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Drake Says Rihanna Is A Devil Worshiper

Rihanna is in the Illuminati and worshiping the devil according to Drake.

Drake is still carrying some hard feelings after being dumped by Rihanna earlier this year.

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The Toronto rapper was performing in his home city last weekend for his annual OVO Fest. Drake was performing with a hellish backdrop with the number 6 flashing on the screen three times, as well as, images of Rihanna with a horn.

Drake was performing the single “Days In the East.” Coincidentally, his new album is titled Views From The Six.

“Why am I the one you wanna get into it with for the drama? I’ve got a lot to say, and that’s the last thing a ni**a wanna hear right now,” Drake sang in front a roaring crowd with some devilish images of Rihanna flashing in the background.

The Young Money rapper is clearly taking shots at his ex-girlfriend Rihanna.

But the question everyone is asking now is if he found out that Rihanna is a devil worshiper.


  1. 6 represent Toronto and he flashed Rihanna photo to dedicated his love. Stop making up sh**!! Why would he call his woman the devil it does not make sense.

  2. WOW and WOW again. You guys are really trying lmaooo. Drake is Jewish first off and the song he was singing was inspired by his relationship with Rihanna. Just find it intriguing you people see devil and illuminati where others see a guy reaching out to someone…but hey that how you see it that how you see it. smh