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Tessanne Chin And Husband Split After Four Years

Tessanne Chin could be heading for a divorce after just four years of marriage.

The Voice winner and her TV broadcaster husband Michael Cuffe Jr are having marital troubles. The couple would have celebrated their fourth anniversary on Thursday, March 19.

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Sources connected to the couple told Urban Islandz that Michael Cuffe suddenly moved out of their marital home and is staying with a friend until he works out his living situation.

“He is currently staying with one of his best friends and he is pretty depressed right now… Everyone in their circle is concerned,” our sources said.

Tessanne Chin wedding photo

Sources also told us that there are some cheating allegations but couldn’t confirmed on which side.

“There are some allegations of infidelity but no one really know except the two of them,” our source added.

Since winning The Voice in 2013, Tessanne Chin and her husband have been inseparable with both constantly professing their love for each other on Instagram.

Tessanne Chin has remained silent on the news except for a single post on Instagram.

“#LaterGram Yesterday morning having a moment to myself and giving thanks for the many blessings in my life,” Tessanne Chin wrote. “Have Great Day Everyone!!!!”


  1. angelia mcfarlane

    What idiot is this critising her voice ,she did no autotune on the voice .She has a better voice than most of the singers in the world.Louder,stronger and melodious.she can prrform without music and dings well.butt head.

  2. angelia mcfarlane

    Hope Tessane and husband seek marriage counselling.Grass is not greener just a bunch of lunatic fringe

  3. smallvoice stays small

    she isnt the best singer either,shes okay but she also uses AUTOTUNE bigtime,that enhances vocal ,limited range and fixes pitch and tone–even w/autotune shes still has a small voice

  4. i hope they work it out. beautiful couple

  5. Well I think it’s for the best ….he’s disrespectful , you don’t see any pics of Tess ann whining on anyone in public even if she is cheating … as a husband you have to be more considerate of your wife…plus I always notice how she professes her love for him every chance she gets ..i see the love in her eyes ..she adores him …him come off spoil bad…she massage him ego n him just love that….Tess lift up yu head hold it up high…

  6. They look aike too much anyway lol

  7. tessanne need to give cuff a baby four of years of marriage and then him fi wait 5 more years really . it wont stop your music

  8. Am I the only one who noticed how poorly written the content of this material is??
    1. “…moved out of their marital home and is staying with a friend until he worked out his living situation.” Shouldn’t it be WORKS?
    2. “…know one really know except the two of them,”… Didn’t you mean NO one??
    3. You claimed she remained silent on the issue except for that one post. How is it related to the issue of their broken marriage exactly?
    Pssshh… Needs more educated, professional, and experienced writers. I don’t care if it’s a blog!


  10. Because they are having an issue right now doesn’t mean that they have split (any divorce papers signed?). Issues with cheating happens to good marriages unfortunately too often in a moment of weakness and many overcome it. All is not lost because I know they both love each other- I have seen it in person and I have also experienced the same issue in my marriage and we pushed through. We are all humans guys! Tessanne and Michael I love you both and if you really love each other ignore the media and focus on each other and push through this. Marriage isn’t easy but it’s worth fighting for

  11. common sense would tell you the cheating alligations are on her side. Think about it…who moved out?

  12. Where did all that love go? This is really sad..ppl make mistake try to work it out at all cost..kmt

  13. Tessane is class no one should have nothing but good things to say about her .

  14. Tessanne has show her love for him always on social media. I have been a Tessane fan from my space . I wish her nothing but the best .

    • Thank u,nice couple.Wish she keep her marriage together no matter what and people stop taking her name for bubblegum. Keep it PRIVATE lady T.Your ring doesnt have any doors or windows,everyone stays out.

  15. Becoming a big celebrity will tear your marriage apart. it would prob work if he was also a celebrity like Tami and Marshall. sad news tho.