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Alkaline Reggae Sumfest Performance A Hit Or Miss [Full Video]

Alkaline performance on Reggae Sumfest dancehall night was perhaps one of the most disappointing for dancehall fans who turned out in huge numbers last Thursday night at the Catherine Hall Entertainment Complex in Montego Bay.

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The youngest and the baddest deejay was among the last set of dancehall acts to performed close to the closing of the event.

Alkaline made a grand entrance dressed in all black performing his hit single “Ready” but the crowd wasn’t connecting with him. The dancehall deejay then transition into more of his raunchier singles like “123,” and “Bruk Out.”

Watch Alkaline performing on Reggae Sumfest below.


  1. kartel copy

  2. As me say him a good artist but him not badder than Gaza str888!

  3. to be honest his performance was lame!!!

  4. I could almost say he wanna dress like Tommy lee now -_- the more gothic dress style

  5. Damn he’s working the hell out of those skinny jeans. 🙂 He’s practically performing in his shower stall unaware that there’s a crowd. roflmao

    • one big fool . you still deh pon this thing . ghetto gyal

      • Ghetto like the slums of India or the American ghetto or even the slums of the Caribbean? Don’t be mad because I have the ability to tell you “AY you boy go blank pon the floor and you have no problem doing it by yourself of course!

        Who miss who when you still have me on speed-dial using your rotary phone wondering why Salena hasn’t called constantly running through your mind and no she wasn’t abducted by aliens and probed *smiles*She just wasn’t into you!
        Now be a big boy and pick your pants up! Leave the pants sagging to the real badman!

        Go read some of my post you deserve to have streams of laughter unclench your tight ass for a change!roflmao

  6. Crowd bun him out for previous antics.. he needed this.