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BROKE… Sean Kingston Bentley Just Got Repossessed [VIDEO]

Is Sean Kingston going broke?

This is the big question waging on everyone’s tongue right now after the reggae/pop singer’s Bentley got repossessed last night.

According to TMZ, the embarrassing incident took place at the Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood last night.

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Sean Kingston pulled up in his white Bentley and the valet parked it at the front of the hotel. But a repo crew quickly pulled up in the parking lot to toe the car.

Someone spotted the repo guys and called Kingston outside and a war of words broke out. Cops were eventually called in to quell the situation.

However, the repo guys eventually left with Sean Kingston Bentley.

Someone did not pay their car tab.


  1. He isnt broke.. Zac efron just bought .. sean kingsons old crib for $4 milion dollar ..that means you will be seeing Sean kingston back in his bentley very soon.. LOL

    • TRUE!

    • If it ain’t got sold already to pay his debt off lol! Just waiting for the IRS to come for his ass because you can guarantee he ain’t paid no taxes and the US Government don’t ramp when it comes to people not paying their taxes!

    • How much did he buy the house for an how much did he still owe the bank? Just because efron bought it, doesn’t mean he made any money off of it. The difference is zac efron could buy it outright after one movie, Kingston was probably unable to make payments and had to sell it.

  2. This is what happen when you live beyond your means. Jamaicans would say show off bring disgrace

  3. broke like a dog