Are Rihanna And Kanye West Beefing? Could Cancel Joint Tour

Could Rihanna and Kanye West canceled their joint tour over some rumored beef.

Rihanna and Kanye announced their joint tour last month just weeks after releasing their new collaborative single “FourFiveSeconds” which also featured rock legend Paul McCartney.

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The song was a hit in all major music market but rumors have been circulating online this week claiming that the Bajan pop star is not happy with the success of the single because she felt that with three big names in music on the same song it should have been bigger.

“I said I’d done a few songs with Paul McCartney and she couldn’t get past this record,” Kanye West told Ryan Seacrest. “She had to have it on her album…. So now we at the Grammys doing it.”

“FiveFourSeconds” peaked at No. 4 on Billboard Hot 100 and No. 6 on US Mainstream Top 40. Folks are saying Rihanna is blaming Kanye West for the song not being at No. 1 because he is too toxic in the public eye.

“If the song was Rihanna, Paul [McCartney] and anyone else, it would be a hit,” sources told Mstarz. “But Kanye’s just so hated, he’s toxic.”

Rihanna and Kanye West are scheduled to perform together on shows in Europe this summer. That sparked rumors that the two music powerhouse are going on a joint tour.

However, rumors of shows cancellation are beginning to surface so clearly this is not the end of it.

Kanye West is also serving as executive producer on Rihanna’s upcoming eight album R8.


  1. i call bull. plus she knew kanye’s reputation and yet he”s not only on the song but producing her whole album. furthermore, the song is overrated and if it was sung by almost anyone else it would have never been a hit

  2. How can they cancel a tour that was never confirmed. This story is straight up BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  3. I call bs