LHHATL: Stevie J & Joseline Hernandez Evicted From Rented Mansion

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta stars Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez are searching for a new home now after the couple got evicted from their rented mansion.

Over the weekend a uhaul moving truck was spotted outside the large home in Atlanta with Stevie and Joseline packing and moving their belongings.

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According to reports, Stevie J has fallen behind on his monthly rent payments and was given notice to vacate the home.

Now if your a fan of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta and is keeping up with the show on VH1 you would know that Stevie J always boast about how much money he is making.

There are also rumors that Stevie and his Puerto Rican Princess, Joseline Hernandez, are hooked on cocaine.

Could their money be going into drugs?


  1. when I was searching for a place to live in Atlanta I notice that there were plenty of homes, mini mansion type homes that exist that you can rent for a very low fee but you have to prove that you are used to a certain type of lifestyle in order for them to rent these homes to you. More than likely this is what these people do they show how they are accustomed to this lifestyle and these homeowners rent these big houses to them so they can feel like they’re owning these home when in reality they’re paying someone else’s mortgage. I was amazed when I first came across these types of homes for rent. What’s even crazier is they start as low as 500$ a month. How do you mess that up?!

  2. I think it was just for the show. Shows over so they can’t stay there no more. They have gone back to JoJo’s apt.

  3. You know the old saying stupid is as stupid does. It applies in this couples case. #1)Joseline addressing althea as hothea, but joseline’s former profession was prostitution #2) going after people with no regrets, but not finishing her quest w/ no repercussions, really stupid

    With Stevie it’s really ridiculous because he is older. #1) this man fell in love w/ the visual. Lying about being married is stupidity ( maybe he doesn’t know that its public records) or he’s doing what stupid wants because of the 2 ring situation last season with Mimi.#2) pretending to have money you don’t have for baller points and to make people feel that they are not on your level ( really stupid).

    They are meant for each other

  4. Of course they couldn’t afford the mansion, did you see how it was barely furnished? Plus, those Versace dishes weren’t even theirs, they belong to Anna Benson. Joseline has no singing career, Stevie is now a total joke in the industry because of her, and they have a cocaine addiction. There are rumours of a spin-off, but those two aren’t interesting enough to fill an hour of TV. W/o an ensemble cast, they’ll be doomed, I wouldn’t watch those trashbags.

    • This man use to be on top of the world. Hes like 42 and shes 27. Why doesn’t anyone talk about how nasty that is? She always calls him daddy cause she has daddy issues. The reason older men go for younger girls like that is yap you can get them prego and control them young ones which in return he gets power from that. No real woman his age would want him cause he doesn’t have the means to take care of himself nor his 50 kids he has. I love how she would call mimi an old maid all the time when hes almost 45 way to old for another kid.

  5. lmao, what losers, both of them, now their cast mates can giggle at them for just being dumba$$es! Not enough that everyone will think the worse of them be cuz of the Reunion brawl, now add this bit of news. These two COULD’VE made it BIG in Reality TV but instead stuck their finger up each others arse and thought they were invisible. They ARE each others worse enemy.


  6. It’s a common trend for reality shows hiring cast members showing a lifestyle that doesn’t really exist.

  7. Wow