Birdman Owes Lil Wayne $8 Millions, Rapper Suing Label

Birdman and Cash Money Records is $8 million in debt to Lil Wayne and the Young Money rapper is suing the label and his mentor for his money.

Lil Wayne and Birdman have been locked in a bitter feud over the last few months with Weezy going on a public rant about wanting to leave the label and getting his album Tha Carter V released.

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TMZ reported that the $8 million was suppose to be an advance for Lil Wayne’s album Tha Carter V, but the money was not forthcoming.

The “CoCo” rapper is now taking the label to court claiming that Birdman violated their contract when he refused to release his album and pay over his advance.

Sources close to the label told Urban Islandz that the two parties met for a meeting earlier this week but talks broke down after they couldn’t agree on terms.

“Tha Carter if finish, it’s done, so Wayne is at a lost as to why the label is not releasing the album,” the source told us.

“Talks between both party took place but the issue is far from resolve, the album is still not released and money is being owed,” the source revealed.

The source also told us that Lil Wayne is adamant that he want to leave the label, but Birdman doesn’t want that.

“Lil Wayne is not happy at the label and hasn’t been for a long time but he has only been silent for so long out of respect for Baby and the rest of the team,” the source says.

Lil Wayne famously rant on Twitter that he feels like a prisoner at Cash Money and so is his creativity as an artist.

Lil Wayne released his new mixtape Sorry 4 The Wait 2 earlier this week where he took shots at Birdman and the label.

“Who kept this s–t together / Ni**a me that’s who / Who was there when ni**as left / Was ni**a me that’s who / Cash money is a homie / And if them ni**as coming for me / Am going out like Tony,” Lil Wayne rap on the mixtape’s single “CoCo.”


  1. “Junior… brrrIt’s Cash Money over everything
    It’s in my blood I feel it running in every vein”- I’m Me

    Lil Wayne can never escape lol