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Vybz Kartel Says He Is Not Changing Name To Addi Innocent

Vybz Kartel has been releasing a slew of new singles under the moniker Addi Innocent, which prompt fans to speculate on whether he is doing a name change or not.

But the name Vybz Kartel is here to stay. A rep for the incarcerated dancehall star told Urban Islandz that he is not changing his stage name.

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“The name Addi Innocent is just a moniker we took on after the injustice handed down in the Supreme Court, because the world know that Adidja Palmer, aka Addi, is an innocent man sent to prison by the Jamaica injustice system” the rep told us. “Addi Innocent is more like an alter ego.”

“Vybz Kartel is an iconic name in dancehall so that will not change,” the rep added.

Since his incarceration in April, Vybz Kartel has released a slew of new singles with the moniker Addi Innocent including “Road To Paradise,” “Can’t Call This A Love Song,” “Downtown Kingston,” and a new gospel song “Ordinary Servant.”

The acclaim dancehall star has also released a new album Reggae Love Songs on June 3.

Kartel, born Adidja Palmer, is currently serving a life sentence in a maximum security prison after being convicted for the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams on March 16.

He will be eligible for parole in 35 years when is is age 73.

The self-proclaim Worl’Boss and his three co-convicts have filed an appeal in the Jamaican Court of Appeal to have the conviction overturn.


  1. Even in da states it’s hard for ppl to get off on a appeal especially in a high profile murder case..Question, so why would kartel’s frenz/family go through so much trouble to pay a juror for a NOT GUILTY VERDICT, dat nuh mek nuh sense??? An dem mek di same juror get charge fi it now, like what he did wid gaza slim & Pimpin an mix dem up inna him f–kry..There’s a 98% chance he won’t get the appeal, it’s hard to get a appeal in da U.S neva mind in Jamaica..lol

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        Amber you say you are a civil rights advocate and you preach about people calling people names yet you name call also set an example for us then and be a good leader. Your not the only one who sorry for Vybz we all have our opinions yes but the fact remains he got caught up in some serious business.

      • Amber Kitty Palmer

        whaaaaaat??? Now you don’t like name calling….LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! @ your perpetual celibacy.

        Can you read ‘scholar”? , please beg for a tuition refund so your illiterate lawyering doesnt ruin someones chance at freedom.
        I did not start the name calling, ask someone to read aloud the messages and see. I presented facts and here’s another one:

        You can’t tell stoopid people anything, because then they start name calling.

        carry on jester………………………..

      • jackie stephenson

        no actually i was referring to you being a hypocrite it is what it is at the end of the day nothing you say will make a criminal walk the streets

      • Amber Kitty Palmer

        I concur, especially when people who cant read become lawyers and subsequently judges who corrupt the system.

      • “You can’t tell stoopid people anything, because then they start name calling.”

        So, it’s OK for you to name call, but when others do it they’re immediately labeled as being stooopid?! WTF?!
        Hypocrisy appears to be one of your strengths, and not one of your weaknesses!

      • Amber Kitty Palmer

        Dum….mies…and a whole page full of them. The name calling started with one of the trolls on this page, not me, Are you blind and stoopid? judging from the little minds I see here I am not shocked that no one else pick up on that.

      • You’re behaving like a petulant child, Amber! People read your posts, don’t agree with them, call you on the reams of BS you’re spewing, and instead of dealing with them in a dignified manner, you stomp your feet, and flail your arms in a fit of anger. Then label anyone who doesn’t agree with your madness, trolls.
        I tried being polite with you, but you don’t know how to act in polite company. You like to argue, fuss and fight. By asking me if I am blind as well as stooopid has definitely put me in the mood to oblige you.

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    This is an electric blanket post…..Thanks for all the shout outs!!! This was fun. I saw all the ignorant posts when I tuned in so that’s why I stooped to this level of uselss banter from trolls…Name calling?!? Really?!? shows how far an elementary school education get you…They say “dont argue wit fools because people from afar can’t tell who’s who” so on that note back to my Throne, Much love you footstools!! Read a book.

    Addi a di Daddy!!!
    GAZA 2015!!!
    …and whatever slogans they say

    Much Blessings to the Mr. Palmer fans and foes

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      • Yes, just about lol

      • Amber, what are you really saying? Is it that if there is video evidence of a murder there can be reasonable doubt?
        To me it does matter how great the justice system in JA is a video is a video!
        For gods sake he try left the island like in harder they come!
        Why and how can u defend someone after watching that video?
        Suppose it was your son he kill?
        Would you still bawl free kartel?
        The man wanted to be a gangster!
        And now he is paying the price!

      • jackie stephenson

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      • How dare you attack Amber’s massive Kitty with the known facts! Don’t you know she lives in a dreamworld where the rights of murderers supersedes the rights of their victims?
        In her dreamworld, Kartel has been nominated for the Noble Peace Prize. In her dreamworld, Adidja Palmer is treated like the second coming of Christ…sent here to impose peace, happiness, and prosperity upon us lowly humans.
        Please, Sir. Stop what you’re doing and leave Amber’s massive kitty to her own personal devices…her batteries will eventually run out.

      • One day she will get it zig, she must be young!

      • I believe it’ll be 35 odd years before she really gets it, and by that time she and Kartel will be too old to give it a try, or too old to care. She should take your advice and move on with her life, starting today!

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      • Ross Margarette

        Boy you hate kartel man are going to be pissed when he wins his appeal

      • the thing whoever problem child is that person should also be accountable for what happen to lizard .Cuz he was lik puppet master behind kartel making him actually goin thru wit everything .The video was loud and clear i heard kartel voice and saw him at the end of video .Now its goin to be hard to prove that nah you pon the video wen there is a picture of him wear the same thing white tshirt as saw in the video .I think kartel got caught up living a life that he wasn’t really about and now he is facing it .He is still mi artist no matter what .I rate as one of the top deejays in dancehall .I wished he had thought before actually doing this crime .yafeel me .

      • but when you living the gangsta lifestyle you have to expect that will happen to you .Aint no one untouchable in this world .Lizard was wrong to steal something that nah belong to him .What he should of have done is got back the gun dem or pay bac for the gun dem . He had time to go and get back the gun days before he was killed .

