Vybz Kartel Says Shawn Storm Is Only Loyal Empire Artist

Vybz Kartel says that Shawn Storm is the only loyal friend and protege from his former Portmore Empire label.

Sources connected to the incarcerated dancehall told Urban Islandz that Kartel feel hurt and betrayed by the same artists he help to get their big break.

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“Addi help to bring a lot of these artists to the forefront of dancehall and when he needed them the most that was when everyone disappeared,” sources told us.

“The only artist that stood by Addi throughout everyone was Sean Storm and even in prison Storm still show his loyalty to the boss.”

Both Vybz Kartel and Shawn Storm are currently serving life sentenced for the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams. But Storm will be eligible for parole 10 years before Kartel.

Both artists have maintained their innocence and are appealing the conviction.


  1. I think that they could have visited him more and shown that they care that’s what real friends do

  2. It’s obvious that Kartel’s idea of loyalty is based on going to jail with him.
    Can’t blame these other guys for doing their thing. Should Popcaan and Tommy Lee be forever in debt to Kartel? It’s not as though he didn’t also make a lot of money off these dudes as well.

    • No ,but saying nothing at all thru the whole case,was cowardly. Esp when they continued building careers of his name.

      • I think it’s false to say that they said “nothing” throughout the case… that’s not true at all. Regardless though… short of going to jail Kartel, as Shawn Storm did, I’m not certain what else these guys should have done. They had all right to continue to build their careers and continue to grow. Those guys built their careers off their own hard work… Kartel gave them an opportunity, what they did with it was based on their hard work. They don’t owe him anything!

        Think about this… Has anyone stopped for a minute to give credence to the possibility that it says more about Kartel that in his darkest hour, these men weren’t there to support him? I know Jamaicans love dem world boss, but these guys travelled in his inner circle and knew him better than any of us will ever know him, or hope to know him. I think it says a lot more about Vybz Kartel than it does about Popcaan and Tommy Lee… maybe the guy was a dick.

      • If guy was a di+k, they why deal with him AT ALL? Why take what you need and throw away the rest? Thats lowest form of cowardice. If he was a d*ck, why use his brand to pursue your career?Im sure if he is one, he didnt become one day he got convicted, rite?
        It’s not about ‘owing’ anything, its basic respect and dignity issue. Popcaan got big deals in usa under the impression he was ‘gaza’ and even flew to shoot a video rite next to horizon with pusha t and didnt say a WORD. Nothing. Thats a cowardly move.
        Noone is saying they should share cell with him, but publicly acknowledgin their support would have changed everyting. But like most cowards, they were worried bout their own visas and progress.

      • Whatever. Those guys worked hard and don’t owe anyone anything.
        So what if they were worried about their own? What’s the disgrace in worrying about and taking care of yourself.
        That’s retarded, they didn’t put Kartel in jail. He’s just jealous and bitter that he’s in jail looking at dudes, and these guys are touring the world getting laid and making money.

      • Again, it’s not about ‘owing’ anyone anything;
        jelaous of what? LOL! he’s controling the scene from behind bars, in case you aint notice….tommy is not doin well at all, and popcaan lost his moment, check their visa status.
        They aint touring anywhere, and not to be funny but who the f sleeps with popcaan? kid is like 3ft ‘tall’ lmao

  3. What can Kartel do for them behind bars and what does shouting him out every song going to do…

  4. Tommy Lee an Popcaan a two Wicked!!! Look pon all wah WorldBoss do fi dem an dem tun roun a betray him. Unu day a come, WorldBoss affi get FreeUp

    • Gaza slim went from supporting him every day by court house to “finding jesus”second he was convicted , dropping “gaza”out of her name- her betrayal was public n very cowardly. Noone knows what really happened w other two.

      • It sounds like you would have preferred seeing her subjected to the powers that be. Do you really want to see an innocent woman behind bars? Gaza Slim was next in line had her case been called. She was smart to be about self preservation which included distancing herself from the entire situation.That’s what rational people do. Kartel was already convicted it would’ve been dumb had she continued bigging him up.

