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Drake Blames Chris Brown For Rihanna Breakup

Drake is heartbroken over his split with his on-again off-again girlfriend Rihanna. But according to new reports, the “Started From The Bottom” rapper is blaming Chris Brown for the split.

The “Diamonds” hitmaker and Drake rekindled their old flame earlier this year but it only lasted a few months after Rihanna abruptly gave Drizzy the marching orders.

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Sources close to the Bajan pop beauty told Urban Islandz that Drake is blaming Chris Brown for the split because he thinks he ruined her self-esteem.

“Drake thinks Robyn has a lot of self-esteem issues and he blame Chris for that,” the source told us. “He feels like she is afraid of a commitment because of her trust and self-esteem issues. But she is one of the most confident gals I know so none of us really believe that. Drizzy acting like a bitter ex.”

The source also told us that Drake is head over heels over Rihanna and he just can’t stop himself from falling in love with her.

Meanwhile there are already speculations that Rihanna and Chris Brown could get back together since Breezy is now a free man.

Just last week fans caught the “Loyal” singer liking several photos of Rihanna on Instagram.

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  2. They are not getting back together because chris is starting to realize how much he should love karrueche because of her being so supportive and being a loyal girlfriend

  3. No Disrespect to Rihanna, cause I love her. But why are these two still fighting over this trick?!She’s done. Who hasnt she dated. I’ve seen so much of her body online that it feels like I hit it too. Overall, rap is funny. rnb is funny, im done lol. It reminds me of this book called ” Flows: Verses That Count”. That basically points out key traits why most ‘top arttist’ right now are on top.. If you thought songwriting isnt scary and embedded with marketing tactics, wait till you read this , here’s the link : [ alltheseflows. co / modernrap ] take out the spaces.

  4. Pretty Pisces Rule!

    @chocolate, how can he date someone and fall for them, when he loves someone
    else. Rhianna was with Drake, and was hurt when it ended, so you have to ask
    yourself what did Drake do? Rhianna is not back with CB, so leave him out of this.
    Rhianna was flying back and forth to Europe to be with Drake, and wanted to spend
    more time with him when he came home. He called her needy and hurt her feelings,
    so why is he down in the dumps. He wanted to break it off with her and be friends.
    She avoided his phone calls, because she didn’t want to end it. So why is he
    so hurt and regretting the break up now? Because he knows he MESSED UP and
    lost her, and he need to stop crying about it, and go get his girl back. Rhianna
    don’t want CB. Drake said things to her to make her believe they had a future
    together. So he need to leave the THOTS alone and go get his woman and
    commit to her this time. You can’t say a man need to be with another woman who
    will love him. Rhianna and Drake were together for 5 years on/off, more on than
    off. Once he got her he couldn’t commit to her the way she wanted him to. He
    need to swallow his pride, check his ego at the door and go get his girl. that’s why
    she went to summer jams to see him, not Nikki Minaj but to feel him out, they said
    she kept smiling at him and he was stone faced. Stop tripping and get your girl
    back DAMN!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hey Pretty Pisces Rule, I know for a fact that none of those stories you have just repeated are true. Rihanna and Drake are still very much a couple. They will be sharing some good news when they are ready. Don’t believe the hype.

  5. trynabeperfectbutnot

    Love Chris, Drake, and Rihanna. But everyone really need to STOP bring up Chris beating rihanna because it’s old he was young and dumb. People do stupid things. If u can’t forgive and move on then u need help 2.

  6. Uh too bad Rihanna doesn’t even have an instagram page anymore, so exactly what pics of hers was he liking? Ppl always making up stuff and running with it and readers believe the nonsense

  7. I don’t think Chris and Rihanna will be good together. They should move on with their lives with other partners…

  8. This story is so not true! Drake and Rihanna are still dating … just keeping the relationship quiet. They will have some good news to share shortly. Just leave them alone.

  9. Liars u urbanislandz want to bring back the triangle again just say it!
    Ya’ll think rihanna is so beautiful to be flighted for. Chris is happy
    with his girlfriend and rihanna will be happy with another man oneday
    who will respect her and care for but not with chris ( he’s crazy)
    Drake should follow nd a woman who will love him eg:Jhene aiko,
    Tinashe, Nicki minaj or any girl out there coz he’ll be wasting
    his tym waiting for rihanna to give him a signal!!
    They are both very matured people 28, 26, 25 they are not suppose to be
    listening to other people giving them advises they can do it by themselves
    n should stop acting like small kids coz they are embarrassing themselves
    but they think they luk cul on it. If they wont take action now they
    will both end up alone witj no one on one their side.

