Popcaan Defends Usain Bolt, Blast Sean Paul’s Wife Jodi Jinx

At least one of Usain Bolt’s dancehall celebrity friends is coming to his defense.

Unruly boss, Popcaan, took to his Instagram over the weekend to blast Sean Paul’s wife Jodi Stewart-Henriques, aka Jodi Jinx, for chastising Usain Bolt on social media calling him a horrible neighbor from hell.

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Popcaan wasn’t so pleased with Jinx remarks so he wasted no time to blast the wife of prominent dancehall artist Sean Paul.

“Jinx leave Usain alone and move yo Bomboc***t ya gwaan like yo born uptown,” the “Unruly Prayer” deejay said. “A people like unu nun waa see ghetto youth have nothing big up Usain loud up the scheme wid the bike a the girl them some more and make some pu*** dead.”

Sean Paul and Jodi Jinx

Last week, Jodi Jinx complained bitterly on Facebook about Usain Bolt being a nuisance in their upscale Norbrook community in St. Andrew, with loud bikes and music and even gunshots.

“Between the bikes … , loud, horrid music, parties and screams, I honestly wish he would go back to where he came from. He’s a horrible neighbour. I cannot wait to move,” she said.


  1. WOW! is this all the celebrities have to offer Jamaica? What about that old saying “Those who know better, do better”. There is also the crime called “Creating Public Nuisance”? And how about calling the Police to lodge a complaint? Come on people can you not do better? #TalkTheTruth

  2. Barbara Codner

    Although he’s a grown man & should’ve known better, I think she should’ve talked to him privately about the noise. Publicly humiliating him isn’t the answer. Also, defending his inconsiderate behavior isn’t the answer either. If he plans to live an upscale life, there are different rules than where he used to living. Loud noise, loitering, loud parties, & too many people coming in & out of your home & around your neighborhood are no no’s.

  3. Uptown sounds fun

  4. Popcaan move like a fish leave the girl alone with her opinion. Him need fi guh look fi the kartel talking abt him love kartel the most sound like a real king fish !

  5. Look at the other side of things tho. Not because he is who he is, gives him rights to be a nuisance to others…
    Respect the community…
    There are places where those rampings are acceptable.
    Ppl want peace and quiet…

  6. Ok wtf is her problem she sounds like a hater if I was Sean Paul I would be embarrassed that my wife is so lame .

    • she seem fake, har true colors show, mi wah know wah she really deh wid sean paul fah if a so she feel bout dancehall (loud & horrid). Sean better stay alert

  7. dwl poppy a go haad! prefect a di IG boss!