Mavado Fans Rallied Against Petition For Deportation

A United States woman launched a petition to have dancehall star Mavado deported to Jamaica.

But the “So Special” deejay’s fans are rallying on social media against the petition.

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Trudy A Miller, a resident of Maryland, launched a petition on the White House website claiming that Mavado is a non-residing felon and should be deported.

Sources close to the Gully Gad told Urban Islandz that he is undaunted by the petition and see it as just a ploy to destroy his career.

“Just is just a ploy from another badmind individual looking to destroy Mavado’s career,” the source said.

“Mavado worked hard to build his career and always giving back to his community and these people are not seeing all of that, tell me what is this Trudy Miller person doing for her community,” the source added.

Thousands of Mavado fans have took to Twitter and Facebook to bash Trudy Miller and voice their support for the singjay.

The petition did not get enough signature for the US government to respond to it.