  10. I don’t agree with men beating women but Rihanna did kinda of ask for it and besides I think she likes it she did make a song called S&M.

  11. They need Dorothy to her them down the yellow brick
    Chris needs a brain
    Rihanna needs a heart
    Drake needs courage

  12. Reminds me of Katt William’s stand-up routine….

  13. Rihanna only want Chris Brown and Drake should have known that from the start. Rihanna only wanted to smash you Drizzy but her heart belong to Breezy.

    • Blah blah blah how do u know did she tell u or u know can read ppls minds.
      Grow up n start writing things which ae matured and meaningful@Yardie. Tbh GET A LIFE!!!!!

  14. Chris Brown is a fool and a craven coward. No man made him beat up that poor girl. What he did to RiRi’s face is on him, not Drake.
    Yeah…are we to seriously believe a woman who has a net worth of over $100 million USD has self-esteem issues?! GTFOH with that BS.
    Chris Brown should man up and fade into obscurity. The world doesn’t need any more women-beaters.

    • Yea because women have the right to beat the hell out of us huh?? GTFO….. Ri gave as good as she got idiot, raise your fists to a man and this is what happens.. Given I wouldn’t have reacted in the same way, but then again I’ve never been in his position either…

      • Well bredda mi did dehyah inna him position, and mi neva beat a woman. If yuh let woman beat yuh, yah p***y, and if yuh beat har yah even greata p***y. My point a view… Bun woman beata dem!

      • As strange as this may seem to you, I have to agree with most of what you’re saying.

        Dayaaam! That’s the hardest thing I ever had to write on UI. Don’t make me do it again!

      • Lmao, well bredda we had to agree pon sumpn inna this yah universe. Respect zeen.

      • Yeah! I suppose it had to happen sometime.


      • You sound like a woman’s beating stick. Lol

      • And yuh sound like Mavado beating stick p****hole name Starbwoy, ah dat yuh is a bwoy. Chuck back inna yuh madda frock. Grown man a talk roun yah so.

      • Being a bum without a job more like it who let you on the computer.

      • Yuh madda let me pon it and inna it… Stop trace mi…

      • You’re the one arguing lol

      • Yea thanks dude, its like the inconvenient truth type sh.. Females are 50% more aggressive than their past Generations, getting way stronger, they fighting with us as battle buddies on the front line an DAMN good woman hold their own so well…. Me personally, I’d walk if I was hit (As I have before), but if I was cornered, had no choice but to survive, someone getting toetagged….

      • We are men! We are in control of our own emotions. Did Jay-z pummel Solange in that now famous elevator clip? Why is that? Because real men don’t beat down women!

      • Jay Z ain’t a real man either cause he hit a girl too. Don’t be a hypocrite

      • Yeah, rrrright! How much time did Jay-Z do for this supposed assault? Is he still on probation? What did his victim look like after Jay-Z mashed her face with the palm of his hand?

        Ghost! Get real, dude. You’re trying to compare Lamborghinis with Honda Civics…it just ain’t going to work!

      • It’s okay to ride Jay-Z’s d**k bro. Congrats on kissing his ass. Carry on

      • Try to be fair, ghost!
        I’m not asking you to do the impossible, am I?
        Let’s do something simple like… you post a sample of Jay-Z’s work, and I’ll post Chris Brown’s.

        Here’s a sample of Chris Brown’s work!

      • Ziggy, u guys gonna kill me. WTF, LMFAOOOO …

      • ghost says Jay-Z hit a girl too. I want to see if Jay-Z can roll like Chris “I’m such a p**sy” Brown. I’m betting that he can’t…

      • I was shocked when I read his post to you. I must say I laugh so much my belly hurt. Didn’t know you and Jay Z go like that…LOL forgive me ZIG.

      • Anyway he ain’t coming back with s–t. He can’t find that on Jay period.

      • If a woman was a serious danger to your life what would you do?

      • Statistically, women are more likely to poison your A S S than to bring violence to your face. For that there is little or no defense. I have an older sister who likes to use my midsection as her personal punching bag, and I allow her to. You know when she stops punching it? Yup! That’s right! When her hands start to hurt. It makes me laugh every time! My point is they’re weak, we’re strong.

        But to answer your hypothetical question, there’s not much you can do if someone, male or female is determined to take your life. The best one can do is not allow things to escalate to a point where a woman wants to take your life, or do serious harm to you.

      • That’s why am a starboy women would never step to me because of my demeanor they only can respect me.