Ludacris Won Full Custody Of His Love Child

Ludacris stay winning. The Atlanta rapper won full custody of his 1-year-old daughter Cai on Wednesday in a family court.

Ludacris had the love child with baby mother Tamika Fuller outside of his relationship with his longtime girlfriend Eudoxie.

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Fuller testified today that Ludacris, real name Christopher Brian Bridges, tried to bribe her to get an abortion when he found out that she was pregnant for him.

She said the sole reason why the rapper got married in a rush in December was to paint picture that he is a more fit parent.

Well in the end the judge agreed that Ludacris is the more fit parent and awarded him primary custody of his child.

“I am gratified that the judge found me to be the most fit and proper parent to have primary physical custody of our beautiful daughter,” Ludacris told TMZ.



  1. Once again a celebrity man (D-Wade) uses their money and power to bend the law. He only wants the baby girl so he doesn’t have to pay her mom child support money. Jokes on him, he still has to use his money to raise the child. It looks like his long tine girlfriend gave up medical school to become an instant mom. Shame on Ludacris for being such a scumbag. I’m sure his baby mama is an excellent mom to her baby girl. Ludacris nothing but, a shameless cheapskate. Shame on Wendy Williams for labeling the mother unfit to raise her own child. She was doing an excellent job for the last 13 months, this situation is absolutely messed up. Hope this encourages women to stop procreating with lousy men. Just because he’s a celebrity, doesn’t mean he’ll treat you like a Queen. Not all celebrity men’s exes are treated with respect, women should keep that in mind.

  2. Curious to know why the other lady married a man who clearly loves to screw around, does that mean she instantly gets a ready made child?

  3. This is sad. A child should never be torn from their mother unless there is some form of abuse.