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Jodi Jinx Apologize To Usain Bolt Over Bad Neighbor Fiasco

Sean Paul’s wife Jodi Stewart-Henriques has issued an apology to Usain Bolt for some disparaging comments that she made about the Jamaican sprint legend on social media last week.

Jodi Jinx has been getting severe bashing on social media since Urban Islandz broke the story that she is chastising Usain Bolt on Facebook.

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The media personality accused Bolt of being a nuisance in their upscale Norbrook community with loud bikes, cars and parties.

But on Tuesday afternoon she posted an apology to Usain Bolt and his fans on her Facebook page.

After some much needed introspection I would like to publicly apologize for the comments made about Usain Bolt. Not only were they unwarranted but also highly inappropriate and for this I am truly sorry.
My intention was never to degrade or disrespect anyone but without realising, I did. I allowed pent up frustration to get the better of me and did not conduct myself in a respectful manner. I apologise to those persons who I hurt, including friends, family my husband, and the Jamaican people at large but especially Usain Bolt.
Although I am and have been frustrated by the disturbances, I should have dealt with this in a private and more civil manner. My intentions are to speak with Usain, discuss this regrettable incident and personally apologise.

Sources close to the situation told Urban Islandz that Sean Paul was instrumental in squashing the feud and has even spoken to Usain Bolt personally.

Usain Bolt has been silent on the melee.


  1. As the wife of an entertainer you should have know how to deal with issues especially when it comes to blasting a famous athlete like usain bolt..you could have approach him face to face and talk to him about your concerns..putting it in social media will only make matters worse…obviously you didn’t know your role or understand money+power=respect…btw have sum party too and enjoy yourself …and stop watching him obviously it seems you’ve been doing it for a minute now..he plays hard .so he will party hard everyone needs that once in a while…tell your husband it’s time for you guys to go..think before you type…

  2. Flip flop why don’t you stand your ground ? If that your opinion, that’s your opinion.

  3. the way she came arcoss was bad or maybe its the media blowing things up for attention but if the man is a nightmere fi live beside then she have all rights fi complain we all know seh some of wi no know how fi behave properly not saying it is in ussain case only them know 3 sides to a story fi him side ,her side,and the real truth

  4. She just wanted his attention, lil h_e tryna get laid

  5. Damn straight she should apologise. I bet good money that her husband wasn’t best pleased when he heard what she had done and so publicly too but unlike her, he dealt with it behind closed doors!

    Usain did the right thing by staying silent and ignoring her…

  6. Is this area cut off from the rest of Jamaica? I mean, is it separated by an impenetrable force field? The reason I ask is because the crime rate is high in JA.

  7. Lol this clown, Sean Paul and her just need to leave the island.