      • jackie stephenson

        Lizard neva thief nothing both lizard and him umbri dem were gun storage men and so was Shawn Storm as well as that lying thief way name Lamar Chow or cow. The 2 guns were given to Lizard for storage under Shawn Storm lock and key by the time Lizard dem turn round and say what this someone else come in and thief the gun them. Remember it was a recycle of criminals

      • oo i thought lizard and them sold the guns ,

      • jackie stephenson

        no dear dem have some man dem way love thief gun an thats what happened to lizard they dont even know who did thief it. The guy was afraid of vybz dem why would he sell the guns in the first place and then cant find who to buy dem back from

      • Better than no education at all …

      • Amber, education is the key to life, for real but I have argued with people on this site that don’t think so. They believe everyone can be artists and business owners. What a world that would be…lol

      • jackie stephenson

        Gloria you are smart and intelligent Amber’s idea of education is different than that of a real world I know she knows better she just wants to be an ass. But all those dirty songs that her friend sang is what helped to nail him and judge him although he had some good tunes but people look at the bad first. And for her to even say free worl boss a convicted murderer at that who yes did get an unfair trial it shows what level mentality and education she is at, so please people I beg of you do not support trolls.

        You want your loved ones to be kept safe if you really love them. Normal people when they see trouble they run not keep up antics an pride and show off like dem benz and pitbull that turn around and bite you. Ask yourself why do some dogs bite their own owners?

      • Jackie, talking about trolls on these UI sites that argue with me that education is a waste. Ziggy know them too. I read Amber posts I am not liking or disliking them. She is entitled to her opinions.

      • jackie stephenson

        But Amber is like a bot havent you notice like he/she isnt real its like a bot that comes in and repeats the same thing over and over again and a call people footstool.

      • Yes she is entitled to her opinion but she carry on like she’s educated but clearly she is not!
        Ok, I called her a groupie cause she is quite rude too. Why is it if someone believe kartel guilty and they don’t u get abuse?
        Groupie tactics that!
        Amber probably is a nice person, bit misguided tho!

      • She surely mad about Kartel downfall…not everyone gonna feel the same way about Kartel. I say he’s dam talented and should never be sitting where he is. I wish he had change his path Long long time.

      • jackie stephenson

        Yes Gloria thats why me is so mad and all up in a Kartel business because he is multi talented he shouldnt be behind bars rayy neither shawn storm ray talent gone a jail fi life I hope they can win their appeal and smarten the phuck up. kartel story come in like oj simpson story.

      • jackie stephenson

        Bay cut the crap Amber is not a nice person at all no nice person wants a convicted murderer out on the road fi do what come kill we and yes there are innocent people behind bars

      • I have read Amber posts, and I think everyone is entitled to their opinions. It’s plain to see she is upset with Kartel’s downfall. We will see what happen with his appeal. Just wish he had change the path he took years ago…

      • lol!!! They say “dont argue wit fools because people from afar can’t tell who’s
        who” so on that note back to my Throne, Much love you footstools!!
        Read a book

      • jackie stephenson

        its 2049 and it doesnt neccessarily mean that he will get out he got life baby, we will hear how his appeal goes

      • What about the 3 years on remand! That’s part of his 35

      • jackie stephenson

        wake up bay they going to nail him he still has other charges coming up

      • Yeah. I know he’s not coming out, it’s a joke!!

      • jackie stephenson

        but never say never it all depends on his appeal apart from that he has no hope

  6. jackie stephenson

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  9. Amber Kitty Palmer

    I can’t respond to all the stupidity that I see so warm up under this blanket post….It’s so funny how ignorant people must resort to name calling when the truth is they are too stupid to keep up with the discussion……step your intelligent game and then respond to me.

    For the clown cocky sucker who dared type the word “groupie” as related to me…..get out your dictionary for this one you career ass licker….I am a Civil Rights Advocate you lame . Not once did my intelligent posts state anything groupie related. No name calling, only facts, but underdeveloped people can’t recognize.

    Carry on footstool…..

    • Errrrr!?! You would add more credibility to your argument if you didn’t use the name and image of a convicted murderer while posting.
      If you are what you claim to be (a Civil Rights Advocate) then you’re defending the wrong person. A man is dead. There’s a family who would like to bury a body, or at least know for certain what happened to their loved one. What say you about their rights?

    • jackie stephenson

      Amber with all due respect to your mind civil rights is malcom x, martin luther king, rosa parks

      • See weh me a say? Lol

      • jackie stephenson

        yes i do go watch that video tommy lee sparta just did with winford for onstage here tommy bout hm a uncle demon he is up on charges for lottery scamming he is in court in july

      • Yeah seen it, him say him evil, but it was him bawling like pickney

      • jackie stephenson

        not that one the most recent and they show his new video call dream.

      • That’s the one I’m talking bout, when he say kartel can’t send no guy fe bad him up ca him evil.
        Brand new vid, see it today

      • jackie stephenson

        ok ya then bout kartel know him evil and him a satan wid the bill wtf

      • Amber Kitty Palmer

        With no respect to yours, how about you pull out your Basic Law 101 books and look up Civil Rights and some Civil Right Case law and see if you see Malcolm X, MLK, or Rosa Parks, then report it to the class……..

        I hope that you are not paying for this education you speak of. That would be money better spent on some tats and make up for you.

        Carry on…….

      • jackie stephenson

        u r as wacked as they come go and preach outside your precious kartels jail cell btw dnr to this click u r a waste u set in a u ways and gul says to run away before dem send man to come get u thats what he said and ray ray

      • Amber Kitty Palmer

        Wow, we were typing in english a minute ago “scholar”…boy o boy…your clients are in trouble.

      • jackie stephenson

        ur so funny man

    • An one more ting, u do act like a groupie, met kartel have u?

      I suggest u find yourself a man an settle down ca him nah come out till 70’s.

      • ROTFLMFAO!

      • jackie stephenson

        People like Amber makes it harder for anyone to have a little bit of compassion for kartel cause it come in like she condone violence or evil doing what kind of a civil right advocate put up with such slackness. This is no slap a kid on the wrist charge these are serious charges and allegations.

      • Amber Kitty Palmer

        Thanks for the suggestion…footstool

      • Your welcome amber, but you never answered my question, what are you saying??

      • Amber Kitty Palmer

        Can you read? What im saying, has been said.

