing or trying to do and that not right either. I think Karrueche has shown a side of her to Chris that he didn’t like and maybe Karrueche should just move on. She would never be his main girl again. She blew that. Besides he’s speaking to Rihanna again. So its over for Karrueche.

    • Karrueche needs to stay with women like she said she likes now. She only wants Chris for fame and maybe she wants Rhianna. She had no problem with three somes, Chris said, so he is Kong used on why she is so upset about Nia, her good friend. Pathetic

      • But… I thought she was the main one that request for this 3 somes to go down, well if she did, she need to be mad at her self!

  17. Rihanna and Chris Brown are definitely gonna get back together I can see it happening soon.