Chris Brown Gets Full View Of Rihanna And Benzema PDA In The Club

Chris Brown tried to pull off a Karrueche Tran running with Rihanna at the club last weekend but her new boyfriend Karim Benzema was there.

Rihanna and Benzema were partying at Henry’s nightclub in West Hollywood on Saturday when Chris Brown walked in a short time after RiRi entered the building.

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The French soccer stud was already inside the club when Rihanna arrived after midnight. Chris Brown arrived shortly after Rihanna.

It is not clear if the whole thing was planned, but sources who were partying at the club that night told Urban Islandz that Chris Brown got a full view of Rihanna and Benzema having some PDA.

“Chris got a front row view of his old chick kissing and hugging up on her new man and it was funny to watch we almost felt sorry for the dude,” our sources said.

“He (Chris Brown) must have came to the club to see if he could talk to her but that wasn’t going to happen not while Benze and some body guards were close by. By the way, Rihanna looked good as f*** this chick is killing the game,” our sources added.

Our sources told us that Brown eventually got frustrated and left the club an hour after he arrived and what was even surprising was that Rihanna and Benzema left mere minutes after Breezy made his exit.

“Maybe the whole thing was a setup because Chris left about an hour after arriving maybe out of shame and frustration but then Rihanna and her soccer guy left like a minute after that,” our source revealed.

Seems Chris Brown is not over Rihanna just like he can’t get over Karrueche Tran. But seems both ladies are fully over him.

Do you think Chris Brown should move on with his life?


  1. Rafael Centenera

    the MAJORITY of her tweet favorite tweets are of fans closely following brown … das either emotional manipulation / giving out mixed signals or she is still thirsty for him ^_^

    • No, she is THIRSTY FOR FAME ONLY. CHRIS KEEP BEING INTO BETTERING YOURSELF AND FOCUSED ON ROYALTY. I ACTUALLY BELIEVE THEY ALL SET CHRIS UP.. LIKE 50 SAID, A STICK UP!. She has always been into women, her and Christina Milian look like lovers I’m those old pics. .NEVER LIKED HER.

  2. hala madrid !! crist soft LOL

  3. Yeah Right. Dont believe this story at all. Rihanna wasn’t all hugged up on a accused Rapist who has an 18 month old daughter out of wedlock. So please. Like Chris just went their to see Rihanna. He may have done that with Karrueche because she was his girlfriend at the time and He did her wrong. Lets not get carried away.

  4. You guys need to write better articles. Some of these articles are filled with too much unnecessary information. And apparently your source doesn’t own a basic phone with a camera.

    • exactly. This story sounds made up. Rihanna is going to be hugging karim when she doesnt even show up to the club with him

      • Did you see the so called ‘source’commentary? The source sounds like a fool having a wet dream. lol

      • Yes, You were dead on. They didn’t have a phone with a camera. They arrived and left separately but were supposed to believe that she’s all hugging up on him in the club. What’s the difference of inside a club and anywhere else. There’s even more people in one space at a time in a club so that would be the last place to show affection if your pretending your not together. .