      • Maybe she will wait like shorty…

      • Shorty nah wait. Lol

      • That’s what she said. But me no think so, we will def hear.

      • jackie stephenson

        Both you can Gloria wake up shorty already has a kid for another man from 2011 when Vybz first gone jail he was even mad about it. He thinks its ok for him to sleep around and have nuff woman but she shouldnt

      • jackie stephenson

        And Beenie man ex man D’ angel did go breed fi either buju or bounty killer son

      • Damn she the only woman in JA?! She must be very skilled then. Roflmao

      • jackie stephenson

        go watch the you tube video vybz kartel manchester fiesta 2010 watch the whole thing you can believe in it vybz a freestyle say him ready fi go jail fi 30 yrs? And this was in 2010 everything him sing bout is a true story

      • They say be careful what u wish for, or put out in the atmosphere…

      • jackie stephenson

        me cant believe it i just watch the video first time today

  10. jackie stephenson

    women you can have sex without getting pregnant and if you are a groupie a follow and entertainer and a bone him make sure your child proof cause all him want a pum pum nothing else

  11. Amber Kitty Palmer

    us Pray….Father GOD, please Bless and keep Mr. Palmer, his family,
    and those who love them, in your sight. Please release the chains of
    injustice from all of our lives and make our opressors our servants.
    Please hear this prayer GOD so that we may rejoice and tell the world
    that you are GOD. Amen

    • I’m going to have to call BS on this one. Please feel free to correct me if you find any of the following to be untrue.

      Adidja Palmer was blessed with the skills to generate a great deal of wealth through his musical talent. He is now worth an estimated $3 million USD. His family has benefited and will continue to benefit from these blessings.

      Your Bible is very clear about what happens when one breaks any of God’s commandments. The wages of sin is death.

      How dare you say a prayer for someone as guilty and wicked as Adidja Palmer? He broke one of God’s top commandments, and it is for that reason he now has to suffer. Why do you, a religious person, feel the need to spare Kartel from God’s wrath? Do you know something about Adidja Palmer that God doesn’t know?

      • Amber Kitty Palmer

        ah…ah.ahhhhh……… “allegedly” get it right.. No body, no weapon, no DNA, botched investigation, corrupt government, no warrants…..so “allegedly”..

        Let us Pray……..

      • C’mon, now…you’re not being honest with yourself. A 35-year to life sentence is not handed out based solely on allegations. It’s concrete evidence that has Kartel behind bars. Don’t fool yourself into believing otherwise.

        A prayer?! Sure…how about this one?

        “Because you did not serve the Lord your God with joyfulness and gladness of heart, because of the abundance of all things, therefore you shall serve your enemies whom the Lord will send against you, in hunger and thirst, in nakedness, and lacking everything. And he will put a yoke of iron on your neck until he has destroyed you.” -Deuteronomy 28:47-48

      • Amber Kitty Palmer

        Lol…don’t be fooled into thinking that man got 35 years based on concrete evidence. If they had concrete evidence he would have been arrested for murder not weed. Judges decisions are not always right……hence appeals…and they too, especially the Jamaican ones can be bought and are certainly corrupt.

      • Adidja Palmer knew that all too well, it’s the reason behind
        the ‘why’ he tried and failed pathetically to tamper with
        the jury.
        Hopefully, he doesn’t drag down Vanessa in that pile of cow dung he’s sitting in right now!

      • Amber Kitty Palmer

        Well at least we are on the same page and know and acknowledge the
        corrupt Judaical system that put him in that dung hole. Now we are
        back to the “allegedly” again, when we talk about the juror tampering,
        another ploy by a corrupt system that we all have acknowledged.

        since I’m playing Adidjah advocate, even if he did tamper with the
        jury, it wasn’t a bad idea considering what he was facing.

      • Wow! Amber, we’re not even reading from the same book, much less from the same page. Adidja Palmer has no one to blame for his predicament but himself. I can’t wait until Livingston Cain’s trial and he is made to explain where the money was coming from to bribe several jurors and the jury foreman in Kartel’s murder trial.

        Another thing, Amber. Innocent men do not attempt to pervert the course of justice through bribery, deceit, or coercion. It’s usually the ‘guilty as sin’ who engage in such ridiculously stupid and wholly aberrant behavior.

      • jackie stephenson

        Vanessa deserves whats coming to her remember gaza was and is a gang of people committing crime doing drugs and selling guns. You cant tell me for a sec that she didnt know all that was taking place and to top it off a tell lie on a so called dead man bout him rob her how low can she go. Whether she was boning kartel or not she make her bed in August she will find out what kind of bed she can sleep in.

      • Hi Jackie, u get me for feeling sorry for Vanessa, but most of your posts u so sorry for Storm who was supposedly doing so much wrong in the Gaza gang…explain why he is different.

      • jackie stephenson

        I understand how you feel about Vanessa trust me I do but my problem with her is that she knew gaza was a gang into drugs and guns. Everyone makes mistakes yes no one is perfect but for me Shawn is innocent and shouldnt have gotten so much time 25 years thats over the hill. Yes he store gun and ray ray but since they wanna get rid of anyone affiliated with Kartel then Vanessa needs to go down also.

      • If that’s the case storm was probably much more involved than u might think. He also knew it was a gang and what they were doing. I still feel it for them. And can’t understand why Kartel with all his talent was so involved with gang activities.

      • jackie stephenson

        I know thats the part thats killing me they all knew and they were super talented its not that often we get chances like that. You see how Ninjaman was charged for murder in 2009 and has been out on bail ever since he is suppose to go to trial later this year. They been having problems with jury selection for years thats why.

      • Yes, I wonder how that’s gonna go. I can’t understand what’s going on with them. Years ago JA artists never get involved like some of these artists.

      • jackie stephenson

        gloria some people who get famous and get a little bit a money sometimes cant handled it they feel self-entitled everytime him give shorty bun his reasoning was that lots of women were always after him and he didnt know what to do but give them love. Thats a man who is foolish and has no sense when it comes to business and pleasure

      • Don’t get me for this, I know beauty is skin deep they say. But if me a man, me no want shorty. No way no how. Kartel before messing with his face was ok.

