Sean Paul Wife Says Usain Bolt Is Neighbor From Hell

Usain Bolt is a neighbor from hell, at least so says Sean Paul’s wife Jodi Stewart-Henriques.

Apparently, residence in the upscale Norbrook community in St. Andrew have been complaining about the loud noise from cars, motorcycle and music coming from Usain Bolt’s house.

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“Between the bikes … , loud, horrid music, parties and screams, I honestly wish he would go back to where he came from. He’s a horrible neighbour. I cannot wait to move,” a furious Jodi Jinx wrote on Facebook. “So unfair and disrespectful. I’ve honestly lost all respect for him. He takes his nasty behaviour with him everywhere. So many people love him and he’s such a poor example of how to behave. I honestly can’t blame the set of UPT (uptown) that have him as poppy show in parties or on their boat. He’s the ultimate party clown.”

“So convenient that the part about the multiple gunshots on 2 different occasions was left out,” Jinx tweeted on Friday.

Bolt fans have been bashing Jodi Jinx on social media ever since she made the post with some caller her a bully.

Usain Bolt has not responded to the allegations.


  1. Tell her to keep praying J and B nah split otherwise her uptown placement might be in question??? I can find words to describe a person like her still living in Jamaica!!

    I hope she doesn’t get sick and live forever because for someone who hasn’t done anything for Jamaica and Jamaicans in contrast to Usain bolt I am begging her to check herself!! She must be one unhappy lady in her miserable uptown life. Dwl!!!!

  2. how sean paul pick her up for a matter a fact she should know betta than to post something like this knowing that everybody amercan to jamaican love usain. she a idiot.

  3. WOW!!! I cant believe this!!!!!!!!!! The same way you half-breed rich people treated BOB MARLEY, now it is Usain Bolt. Is it any wonder Bob’s wife (RITA MARLEY) had to relocate to Africa? Only you can know if you were just being malicious. is i t that you just wanted to show Bolt that he is not in the category of the rich jamaican whites? and should not be living in your area? I find it ironic however, that your husbands livelihood is earned by doing a downtown art form which I think you are living handsomely from. While flaunting your uptown status and saying that you love soca music. Be careful, your husband might think that you are ashamed of what he does for a living.

  4. Wow!!! The images are a powerful display of classism. Fanning the flames of stereotypes, aren’t you?

  5. She just want a wok off a Usain Bolt that’s all choo because him faster than lightening.

  6. This woman sounds like a cu**. I hate people who act like they are better than others just because they have a little money and status. It could all end in a heartbeat so she should be humble.

  7. UI, you guys couldn’t find a more respectable photo of the dude?

  8. Stephanie Shimyou

    I live in stillwell an its the most annoying things to hear those bikes .alot of time they ride earlie on sundays which is soo loud those so call rich kids need to have consideration ,jamaica is not for one class

  9. “Uptown”…It is sad to see the mentality of some who consider themselves “uptown”….Clear segregation….Even if Bolt is being disruptive why categorize your self as having the upper hand? I’m sure not all “uptown” people has a shallow mind. We all know he is from rural area no need to remind us of that, yet he has made us proud as a nation. If he is guilty of such allegation then I suggest he resolve this issue in a peaceful way and not follow your suit by marginalize folk who are not raised, or happen to be a naturalized “Uptown”…Just to conclude I am happy Usain Bolt hails from Trelawny and not “Uptown” who knows, probably he would have thought that track and field is for the “NON UPT”….Thank u Mr Bolt….but make amends where right is right…if it is so.


  11. Thats such a lie!! omg!…I live a few houses away from the athlete and have never had such a complaint from my household. The bike noise are from the rich kids in the area and all the parties he has had were never out of control. I speak from living on this from living on this road for over 25 yrs… But whats strange is that, I never new that Sean Paul’s wife lived on the same road as well.. They don’t. people really lie,

    • So she doesn’t live on the same road and is doing it for malicious reasons?! And the police took a report from someone who doesn’t live in the area, made a statement to the press without disputing the fact she doesn’t live there?

      She sounds more credible than you.

  12. It’s probably exaggerated.

  13. nuh di same loud horrid music weh sean paul do? nuh dancehall she a talk?

    • I was thinking the exact same thing lol! She too extra an eggs up like har sh** don’t stink! If what she alleges is true then why she never just go talk to him in person about it rather than go on social media then has the barefaced cheek to call him ghetto! Example of how living “uptown, money and pretty” doesn’t give you class…

    • Yes it is. She’s probably just mad because he didn’t play any of Seans music.

  14. Leave Usain Bolt alone. You uptown people always hating on ghetto youths when them rise. Leave the athlete alone.

    • You ghetto people a truble. Every ware you go you take the dance hall whit you. Bolt no go live a ghatto if im want to. we can’t live no Ware in Jamaica again. Bolt can’t live a that place he must go away whit him dance hall beaver.

      • Wow hum why don’t you learn to spell properly its really hurting my head to actually read your comment. Lol and its ghetto, dancehall,nowhere,with, behavior; that was a free lesson from a ghetto youth. Just so you know it wasn’t him who was playing that music she isn’t even his neighbour. My girl just a look a hype and if you say you come from uptown take the money that you have and invest it in something worthwhile like a GOOD EDUCATION!

      • J-h-e-a-n-e-l-l-y

        Oh shut the hell up. It just proves how of an obnoxious person she is. She’s not better than anyone.

    • When did he grow up in a ghetto? He is a country boy…….Bolt was never a “ghetto” youth? Stop putting the man in a category…….