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LHHATL: Mimi Faust Blast Nikko Smith & Joseline Hernandez On Twitter

Mimi Faust is fed up with Nikko Smith lying and Joseline Hernandez fighting on set.

Monday night was Love and Hip Hop Atlanta final reunion episode and it was fully loaded with drama.

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Majority of the cast members confronted rapper Nikko Smith about his tape with Mimi Faust.

Stevie J’s girlfriend Joseline Hernandez also got a chance to explain why she attacked all the female cast members during the reunion taping.

But Mimi Faust took things a step further and vent her frustration on Twitter.

Yesterday news surfaced online that Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez was kicked out of their rented mansion in Atlanta for not payment of rent.

Stevie use to show off on his baby mother Mimi Faust about how large his house is. It would be interesting to get a reaction from Mimi.


  1. Ye without sin, cast the first stone!

  2. Mimi don’t have any morals!

  3. Oh com’on mimi take a seat u aint nobody to point fingers on nobody…check ur decency first n straight ur life stop selling ur body for money give a good example to ur daughter tbefore u talk about others…

    • I don’t see nothing wrong with Mimi comment she point out her mistakes she made and she living with it. When her daughter get to the age I can see Mimi sitting her down and explain the bad choice she made

      • For the life of me I’m wondering why people are seeing an issue with her comment. She’s realizing she made a mistake and move on from it. Kardashian released one, the only difference is that MiMi has a child. And the comment about Joseline was on point, she has the issue not MiMi. Hell they’re not even married sh**.

      • Mimi was more than likely a part of leaking the tape or planned for it to be leaked the whole time.

      • Mimi more than likely made the video so it would be leaked in the first place. She knew it would bring her a ton of press, a huge payday, help her become more popular, and saw what a sextape did for Paris Hilton and Kim K’s career. Her acting so shocked and clueless about the tape being leaked came off extremely fake.

      • I understands what u say but Teenagers do makes those kind mistakes make a porno tape cause they too young n can be ignorants sometimes but com’on not a freaking 40 somthing years old grown up woman…call that choices for the love of the money not mistakes she too old for that!