      • jackie stephenson

        i hear u an i respect that she isnt attractive at all but it is what it is she has his 3 kids and one jacket. He should have known better I cant stop chat bout this cant me just cant believe him make this catch him. Today they are spreading rumours bout him hang himself in his cell what a shame those police are so corrupt

      • That’s terrible, JA police is no good from long time. I don’t think Kartel can do his sentence. It must be hard to do all those years with hard labour.

      • jackie stephenson

        Lady Gloria me a tell you if him no win his appeal dog nam him supper. He is actually worth 5.5 million dollar us and he give it all up to sleep on tough concrete and to clean toilet a prison imagine that

      • My dear, that’s why it’s so very important to be a leader, and not a follower. Also to surround yourself with people to uplift you not drag u down. I am a woman that if you r my friend and I don’t like your actions I keep you at a distance then BYE.

      • Gloria, he was the leader of the gang that’s why his sentence was the stiffest, kartel never follow no body

      • jackie stephenson

        Bay he follow problem child and all the corrupt people and make them mess up his life although he should have been in control of his own life. Have you really sat down and listened to the voice notes its like Vybz pauses at times and contemplates and really sits there listening to problem child and his bag a filth

      • Yeah I did, and kartel was saying days b4 that if they never bring back the shoes him a go kill dem an dash wey dem momma!
        What kinda man would kill dem momma?

      • jackie stephenson

        well explain it all to your bot friend amber in plain old english make her stop her nonsense talk fi free him

      • jackie stephenson

        The sad part is kartels mom was all for him but his father wasnt into his slackness at all he was a strict man you see until now him no talk. But the mother after the sentence said she was only expecting him to get 10 to 15 yrs not 35 yrs what kind of nonsense talk is that. That simple mean say she the mother know something

      • When I say being a leader, I mean lead yourself taking the right path. We all know wrong from right. I tell my kids be a leader not a follower. And I am a very proud mother with very smart kids they are not criminals. As for Kartel didn’t he listen to problem child, and get in this problem he is in.

      • No he didn’t, is him call problem child fe deal with the case!

      • Oh, me see. It’s so sad to see such talent go to waste. I must admit I am not a dancehall fan. My kids are thou

      • jackie stephenson

        Listen to the voice note again and again it doesnt matter who call who problem child is the instigator a tell vybz fi dash way a man if him no get him something them back. Nowhere in it does problem child say yes vybz me a go dash way a man fi you. Him problem child a tell vybz what to do and at one point problem is the one who call vybz a pinch him an a try set him up to such foolishness. A good friend would call and say sensible things not him a poor nonsense fart him a tell vybz who a listen. He never call problem for advise problem call him fi fass and find out what vybz is going to do about shawn who was suppose to be in charge

      • Thanks for that one, jackie! I needed that swift kick in the head. Now that you’ve beat some sense into me with the facts, I’ve completely changed my mind about Vanessa. She does owe a debt to society. Hopefully, that debt will come in the form of three years hard labor!

      • jackie stephenson

        Clearly she is delusional she doesnt want to face facts that he is a career criminal.

      • She will never admit her idol is anything but her savior. I just want her to face the fact that he’s a convicted murderer. I doubt she can deal with the fact(s) Kartel and his crew viciously assaulted ninjaman in ’03, ordered the beating of a woman (the artist formerly known as Gaza Kim) back in 2010, was charged with Mr. Burton’s murder in 2011, and went to trial in 2013 for murdering Clive Williams and now sits in a penitentiary waiting for a man to stick him with something long and sharp.
        If someone could just grab Amber by the scuff of her neck and rub her nose in the pile of chit which is Adidja Palmer, then maybe she might catch a whiff of something rotting!

      • jackie stephenson

        Ninjaman has 29 kids with 28 different women jus gross maybe thats why Vybz attack him cause he outdid him.

      • Wot tha f#CK, tha f#CK!?! 29 kids?! This man obviously has no idea what birth control is. I could understand the one, or two times, but what exactly did he tell the 25th, 26th, 27th, and 28th woman to make her open her legs and allow him to impregnate her? Plus, how dumb would the tenth, eleventh and twelfth woman have to be to lay down with such an indifferent man?

        That piece of knowledge has my mind completely blown.
        29 kids, 28 baby-mommas; let me think about this some more…

      • jackie stephenson

        Yap thats why we should do our research on here hahahhahaha if you dont believe me then keep googling ninja man till you find it its one thing he hasnt denied jus gross and movado has 5 with 5 different women.

      • I have no reason not to believe you, jackie. I trust what you say is true. I just can’t wrap my mind around one man having to deal with 28 baby-mamas, and 29 kids.
        I have a friend who has one child, and through his work, side business, wife, and going to school part-time he tells me he’s having a hard time finding the time to spend quality time with his one child.
        I think it’s unfair and totally selfish of ninjaman to father so many children without a thought as to who is going to raise them. Makes me wonder how his kids are really doing?!

      • jackie stephenson

        Vybz Kartel Has a young baby mother name Amanda she was around 18 when she breed for him the kid is around 4 or 5 now. Amanda post that they should free her man.

        When I saw it I laughed, then she repost that she knows she is sharing him but she dont care. Whats wrong with these girls are they wacked.

      • That behavior sounds cult-like to me. Then again, Kartel is worth over $3 million USD. Maybe her life plan is to stake a claim to a portion of his wealth.
        I know at this point in their relationship, it’s nearly impossible for her to wrap up with her man after a vigorous night of sex, and make him breakfast come morning. There’s really nothing to share except for his money…the body, and the cocky is in a state of permanent lock down.

      • jackie stephenson

        What do you think zig the man who use to sing homophobic tunes do you think him a tek cocky? All those little girls and women who breed for him are dumb shorty is the only sensible one but I dont even know how she put up with it. That other baby mother Amanda lives here in Canada I wonder if his estate is giving her any child support so foolish. And these songs he is releasing every week the people who are getting the money are the lawyers and the courts and the so called dead mans estate

      • Jackie, please stop! You’ve made me hit my head twice on my desk from laughing so damn hard. If man rush Kartel, he will have no choice but to take cocky. Once that happens, more men will be lining up to apply for the job.

        You mean to tell me that ninjaman has one of his 29 kids charged along side him for murder?! Wow! That’s incredible!
        I don’t know if I agree with your opinion that they hate Kartel more than ninjaman, though…court cases are built around having the best lawyer(s) on your team. They got OJ off on a double murder rap 20 years ago.

