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Mavado Says Former Associate Trying To Shake Him Down

Dancehall hitmaker Mavado made headlines last week after a petition surfaced on the White House website against the deejay.

The petition launched by a woman name Trudy Miller has garnered fewer than 100 signatures.

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According to the “So Special” singjay, the attack is being done by a former business associate who he fell out with.

“Is somebody that used to work with me. Me find out him no real and let him go, so a fi him way dis to get back at me. I don’t know if him create the page or ask someone to do it, but he is the mastermind behind everything,” Mavado said.

Mavado also said that this is not the first time the unnamed individual is attacking his career.

“This individual has contacted several media outlets and told them that I had limited amount of days to leave the States, among a bunch of other things; all of which are lies,” the singjay added.

Mavado has been living in the United States for over three years now after getting back his visa and work permit in 2011.

He is currently married to the mother of his two kids who is a United States citizen.

In related news, Mavado just released a new single “I Aint Going Back Broke” featuring Future and Ace Hood.


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