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Joe Bogdanovich Praise Vybz Kartel As Dancehall’s Biggest Influence

Joe Bogdanovich says Vybz Kartel is one of the biggest influence in dancehall so he work hard to get his new prodigy on a riddim that the incarcerated deejay is featured on.

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“The whole Kartel thing is really unusual and it’s really good to see how great of an artist Kartel really is being in the minds of the pubic for so many year,” the Downsound Records CEO told Zip.

“TJ did a record with Vybz Kartel and on the same riddim we out Don Husky on it,” Joe added.

Don Husky is a new dancehall artist signed to Downsound Records. He was introduced to the label by Foota Hype prior to his fallout with his baby mother Ishawna and Bogdanovich.

Vybz Kartel is currently serving a life sentenced in Jamaica after being convicted of murder in February of this year.

He is now appealing that conviction.


  1. I don’t know who this man is. I think he was in a nex video being a perv to tifa, that’s all I know about him… but he’s right.

  2. “Vybz Kartel is currently serving a life sentenced in Jamaica after being convicted of murder in February of this year.”

    This is Dancehall’s biggest influence??! Joe! The rum has gone to your head, man!

  3. So some1 finally addresses the elephant in the room. It’s about time some1 gives him credit for his talent. He’s been locked up since 2k11 and he’s still everywhere in dancehall music, hate him or love him u cant deny his skill, and I’m not condoning his alleged wrongdoings; Just saying that he’s the best! okay bye 🙂 [[ & don’t let your hatred for kartel keep u in denial forever, truth is the truth]]

  4. Never know you could tattoo your eyes.

  5. Craps, load of craps!! The worst let down to reggae and Jamaica. All other DJ can do what he does but refuse to be as explicit because of moral values. He had gone the extreme to build his fans and he succeeded. He did that because he cares not about no one , his mom , sisters, girlfriends or his country’s morals. Just like a woman that exposes her self and catches everyone eyes, people would class her as been sexy in oppose to a woman who may be much sexier but keeps her self clothed and get less attention. Cartel is like a prostitute, or a porn star . If a woman flash her body most people would look . If a DJ is sexually explicit most people would listen. He had gone the extreme to corrupt the sex craved world and in the process kids . Indirectly his music is of a paedophilia nature. As it’s lured even kids. For the protection of our kids mother, sisters other DJs stays away from his kind music ,but for his own love of money fame and selfishness he spread his infectious message on our kids. If we as adults are so hungry for sexual explicity, we no where to find it ( on the internet) we put parental control to protect our kids from the danger, which makes little sence when a man glorified by idiots preached it on streets. Selfishness puts him where is is today a place he belongs.

    • Critics, critics loads of critics. Listen, Dance-hall music is not for kids, it is not for overshadowed minds, it is definitely not hatred, It is more of a trend. Vybz Kartel is a prolific artiste, what he paints in his music is for people to shun, and become that trending topic of dance-hall music, his music and his whole persona is a story that no one had ever seen before. However, in order to make a story fascinating you have to intertwine it.

      Explicit content portray in comics, books, animations, Etc… It is not the responsibility for artiste to grow your child and families. It is you the parent suppose to teach your child to be responsible of his/her own action! I will respect vybz kartel because he is being real, people is going to formulate their own opinion of you merely being you. Vybz Kartel phase in his music is an everyday reality by sparking, the street life perspective, the ghetto life perspective ,the struggle perspective, and that’s what going to always make his music excited.

      • You are as arrogant and ignorant as him and will be in prison with him soon. What you wrote is of no sence whatsoever. Kids are a part of our society,its the responsibility of everyone to protect them . Singing about under your mother sisters and wife is not a reality of ghetto . Most artist are from the ghetto and most have not resort to the explicitly of sex in order to get depraved ,padaeotic and perverted minds people like you to support them. People like you are a disgrace to society . He did not last very long an evidence to the fact he was a creature in nature . The genuine one live to perform to the end. If what cartel preach enticed you. You know where to find him. You will not see him on the streets again. I guess you agree with his murderous act as well. Most of whom I know from the ghetto is not like cartel and what I know of the ghetto have nothing to do with his music . You and him are a disgrace to ghetto and its people. Your time is near , you will be with him soon.