        If Kartel were to put a mil in an interest bearing account at let’s say 5% per annum, he could withdraw just under a grand a week and still have the principle untouched. There’s really no reason why he can’t support 4, or 5 kids on $50,000 a year.

      • jackie stephenson

        This is how you know they really hate Vybz, Ninjaman and his son were arrested for murder in 2009 he has been on bail from ever since and until this day he hasnt gone to trial yet each time they were suppose to go to trial they had problems with the jury but I think this fall he is suppose to go. But Gaza Slim no sorry fi she that whole portmore crew were gangs who intimidated other people. Are you serious Vybz is only worth 3 mill how the hell does he support those bag of kids then and babymothers lawd have mercy not to mention gaza

      • jackie stephenson

        lmfao you act like your a mean ass punk but your not you are like a hemmoroid and funny as hell

      • You’re being overly kind calling me a hemorrhoid, jackie. I liken myself to an inoperable metastasizing cancerous growth which has taken over the colon. The death of the patient is inevitable. Hemorrhoids are treatable, and curable. I am neither!

      • jackie stephenson

        hello daddy this is little addi hahahahahah lmao worl boss addi a di daddy teacha adidja palmer mr lover man mr breed up man lmao sorry fi him

  12. So no news about how Kartel and them doing in prison?

    • Yeah, dem a suffer lol

      • jackie stephenson

        They are not suffering they are better than me and you dem bread butter and slice with spice but I feel sorry for Shawn though

      • Shawn a him chargee, a him responsible fe de guns weh dem a send down a de gaza! If u love by de gun….,…,

      • jackie stephenson

        agree but for shawn the sentence was too stiff trust me they must really hate kartel bad and you know whats funny he is coming up on a charge in august. It will be interesting its the one where him and that ghetto rat girl vanessa lied to police bout the so called dead man rob she. I wanna know if problem child is in jail.

      • Storm get I too deep!
        And I can’t wait till August !
        But I agree, shawn never kill de man!

      • Think problem child is one of the other 2

      • jackie stephenson

        No he isnt the other 2 are mad suss who is andre st john and kahira jones i know what problem child looks like when they went to the house in havendale there were a lot of men there more than 6 and only what 4 or 5 got busted.

      • Ok, I was never sure on that!

    • jackie stephenson

      Go to GP and see how he is anyone can walk in if you so interested anyways he has another trial coming up in August you will see him then

    • Amber Kitty Palmer

      Check out Short Boss Muzic on Fb. That’s his baby mother page and she say she went to see him today.

  13. Amber Kitty Palmer

    It is so weird to see so much hate about Kartel here because I came to this site because I love him. I had to search his name to get to this article. If one searches for a persons current events, how then can they hate? Sounds like somebody who baby mother was singing “kartel come breed me” while playing with their kids.

    • jackie stephenson

      I dont hate him in fact I believe he got an unfair trial and I feel sorry for Shawn Storm but Vybz is no longer a kid he needs to put away childish behaviours and smarten he had it all and blew it and ruined other peoples lives also.

      • Amber Kitty Palmer

        I don’t know what he is guilty of except for being a man with a amazing talent, that had a huge following, and who made people jealous. No weapon, no DNA evidence, no body. They did not arrest him for murder, if they had evidence then they would have gotten a warrant to arrest him on murder. Instead, they lied and cheated and was able to get someone to say they smelled weed from a hotel room and the police come rushing in. He didn’t blow anything, Jamaica and its corruption blew it for him and themselves.
        Kartel was the best thing they had. I can’t think of any reason to go to Jamaica and it seems others and businesses feel the same. Useless ass government hating on itself.

      • What about the video and text evidence? Not once did kartel say it was not him! Instead he say someone use him phone! Text maybe but video?
        I personally think him guilty but not shawn storm but storm a run guns for kartel down a de gaza

      • jackie stephenson

        Ya Vybz is guilty of something but I am not so sure if its murder he is just plain foolish and cawkeye and Shawn I dont believe he is guilty at all in fact I think problem child hated Shawn so much he tried to set him up and talk bad about him also

      • U are probably right say problem child hate storm but storm responsible for the guns weh dem a send down a de gaza, which he give to the yute dem fe kill one another .
        That’s where u get the 100 murder from.
        Gaza v gully man a drop like fly!
        Nuff man did dead
        If you live by the gun shawn…….,..

      • jackie stephenson

        true so true and bad company and pride

      • Thanks for new info didn’t know. Wow

      • jackie stephenson

        Dont mess with crazy delusional people they just dont know and will never know cause they live under a rock. Those are the kinds that become so obsess that they will set a killer to get their mama and their papa their own flesh and blood. They must be on kartels payroll also, there is a line you draw he got an unfair treatment but me na swear fi him.

      • Me nah swear fe him neither

      • Amber Kitty Palmer

        Please pay attention…the video and text evidence should have never been received. The man was arrested for weed. They did not have permission to search his phone. If they thought he murdered someone, he would have been arrested for murder and the FACT is he was not.

      • You don’t know the law. They don’t need permission to search his phone. Without a lock code, they can and will glean any information they can get from his phone to help with their investigation. The judge allowed admissible evidence into court. That evidence just happened to have come off of Kartel’s phone.

        Many a crim has been arrested on a lesser charge only to find out in front of the judge that their charges have been upgraded, or additional charges filed against them.
        Fact…he may not have been originally arrested for murder, but he’s been found guilty of committing murder.

      • Amber Kitty Palmer

        Found guilty in a corrupt court, using illegal practices. sooo “alledegly ” guilty.The prosecutor had to ask permission to introduce the phone info because it was obtained illegally, and the corrupt judge granted it. Carry on……

      • The only corruption I saw going on in his trial was Kartel’s attempt at jury tampering, of which he will shortly stand trial for. AFAIK, the judge, or any lawyer connected with the case will not be facing any criminal charges. Do you know something different? If so, do tell!

      • Amber Kitty Palmer

        Hi,, yes he will stand trail for yet another ALLEGATION by the hands of the same corrupt system that has arrested him, took his bail money. and charged him with various other crimes…………on several different occasions…. in this lifetime….. only to get one to stick after violating his rights, not by real policing.

