Demarco Talks Producing For Vybz Kartel, Junior Gong Before Becoming An Artist

Demarco is one of the biggest names in dancehall currently with several mega hit songs under his belt and a well received performance at the 2014 Sting at Jamworld Portmore.

But before becoming a dancehall star, Demcarco says he use to produced beats for some big producers including John John, Baby G, Jam 2.

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Speaking with Lyric DVD, Marco says he produced some top rhythms in dancehall that features the likes of Vybz Kartel and Junior Gong Marley.

“You have Gang war riddim with Junior Gong “Christ feed the multitude with only one loaf of bread,” you have Mission Riddim with Stephen Marley and Gong, you have sidewalk university with Vybz Kartel “gimmi the Beyonce wine,” Demarco said.

Demarco says he then decided to do his own thing and made the rhythm for “Fallen Soldiers” the rest he said is history.

Watch the interview below.


  1. biggup yuhself demarco, more prosperity and growth fi yuh dah year yah