        I don’t hear you complaing about Kartel supposedly finding religion while incarcerated.

      • Force_Majeure_

        No, don’t want her behind bars, her case was dismissed cuz if they beat it , it would throw out murder conviction…..I’m saying, she stopped supporting Kartel overnight. She didn’t have to to that, she was free either way.
        why would I complain about him ‘finding religion’?

      • I thought Mr. Finson agreed that the case should be dismissed? Surely, they didn’t have to bring charges against her. You know after reading Kartel’s book and observing those Jamaicans on the Jamaican Observer…. I understand where they’re coming from when they said Kartel “corrupted their children”. I never knew Jamaicans were religious.

        Kartel said he bleached his skin to show off his tattoos and start a discussion on race in Jamaica —he then started to profit off of the bleaching epidemic by selling cake soap yet complaining about their being no love for the black child.

      • Force_Majeure_

        If case went on trial and they beat it, it would prove lizard was alive days after they decided he was murdered. they were not about to gamble that….Finson is way too passive for a lawyer,its why he lost Kartel.
        You just now read a book?
        Kartel is a crafty salesman. He can do “sellasie love we” and “gun ina hand” with same passion. …complexed, not hypocritical. However, i still think parents need to take responsibility for how their kids r raised,not blame entertainers. He said himself he doesnt let his kids listen to certain songs.

      • Caribbean people are very religious but Jamaicans are the most extreme. I never knew Jamaicans who spoke patios were seen as less than. You won’t find that mentality among other islanders.

        I’ve been observing Jamaicans (J.O.) and some of them have said “criminals should be put to death.” The bible clearly states that anyone can be washed of their transgression all they have to do is repent to God–not his followers.

        I think it’s more like Christian supremacy. I might have to re-read to get a full understanding. I found myself confused when he started talking in the 3rd person.

      • Simply put,u have christian extremists, all sects, the “baldies”who inherited and still accept colonizors imposed religion .. “Proper english”crap etc…vs RastaforI, those who know themselves, are mentally free and educated about history;percieved as “rebels”and “outcasts”…locks,patois , etc. divide is very clear.
        Ironically, those in power use Rasta image and culture to promote Jamaica to tourists n world for financial gain, yet treat em as secondary citizens here. Its a very unique place with wars within a war.
        i think in his weittings its more case of sarcasm than 3rd person tho…
        U ever visites down here?

      • Never been to Jamaica.So the black Jamaicans are the ones treating Rastas as second class citizens?

      • Force_Majeure_


      • Force_Majeure_

        Remember coral gardens ’63? It aint change much

      • Yeah I’ve heard about it. Why hasn’t it changed?

      • Force_Majeure_

        I think its cuz of christianity and how its webbed into everyday lives and “principles” of most people. Theyre enslaved mentally. Just look at what happened when Chronixx made a comment about Obama not honouring Marcus Garvey while in Jamaica recently. Those idiots didnt even comprehend what the kid said ,they turned the place upside down defendin some dude who is t even their president snd killed 72 of their own citizens while looking for Dadus ! Talk about ignorance…..,they even started petition to revoke the kids visa smmfh. Very aggressive ignorance..Did u read Chanting down babylon by Murrel/ Spencer? It gives u good inaight on Ja issues and its very objective.

      • LOL! They all find God when they end up behind bars. That’s nothing new. The bigger question is where was this God when Kartel was living high off the hog?

        Aside from that…everything else you wrote was spot on.

        FM is still few bricks short of a full load.

      • Force_Majeure_

        you still crying, lame MF?

      • Dude, I’ve been observing those Jamaicans on the Jamaican Observer and I think they might be missing a few screws. I had to respond to several Jamaicans on the J.O. when confronted with the news that “Jamaicans committed sex crimes in America”…a lot of them said America should keep their sex offenders because they didn’t have room for them in JA but America needs to send Buju home.

    • When kartel tell leaves that prison it will be in a pine box. Only then will he be truly free.

  5. Popcaan and Tommy Lee betray the gaza boss and them ago learn when the boss free. Two cowards them. Free Kartel.