        Of course the representatives that you mention are not facing criminal charges, they are the criminal charge makers. To put it another way, they are not arresting themselves..

        But they are facing an appeal, which like an criminal case is an inquiry into the circumstances of a gross violation of a person. As you were………..

      • So ordinary people send dem kinda text, and record them kina video, eh?
        It was him in the video was it not, did he deny it? No
        It was his phone an the voice was his, was it not?
        The man keep it for a trophy!
        Ain’t even got sense to no keep evidence bout him self!
        So what if he can DJ
        Do u want killa walking pon street with decent people?
        An don’t nobody tell me he was good to the community ca giving yutes gun is not good! Give them hope instead!
        Bob Marley tek care of nuff an he never run round killing!
        Him free paper bun

      • Amber Kitty Palmer

        boy o boy..let’s try this again…..First of all they were not supposed to touch his phone for a weed arrest….are you with me?

        the corrupt police touch the phone, “allegedly” find evidence….but they were not supposed to…still there?

        The illegally obtained “evidence” is not supposed to be introduced at the trial..hello?

        A corrupt judge allowed it’s introduction anyway, even though it was not supposed to be introduced.

        Mr. Palmer did not deny the “evidence”, Mr. Palmer did not testify at all, he did plead not guilty.

        You can have your opinion about him, as do I, but just because you personally do not like a person, does not mean its okay for a corrupt system to violate their rights. If you don’t like someone, will you rejoice at his death? Why rejoice at an unlawful imprisonment. If the system would have done it right, and he was convicted, case closed. . The police, and the lawmakers,lied, cheated, and stole him from us…….are those the “decent people” that you want us to run around with? I am ROTFLMAO at that idea. Blessings to him and his family and fans on this glorious day!

      • Kartel knew the game was up that’s why he wanted to go Cuba fast!
        And if he wAs under suspicion for murder are you tell me they can’t search his phone for evidence !
        I know he claim police tamper with him phone but what did they really do? Did they photo shoot him in the video!
        The had digicel man testify say those text were made before police even had the phone, which was found on kartel!
        They used the weed arrest to take him down the station then came the new charges!
        I understand what your getting at but lt was kartel in the video, u can’t deny that can u! So why do you want him on road so bad?
        So he can make more tune?
        You know he did it!
        Yes u do!
        The Jamaican police ain’t used to these big trials
        But after watching the video how can u give him reasonable doubt?
        Apparently there’s a witness! Who was next on the list, remember that.
        Now if there was no phone records, no video, no voice notes, no witness who see Clive dead on the floor, then I might can understand weh u a say!
        How with all that evidence combined can u give him reasonable doubt.
        For god sake, he recorded the murder! Some of the pictures they could show cause they cut of Clive head.
        Wake up, stop acting like a groupie, u is a big woman I bet!

      • jackie stephenson

        kartel in prison an a bus tune every week so good fi him, not to mention the house was mysteriously set on fire and burnt down

      • jackie stephenson

        ya they had to arrest him fast for the weed while they were still investigating the murders someone had his number and someone set him up someone in his circle of friends cause someone pinch the police and said kartel smelled the rat and was planning on leaving jamaica

      • They didn’t need to grass cause Clive was texting him sister begging her to call the police because he knew he was in trouble an about to be killed! An that’s how the investigation started.

      • jackie stephenson

        No my dear that part was hogwash he was texting his so called girlfriend not sister and the girl say ok i will pray for you. No one even said if she ever did call police and why him never call police himself and why the fool jump in a di taxi wid shawn storm if him so fraid no make none of them fool you they were all in it and corrupt all of them doing illegal things. Everyone was sleeping with Vybz for a little bit of money.

      • Girlfriend, sister, all me know is me read the text dem

      • jackie stephenson

        Amber no man in life is perfect but please dont be fooled by men like Kartel he was very troubled, someone with massive tattoos not to mention tear drop which means a gang and disrespecting woman and their body parts all the time in songs is not a very good role model. A man who is sticking and poking his body part in and out of various women and getting plenty of them pregnant. I watched a video of him where he claimed to have slept with peoples mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, niece, grandaughter, cousin he said so right out of his mouth cause apparently someone was saying something about him and he claimed its cause he slept with all those family members above why. It

      • Amber Kitty Palmer

        Tattoos make you troubled? Is it that he is disrespecting women, OR are the women disrespecting themselves. Sperm makes babies, women choose to either let it happen or not,mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, niece, grandaughter, cousin… Has he been accused of rape? They wanted that sex. He is a great role model for all. A person who has a talent, used it to take care of himself and others, and has enough courage to be himself, I don’t see anything wrong with that.
        What is wrong is the people who are puppets and need a check so they do whatever they are told at the expense of innocent people.

      • jackie stephenson

        I see something wrong with you tattoos alone dont make one troubled but your man Vybz is troubled immensely bleach out face and ray ray I see you on Tanesha’s facebook page are you a groupie?

      • Amber Kitty Palmer

        Mr Palmer troubled immensely? Did they find that he was mentally unfit to stand trail? Now cosmetics and tattoos makes a person troubled? Guess the whole world is troubled then. Do you avoid those things and thus look like a man? I see that you have troubles. Why would you search out and post on page of a person you don’t like? What are you doing on Tanesha page while Bad mind her hubby? Are you Bipolar or Schizophrenic?
        Anyway bless all those with enough courage to be themselves.
        Blessings to Mr. Palmer, his family, friends, fans, and haters.

      • jackie stephenson

        dont put words in my mouth vybz is troubled but i ever said i dont like him but you need to face facts. I read about him cause obviously I have great interest with him and especially Shawn. Like I said he did get an unfair trial but the fact remains there are a lot of questions to be asked.

      • WTF GTFO WIT THAT SHYT. Listen your damn fool .So if you a cop is has tats your going share that same mentality that you have on kartel ?. I seen cops wit tats all over his arm does that make him some criminial ???? .Nope.These songs you talk about is what everyone is doing inside thier bedroom anyways .I could image how you would turn out to b an artist .Why are you in his business if the man fkd yo mudda ,grandmudda ,sista so what .Those tear drops that he has on his face are the friends he has lost .Craig denis and some next mans .

      • jackie stephenson

        next episode imagine being an old man with tats covered all over you. There is nothing wrong with tattoos, but keep it in moderation and keep em tasteful.

