Vybz Kartel – Cya Test We [New Music]

Vybz Kartel latest single from behind prison walls is “Cya Test We,” off the hot new Phase One Riddim, produced by Haad Rokk Muzik.

Check out some of the lyrics:

Mi nuh play fist fight like Lenox Lewis or Mike
I circle dem endz pon bike
Red like its a gangster plite

Bwoy in a my eye sight
Rifle turn on, turn on and strike
Evident fast is a thing I like
Wire dem fast is a thing I like

FULL: Vybz Kartel – Cya Test We Lyrics

Listen full track below.


  1. It’s not ‘Evident fast is a thing I like’, it’s ‘Bury dem fast is a thing I like’…smh

  2. SMH SMH me cant really believe this song at all at all at all I would have to see when he created it and the release date. Can you believe a man who has been convicted to 35 years in prison and waiting up on appeal would produce these lyrics? Either he really has no heart and does not care or someone is digging plenty of holes for him. This is incredible, the lyrics he is singing most certainly can prejudice his appeal. Can someone please find someone that knows someone that knows him to instruct him to stop. It is not about the greatest hits or lyric anymore.

    This is about his life and fight for survival, forget about making these crazy hits to pay these greedy lawyers I am sure you have enough money to get by with them right now. Give yourself a chance to beat the wrap Kartel and then when you come out you can go on crazy and make hits after crazy hits. I must say it is a nice hit though but given the circumstances you cannot afford to lose the appeal man.

    • i understand your point but shouldn’t the justice system be objective? I truly believe that Kartel does not have any control over what the producers are releasing – this song was reported as being recorded in 2009 and he did not release it then. When you are incarcerated, you lose so much control and this is just one example of it. Let’s just pray that true justice will not take into account Kartel’s image as a dancehall artist but will look at the crappy, fabricated so-called evidence. This is what the justice system is supposed to do. Beyonce and Jay-z sang about living a life of crime in ‘on the run’ right?