Going Broke, Sean Kingston Lamborghini Repossessed

Sean Kingston fans are wondering if the reggae pop singer is going broke because another one of his pricey cars just got repossessed.

According to TMZ, some repo guys swoop in on Sean Kingston’s white Lamborghini over the weekend while it was parked at the intersection of Hollywood and Vine and took it away on a flatbed.

WATCH THIS: BROKE… Sean Kingston Bentley Just Got Repossessed [VIDEO]

Sources say Kingston leased the tricked out Lamborghini and hadn’t made any payments for the last six months.

This is the third vehicle repossessed for Sean Kingston in the last couple months. His Bentley was repossessed on March 26, 2014, and a week before that his Mercedes Benz G-Class SUV was also repossessed while being driven by his mother.