Bobby Shmurda Drop Video For “Bobby B*tch” Single

Rap newcomer Bobby Shmurda drop the highly anticipated video for his single “Bobby B*tch.”

Bobby B*tch” is the follow up single to his viral hit “Hot Ni–a” and also the second single off his new EP Shmurda She Wrote, due later this year.

Unlike his previous hit where Shmurda featured his gang of fellas, this new video has a gang of banging females.

The Brookly rapper gave rise to the Shmoney Dance. He also released a reggae remix for his breakout single.

Watch the official music video for Bobby Shmurda new single “Bobby B*tch” below.


  1. Fake ni–a. Cant see no talent here

  2. Oh so this is what they pass as ‘rap music’ nowadayz is it? No talent or originality needed then…