Bobby Shmurda Indicted On Attempted Murder And Drug Charges

New York rapper Bobby Shmurda is facing several years in prison if he is found guilty on attempted murder and drug trafficking charges.

A NY prosecutor says the “Hot Ni**a” rapper was the leader of a violent gang that ran rampage from New York to Florida.

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TMZ obtained the indictment against Bobby Shmurda and more than 15 others who were arrested recently in NYC. They are charged with various crimes ranging from murder, attempted murder, assault and drug dealing.

Bobby Shmurda whose real name is Ackquille Pollard, was charged with conspiracy to commit murder and weapons charges.

The rapper is being held on a $2 million bail. His attorney says he is innocent.


  1. Not because you never heard of him before doesn’t mean he wasn’t involved in criminal activities. He even talk about the stuff in his music, young ignorant and misguided! had the opportunity to switch lanes but he didn’t, bragging about illegal activities! how dumb could you be?

  2. He was not indicted on attempted murder charge,rowdy was. He got conspiracy, 2nd.

  3. “Free paper bun.”

  4. Another Vybz wasted talent gone in a di drain rayyyyyyy

  5. They’re always painted as leaders of these huge inhumane gangs that are only worth investigating when the accused has high popularity. (Was he not running this entire east coast gang the whole time? and why have I never heard of him as a notorious criminal before he became super famous for his dance?) Certainly these guys aren’t saints but the police work is always so sketchy/questionable.