Did Karrueche Tran Hook Up With Drake, Chris Brown Frenemy

Karrueche Tran is trying to make a love square with Chris Brown, Drake and Rihanna.

According to reports, Chris Brown and his on-again off-again girlfriend Karrueche parted ways recently and now the saga is deepening.

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Sources told MediaTakeOut that Karrueche Tran tried to hook up with Drake, but he never fell for her plot and told Chris Brown what was going down.

“Kae started texting Drake and flirting. She thought that since he and Chris had issues, that he might be open to date her [just to ticked Chris off].”

“Drake immediately forwarded the texts to Chris and told him EXACTLY what Karrueche had done. Chris Brown IMMEDIATELY dropped that heaux.”

Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran

Chris Brown says he was the one to dump Karrueche.

Folks around Karrueche Tran told the media that she was the one who dumped Chris Brown because he refused to act like an adult and also because he like two photos of Rihanna on Instagram.

According to TMZ, Chris Brown people says he was the one who pulled the plug on the relationship.

Sources close to the “Loyal” singer says he found out that she was texting other guys and sending them photos while she was with Chris Brown.

Breezy was also furious over her recent interview with Keke Palmer on BET and her launch of her new clothing line.

He basically thinks she is an opportunist.


  1. yea they totally hooked up thats why there is so many pictures of them to together that you have to horribly photoshop one. I cant believe people believe this media b.s

  2. wul on deh, how much time chris cheat pon har and leff har fi rihanna? anyways.. so she’s an oppourtunist because shes ambitious enough to try and do something for herself? at least its not like these other females who are gold digging or putting men on child support and using them. do yuh owna thing and mek yuh owna money yah my girl because if yuh did a live offa him ppl still woulda chat shyt (worse). gwan and step up inna life, when opportunity knock answer the call, yuh nuh do nuttin wrong fi try better yourself and support yuhself. mi rate any woman weh a try do something fi themself, not the user ones weh just wah siddung and live offa ppl

    • yes she is an opportunist, A sad one at that. Instead taking back a cheat she should have let him walk. She is a beautiful dumb girl. I have seen the dark side to her on those vids she had on youtube trying to clown Rihanna, even though everything about her shows a serious fan girl. She disrespected herself and then clowned herself and now has herself looking all types of pathetic for this desperate ploy. Come on…she seriously manage to make CB look decent. Shame on her. She should have had some sensible people on her team then maybe she would have realised the best move she could have made was to walk away and leave CB to Ri…at that point she would have owned

    • So true, u be damn if u do and dam if u don’t. Totally agree.

  3. That picture of Karrueche and Drake is a horribly done photoshop picture

  4. Look at the pic it look fake


    • Karru ech How u going to do that to Chris drake ain’t no fool Drake don’t want you you are a w**** now u want to trying to be like Rihanna because Chris and drake love Rihanna but you can never be like Rihanna she is the best. she is doing her think no one’s going to have no respect for you at all karachi first I felt bad about it but now I don’t feel bad about men going to always talk as a friends. and I’m glad that drake told chris about what u are doing I hope he never go with you anymore.

    • You don’t even know this woman not to mention, you sound like a child and melodramatic!

      • stop getting mad I’m not a child it just my opinion that’s all.

      • These people don’t even know you exist. Give the chick a break she’s not a celebrity not to mention,I bet you’d trade places with her in a heartbeat.

      • I probably shouldn’t be hard on you 🙁 I know you probably aren’t 25 years of age. sorry deedee 🙁

  6. Gold digging ho good thing Drake sent them messages and didn’t fall for this bi****es tricks, what’s wrong with b****s these days going out with a next man just to make the ex feel ways but Brezzy too strong for that