Going Broke, Sean Kingston Lamborghini Repossessed

Sean Kingston fans are wondering if the reggae pop singer is going broke because another one of his pricey cars just got repossessed.

According to TMZ, some repo guys swoop in on Sean Kingston’s white Lamborghini over the weekend while it was parked at the intersection of Hollywood and Vine and took it away on a flatbed.

WATCH THIS: BROKE… Sean Kingston Bentley Just Got Repossessed [VIDEO]

Sources say Kingston leased the tricked out Lamborghini and hadn’t made any payments for the last six months.

This is the third vehicle repossessed for Sean Kingston in the last couple months. His Bentley was repossessed on March 26, 2014, and a week before that his Mercedes Benz G-Class SUV was also repossessed while being driven by his mother.


  1. Of course he’s going broke. He is/was a mid-level star trying to live like an industry mogul. Hopefully if he starts making music and money again he’ll have learned his lesson.

  2. Some of you on here just like to take pleasure out of someone else’s demise.

  3. The lesson here is men need to respect themselves…any man can get nookie so some of the stupidness black males do when they get money just proves how thirsty they are and that they above all else have real self worth issues. Rape accusations and accidents displaying like a bird will dent anyone pockets…aint like he some Golden goose that always lays hits..oh well…at least he can say used to

  4. Too much time hyping and not payin bills claiming he’s a superstar…err he got jokes! Next up for his ass…the IRS!

  5. That’s absurd you mean to tell me he leased all those expensive vehicles and they did not belong to him so he could sell them and make a profit he must be terrible with money.

    • no doubt are terrible with money if for one second you think there is value in purchasing cars. Lol wow shows why people be killing for certain things. The minute a car is driven off the lot it declines immensely in value. Cars don’t make money they cost it. It is actually cheaper to lease than to purchase in most cases.

      • Unless you take care of it and keep driving it years after you’re finished with payments of course.

  6. I don’t care

  7. When was his last hit? Serious question…

    • Exactly! He only famous because he has family (Jack Ruby) in d industry so riding the hell off that but he ain’t no musical genius he seems to think he is.

      • I don’t think Jack had anything to do with his fame.Americans don’t know who Jack ruby is unless it’s the Jack ruby who killed Oswald.and very few Jamaicans know who Jack is now a days unless you from ocho Rios or a old school sound systems fan.he put his work in and built his own fame.but he his kinda flop now,no hits in awhile and trying to keep up with beiber spending.

      • True…