      • you make no sense . Cuz u said if someone has tatt they are touble so is that old lady trouble ? i dont tink so , your judging someone base of their looks .Maybe that old lady is killer just becasue she is old don’t make it that she cant be a killer right .Stop judge the man and watch your own life GAZA

      • jackie stephenson

        ya ur rigjt I dont need to judge vybz as he has already been judged

      • LMFAO!

      • nope he still has not been judge either . Cuz only JAH can judge . Your stupid simple minded person who will sell out their own kind .

      • Idiot! Did Kartel kill a rich white boy, or another poor ghetto youth? If this Jah of yours is the only judge, why is Adidja Palmer sitting in the penitentiary doing life? Did Jah put him there, or was it Justice Lennox Campbell??

        Speak now, idiot, or forever seal your dumb mouth shut!

      • jackie stephenson

        another delusional freak go bail him and break him out of jail then the youth was judged long before he went to jail. They been planning to down kartel a long time in the making thats why him get an unfair trial you freak him and movado were warned for years movado listen kartel didnt. Him make him bed now he is in it 12 by 8

      • mi hear what your saying but kartel also did listen to em .He stopped all gun chunes .Look back since the vado/gully beef did kartel make any gun chunes ? it was all gal chunes .Iknew the police was preein him and they did him dirty during the case and also the judge too .

      • jackie stephenson

        yes they did unfair and 35 years is harsh a wa dat man

      • That maybe true but he’s a gun runner an a don! He is responsible for many murders directly and indirectly!
        What’s more everyone knew it!
        He is the lowest of the low!
        Commiting genocide!
        Big man nearly 40, and had everything an him crave for power dun him!

      • jackie stephenson

        Mak why do you support violence I am not so sure vybz is guilty of murder as he did get an unfair trial but there are many videos out there of him speaking about harming people. Are those the kind of people you look up to? Even Vybz knows he is in a lot of trouble he cut his hair cause he says it looks more decent which is true and I know he has a lot of regrets in life.

      • i dont support violence at all . Your only looking at those videos where him and his friend dem a talk about stories about other people committing.Those are randomtalks. Kartel knows he fkd up and i kno he feels he shoulda focused more on music .Kartel is still my artist no matter what .GAZA

      • jackie stephenson

        me no care way nobody say problem child should a lock up him a set up instigator what kind a friend a call a friend a tell them fi kill somebody. And foo fool vybzs bite its sad so sad all around i hope he win his appeal and smarten the phuck up. Him and his crew use the music in a positive way.

      • that problem child was an informa .Why him nuh get charged too .Basically him also helped plan the thing as well.i hope so to but the video showed him styl .

      • jackie stephenson

        problem child has a song with beenie man i think either him or bounty they collaborated together his music career wasnt picking up at all as Shawn Storm and Vybz. Vybz is a hit maker Shawn was up and coming and problem child was just damn jealous him set them up. I wouldnt be surprise if he was on the police payroll.

    • LOL!

      I’ve got no love for murderers, gangsters, or thieves. Someone who will take the life of another over material objects deserves nothing from me but my scorn. To put that into perspective for you, Kartel murdered a man over the replacement costs of two guns. How much damage would that have done to his wallet if he simply purchased another two? I think as much damage as if I had to reach into my wallet and buy two cases of beer.

      Love whoever the f#ck you want to love…just don’t expect ‘thinking’ people to follow you!

      • Amber Kitty Palmer

        SO why are you searching for news about him?

      • Oh no! You just didn’t ask me that, did you??! (sheeeesh)

        I’m not sure if you noticed this or not, but Kartel is a train wreck. Generally, people don’t just breeze past a train wreck without bending their necks to get a better look at the carnage. If people could, they would get out of their cars and start snapping pics of the wreckage. Oh wait…they already do!

      • Amber Kitty Palmer

        Those people usually cause more traffic and drama aka “rubbernecking” when they should just keep on going where they were going and minding their business.

      • That’s true! Judging from what I’ve done to this comment section, you might as well call me, chaos!

      • Amber Kitty Palmer

        Lolol…I love it.

      • For real. You killing me…LOL

      • But you stay watching this so called train wreck . LOL get over yourself.

      • Yup! …and I’ll be right here up until the time he leaves the penitentiary in a pine box!

      • lool never know you might die first HA HA

      • I bet you’re dumb enough to bet $2500 USD that Kartel will outlive us all.

      • It will be Canadian dollars, we in US don’t want THAT here…

    • Love bob Marley , malcom x, Paul bogle, Marcus garvey, MLK, and all the greats who fought for our rights.
      Sorry but kartel an him bleaching was putting back black people with him gaza dis an dat!
      We should highlight our blackness
      Bounty killa

      • Highlight it how?

      • High light the black, it’s who we are long before kartel

      • I don’t know about you but long before Kartel people was bleaching. So does that mean you only date black chicks?

      • hey salena 😛

      • Only with the sisters yes. Beautiful and natural.

      • So what happens when she develops cancer, thyroid condition or auto immune disease that prevents her from wearing her real hair? So is that the time when you pull all your troops out? 🙂

        I could see it now:

        Jane Doe: ” But Bay hun I’m still that Afrocentric black fist pumping chick you fell in love with”!

        *Bay faces away from Jane*

        *With a clench fist says to Jane*

        Bay: “Me juss cyan deal with that thing inna your head”


      • Lol, I think I’m a bit old fashion when it come to my woman. I been with her 20 years, got 1 son an 2 girls. Married an ting! My woman is my heart Salena, I would always be there as long as she want me, but don’t get me wrong, I’m 41 and very happy!
        I don’t hate kartel yu no! It’s just that I have my son an me no wah him have dem kina influence in him life. I want him see the best of jam down!
        What happen to the music yo?
        Me remember wen dance nice!
        Is shooting an looting them a show the youth dem now.
        Is only chronixx a represent righta now.
        None of the artist who bun out funny guys can tour like sizzla an kartel”before jail”
        Why would u mash up your career like that, all they do is look u up pon utube an see weh u a say!
        I hope the next generation learn from this

      • Aww you’re sweet. I’m in my 20s lol. I just thought you were also. I also thought if you were the same age and you felt that way you’d have been very misguided. Look at me talking to a grown a** man lmao.

