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I-Octane, Bounty Killer, Ninjaman Take Reggae Sumfest 2014

Reggae Sumfest 2014 dancehall night saw one of the biggest crowds in the two decades history of the show.

Over 25,000 patrons from locally and overseas converged on the Catherine Hall entertainment complex in Montego Bay to see the likes of Popcaan, Busy Signal, Bounty Killer and more.

But the night belong to the big man I-Octane who not only closed the show in fine form but also got the biggest forward of the night.

Stepping onto the stage in the wee hours of the morning, I-Octane wasted no time to blast his biggest critic Mr. Vegas. The “Happy Time” singjay went through a medley of his huge catalog and manage to drew huge forward from the audience for almost every track that he touched.

Popcaan Reggae Sumfest 2014

Dancehall legends Bounty Killer and Ninja man were also in fine form on the biggest dancehall show in Jamaica this summer. The two deejays stamp their seniority on the event with immaculate performance.

The audience could not get enough of the Don Gorgon, who had to come back on stage and give another piece of performance. Ninjaman also blast Beenie Man for some recent comments that he is the balance in dancehall. But it was all fun since the Doc was in the VIP section watching Ninjaman performance.

Mr Vegas Shoe Reggae Sumfest

Several other artists put on good performance including Mr. Vegas, Popcaan, Busy Signal, Bugle, Assassin. During his set, Mr. Vegas brought out female deejay Latty J who had the crowd in a frenzy. But perhaps the highlight of Mr. Vegas set was hit attire which includes a white big heel booty and bell foot pants.

Agent Sasco aka Assassi never disappoint his fans when he touch the stage. The dancehall lyricist put on a solid set of conscious lyrics and drew the attention of the audience with some positive reasoning.

Assassin Reggae Sumfest 2014

The biggest disappointment of the night was Alkaline. Maybe we raised the bar too high prematurely for the young dancehall act, but patrons did not give him the reception we were expecting. Alkaline is one of the hottest young deejays in dancehall currently so we will give him a past for this performance and look forward to next year.

Reggae Sumfest dancehall night 2014 was a huge success. Dancehall fans came out in huge numbers and the show was well organized with the exception of a few lengthy band changes in the end.


  1. Kartel de bess fi dem unfortunately nuh attend @2015

  2. Vegas look like at clown inna gal boot.

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  4. alkaline mussi draw fi di battywash song, lol jah kno alka jah kno

    • KaribbeanKing4Lyfe

      hey, mi ear seh im ah di nu kartel star.

      • CLEAN OUT U EARS no one can match kartel

      • KaribbeanKing4Lyfe

        I neva said haney ting bad bout kartel suh weh yuh deh pon star, but since yuh ah bring hup im name im musick iz kno good bicaz im sing tuu much slackness inna fi im sang. yes he iz good but tuu much badwud im sing talk bout buddy an pum pum

      • agreed

      • Yes it’s not only him with the slackness. Most of the dancehall artists do it. I don’t think it’s necessary at all.

      • KaribbeanKing4Lyfe

        no mon, ah kartel dweet a lot in his sang while di odda artistes sing bout gunn an lick hout bwoy teet ar sumting an nat bout ooman private parts an how im put fi im buddy inna it, dats nat dancehall/reggae musick enuh. it change an need fi guh bac tu itz roots

      • Totally agree too much SMUT…

  5. KaribbeanKing4Lyfe

    jah kno star, tuu bad mi miss di event enuh, cho. tings like diss stage sho yah mi kno like tu miss an mi bex bout it. nex time mi gwain git mi plane ticket an c u m ah yaad an nuh miss dis sing ting agen.

  6. Ninja and Ioctane had de boss

  7. “The biggest disappointment of the night was Alkaline”…no surprises here, devil haffi levelll !!!

    • KaribbeanKing4Lyfe

      ah weh di bwoy duh wid fi im yeye star, evry time mi si im inna di star newspaper ova yah inna amerika weh dem sell it inna di stores mi fraid tu look pon im face bicaz ah duppy im look like wid dat yeye. I wonda if im practice obeah ar sumting, ah weh wrang wid im.