      • People like yourself is so Blind to society that it actually push you into a envious corner. everyone knows that the ghetto is a war zone, no need to hide it. The fact with you people is you live into a world of fear that induce to be typical Jamaicans has a mindset to stay in the slum, when a particular individual makes it out and stand up to be the power of how the world operate you call him/her fake, fraud, he’s disgusting, and the boycotts, goes on and on.

        The 90’s artiste comes down to the 2000 artiste sings about what is happening in society, music and art is a reflection of life. Kids is apart of our society and we have our right to protect them indeed, but the parent have the responsibility to EDUCATE and grow their child that they can be aware of right from wrong! vybz kartel is an artiste, he gets pay to entertain, why are you blaming someone that speaks the truth of everyday living? that his job Adijah Palmer is a citizen, i am not saying am going to agree with the murder that he was convicted for because, i wasn’t there. The way the court system dealt with the case, it is the most unprofessional trial i’ve ever seen.

      • Why would you waste your time engaging in a to and fro with someone who cannot grasp simple grammatical concepts, uses words that doesn’t exist in the English language and from whom the skill of elementary spelling has widely escaped? Based on that criteria alone; his diatribe should be dismissed as null and void.

      • I will be more than covenant to your statement, I will rest it there with no further clarification. Thank you.

      • You’re welcome.

        I have engaged in discussions of this very same nature with several persons over time and my argument has mirrored yours almost to the letter.

        Bottom line: parents should be parenting, artistes should be entertaining.

      • Absolutely, We are here to defend the truth so it’s nothing different. i don’t see the intellectual aspect to blame musicians that has a professional career by boycotting them as a poison to society. Is there any sense in that whatsoever?? parent has a role to play, they should stop blaming someone else’s for what they’ve done.

    • Kartel has as much conscious songs as explicit……no other can rhyme and play with words as kartel ….he is special…but yes he self destruct but never take away from his talent…..i dj too so i know……he is a special talent…trust mi

    • Kartel was never a reggae artist he was a dancehall artist.You were looking for someone engaging in premarital sex while producing children to be the epitome of morality? As a matter of fact, please enlighten the masses about your country’s morals. The first out of wedlock child he produced should of herald the first red flag.

      Kartel a prostitute? Meaning he exchanged sexual services for money, gifts and or favors. Kartel was a pornstar? Meaning he was compensated for engaging in sexual activities while being filmed. As a matter of fact, I wonder if you know that his music wasn’t intended for children. It’s not his fault your children were granted access to it! The basis of your entire argument lies on the sexualization of your children which you as a PARENT should prevent!
      As a matter of fact, how do you know what kind of father he was? If he wasn’t looking out for his own kids what makes you think he’d look out for yours? As a matter of fact, I have a feeling that you’d actually sit here and tell me that he,Kartel will watch as your children is molested by Joe Schmo based on your moral standards.

      And as you sit here and say that he’s where he belongs based on the sexualization of your children which you allowed to happened! You’ve made no attempt to say he’s where he belongs because he MIGHT HAVE participated in a MURDER. Now as he sits in prison your children are still being corrupted by his music because you fail to protect them!

      • lol… i will step down, and allow you to throw him off the cliff. You’re a GENIUS!

      • Under the umbrella of reggae whose roots are in R&B, calypso, and ska you will find dancehall. Much like how pop music is under the umbrella of Rock ‘n Roll whose roots are blues, R&B and gospel music.
        To say fartel was never a reggae artist is like saying Michael Jackson was never a rock star and should have never been inducted into the Rock ‘n Roll Hall Of Fame.

        I ain’t getting into a convo with you about prostitution, pornstars, out-of-wedlock births and the sexual molestation of children. Y’all can miss me with that BS!

      • And out of all that…. you lecture me on my use of “reggae artist?!” And wen u gon respond to the things that was said on that shorty’s page?!

  6. Kartel is a pioneer? Wait a minute, Dancehall began in 2000?