Tessanne Chin New Album “Count On My Love” Flopped

Tessanne Chin’s new album Count On My Love is seeing dismal sales in an era of low album sales.

According to data from Neilsen Soundscan, Count On My Love sold 6623 copies in its first week of release, with 4986 copies sold digital to place the album at No. 20 on the Billboard digital chart.

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The remaining 1637 copies were sold at Walmart stores.

Singles off the album also failed to chart on Billboard Hot 100 despite seeing production work from well-known producers including Stargate, Jerry ‘Wonda’ Duplessis and Supa Dups.

Tessanne Chin will headline this weekend’s Reggae Sumfest International night in Montego Bay, Jamaica. She is also touring on The Voice tour across North America.


  1. well well well you know what dem say sex sells ask macka diamond.

  2. Just not good enough.

  3. The two best songs in this whole album is “Loudest Silence” and “People Change”. Both songs are Ballads and it clearly features Tessannes vocal range that won her The Voice. These songs are yet to reach the air waves. Radio people!!! This Recording Co. that signed her must be pocketing all the money that suppose to be spent on promoting this album., These two songs should be blasting in every Radio Channels and it’s not! Wake up Republic records or whoever you are! Do your job and promote, promote,PROMOTE!!!!!

    • ya um if her name was lady saw or beyonce remember she is a new up an coming artist she will have to have a lot of number singles before she can make enough money to pay off all the scrooges and grinches.

  4. Maybe now these recording company will get the hint that you cannot change a persons talent by having them sing what they think is marketable for that singer.Tessanne didn’t win The Voice by singing reggae or hip-hop music. She won America’s heart by singing Ballads and romantic songs that fits her type of voice. America feels cheated when their favorite doesn’t deliver what is expected of her. I have never bought a reggae or hip-hop album nor will I ever do. There’s hundreds of artists who can do those kind of music, but only a handful to sing Ballads that touches the heart. Tessannes voice is meant for Ballads and range that reaches to the heavens. She should sing those songs….. A song writer like Jennifer Warren can write those kind of songs and there are others who can. Why not them? The PR man should work a little harder to promote it [if there is one that is].

    • Tessanne won The Voice because she can really…really sing and has amazing stage presence. And her best songs were actually when she sang Jimmy Cliff and that Gwen Stefani song.

      And don’t get me started on “changing a person’s talent”…Tessanne started out singing Reggae and has legions of fans pre-The Voice. Ballads didn’t suddenly “validate” her or make her legitimate.

      And, uh, no, there aren’t “hundreds” of artists that can do reggae and hip hop. Not even close…

  5. Republic is not doing much to promote her album, but as word gets out it will be a constant seller. However, the race is not for the swift but for those who can endure.Tessanne is a great singer with loyal supporters. Her talent, personality and captivating performances will ensure her a long-term successful career. Moreover she is a very happy and resilient person, surrounded with a spouse and family that loves her dearly. Who can put a price on that?

  6. I don’t even like tessanne, yeah she has a good voice but her songs are so strange ?! Did anyone else notice that?! I think Jaquie lee should have won. Plus you MUST GET THE DEBUT ALBULM OUT BEOFRE THE NEXT SEASON STARTS or MOST WILL FORGET about YOU and move on to the superstar of the current season ( in my opinion… Sisaundra Lewis was the best)

    That’s just my take on it.

  7. OUCH!!!!!!

  8. Told you so!!!!!

  9. Well I did my part to support the artiste… Support the music and the artiste and buy a copy of the new album.

    • I didn’t even know this album was out… If record companies intensely promoted certain artists, and provided amazing songs, producers, etc for them, I’m guessing more people would know about the albums and buy them.

      It’s like these companies have their favourites, of course, from a business perspective, and give them the best of everything. Never bought a Beyonce album (though I did buy the first Destiny’s Child) but I ALWAYS know when her albums come out. I definitely have never bought, nor ever will buy, a JLo album (though I like some of her songs and her sound; and she’s great to dance to) but I ALWAYS know when a Jennifer Lopez album comes out.

      • You know what, it is by chance that I discovered that the album was on its way out and I purchased it quickly just to ensure that I wouldn’t forget to.

        I agree with you 100% in regard to that which you’ve stated…

      • well you did not have to break your neck to go buy it ya know

    • never its a box of skittles