Nicki Minaj & Drake Could Leave Cash Money With Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne is on his way out of Cash Money Records and his two biggest proteges with him.

Nicki Minaj and Drake became a part of Cash Money/Young Money all because of Lil Wayne so naturally their loyalty will be with the “CoCo” rapper.

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Sources close to the label told Urban Islandz that both Nicki Minaj and Drake spoke with Lil Wayne and let him know that they support him fully.

“Nicki and Drizzy are with Wayne one hundred and fifty because he was the one who saw the star in them from the start and gave them the opportunity,” our source said.

The source also told us that both Nicki Minaj and Drake are currently in a contract with Cash Money but could be leaving the label when that contract is fulfilled.

“Like with Wayne it won’t be easy for them to get out of their contract with Cash Money but like all things contracts also eventually comes to an end,” the source revealed. “They both have outstanding albums for the label but when those albums are fulfilled then you can expect a major announcement.”

Lil Wayne has filed a lawsuit against Cash Money and Birdman saying the label owes him $8 million.

The New Orleans rapper also said the label broke their contract with him when they refused to release his new album Tha Carter V.

Back in December Lil Wayne went on a public rant about his grouses with the label saying he felt like a prisoner.

Both Nicki Minaj and Drake has remained silent about the issue.

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  1. Cash money is falling apart