      • A sexy grown man. Lol

      • Lol if I say that people gon think I’m flirting. roflol

      • Where bouts are you anyway

      • In America. lol I’m Crucian. You know when I was growing up I listened to Patra, Shabba etc. I didn’t see anything wrong with the music. The music was fun. But I still heard about “Them a bleach” all the time.

        It seems like there’s more of a bleaching epidemic in JA though. When I lived in NYC. I had this Jcan friend. She went back home for a month. Came back a few shades lighter. Me and the other Caribbean people from Guyana, Haiti, etc. We were like “Ay how your skin gey so” !

        She told me what she used. I don’t think we thought anything of it. Like it didn’t click in that she was bleaching. I’m pretty sure her other JA friends knew though.

      • Yeah we heard it too in London England, but it was never popular then. Man dem was not having it!
        It’s the same era when dance was nice fe true! Wanna give u my email but how do I do that without certain people seeing?

      • Lol I don’t think that’s possible to do without people seeing it. Oh look you went ahead and made an account. lol But If you must know I’m very far from Afrocentric.I’m not high maintenance either lol.

      • my type of women lets get it

      • My type of girl! Lol

      • Aren’t you married anyways?! lol

      • Yeah, but it’s nice to talk lol, anyway your in foreign so I can’t do nothing lol

      • gwan suh

      • Wooooooo, somebody jealous

      • What do you mean by that? …you’re far from Afrocentric!?
        Are you white, or mixed, or what? One thing you must know about me before you answer that, there’s not a damn thing you could say to me that would change my opinion of you.

      • What opinion do you have of me before I answer that. lol

      • Wait boy, back of the line. Men come first….chu wait no bway. LMFAO

      • LMFAO, I think he want Glito to disappear

      • You seem like a very decent person.

      • What does that even mean lol

      • I think it’s pretty much self-explanatory. I’m’ confused now…which part of decent don’t you get?

      • While zig and gaza argue u can talk to the big man lol

      • Idk big man married lol 🙂

      • Yeah but me know how fe look after woman lol.

      • hes a lame

      • Whoa, puppy! Calm down.

      • wtf u talking about

      • Why do people laugh at GAZA Gitlo?
        Only GAZA Gitlo doesn’t understand why!

      • man shut up .

      • Boy, no!

      • Ziggy, you are killing me, I am crying. LMFAOOOO. He’s F—ing begging. WHIMP

      • listen here u fat peice of shyt . Go get a job and get off this site .You struggling in life .

      • Little scammer criminal, how you wish. Don’t need a job been there done that. I am IRIE but I could give u a job. Salena is a smart young lady. She no want u. U too ghetto gaza gully yute. Again tired to tell you I am not fat, wear a size 7/8. Bi-racial Syrian and Black dam beautiful JA woman height 5’6. Got it dumbbell. Yo your dam head hard as a dam rock.

      • jackie stephenson

        gotta love you funny as hell

      • Thanks Jackie, love u too girl. Been at it with this fu fu boy. Glad I made u laugh. We all need that.

      • jackie stephenson

        Ninjaman trial started April 7 actually this year I wonder how thats going. I was watching a video interview he did with wynford williams of onstage

      • Didn’t know it started already. Isn’t his son on trial too? What u think about his case. If it started then it’s over two months now.

      • jackie stephenson

        Its a sad damn shame I thought 29 kids would keep him busy and out of mix up

      • When you buy UI let me know that’s when I will leave this site.

      • Walk with your tail between your legs, now go and hide DEVIL…I command you…LOL

      • Oh no you didn’t just disrespect Gloria?! Wow! You’re very lucky that we’re in cyberspace and not sitting across a table from each other. I wouldn’t even hesitate for a second…your nose would be immediately broken with a well-placed punch to your idiotic face. Your ribs, chest, neck, and skull would absorb a relentless flurry of kicks before you slipped into unconsciousness. After you stopped twitching like a tazed moron, I would unzip my fly and empty my full bladder making sure to hit your mouth, eyes, nose, and ears with the stream!

      • THANKS Ziggy, lol

      • Funny thing…after reading his ignorant post again, the last four words reminded me of another cretinous aaaaahole. He went by the nym, outlaw. You know who I’m talking about?

        Yeah…you’re welcome. No need to thank me, though…when I see chit like what he wrote, that quote by Edmund Burke comes to mind;
        “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

      • I remember, I think they are much alike. Thought of the same thing. He’s not around much. I think this one will disappear too.

      • Yu wild mandem gunna start on yu den yu run weh lowe d thing

      • So wait youn 24 like you said?

      • i never said how old i was to u

      • I think you did and I said I was a year older than you.

      • That means come August, I’ll be four years older than you.

      • Are you a Virgo?

      • Hi salena, I think ziggy is a LEO. Let me tell u these two nights u had me dying with your groupies…gonna really miss it.

      • You’re so very correct, Gloria!

      • U were reading it too. roflmao

      • Oh yeah!

      • That Popcaan page too? Damn Zig don’t take all day typing. 🙂

      • I just read some of that BS Gitlo was talking to you about. What a low-class buffoon that boy is. He’s from Toronto, eh? That explains a lot. Canada’s riffraff and other assorted lowlifes call that city their home. Just to show you how dumb they are in T.O. last night three 18-year old boys tried to rob an armored truck. They managed to wound the driver before being caught by the police and arrested. This was their second try at robbing an armored car. The first time they failed miserably and left empty-handed. Would you believe if I told you they committed this crime in their own neighborhood? Yup! This is where Gitlo gets all his smarts from.

      • I thought he was Jcan? Maybe he relocated to Canada? Or are his parents Jcan but he was born in Canada? *shrugs shoulders*

      • We grow very strange creatures up in this Canadian soil, salena. They are born, schooled and raised in Canada, yet have thicker J’can accents than Shabba Ranks. I don’t even deal with those ignorant f#cktards. Real Jamaicans are not ignorant. The Jamaicans I roll with are all educated, well-mannered, and respectful, as well as respectable dignified people. Hooligans like Gitlo, I only read about in the news after they get caught robbing an armored car for the second time.

      • So what does a Black Canadian sound like? Do you speak french?

      • I speak it not as well as I should. I feel embarrassed when I do because I always butcher it. I spent most of my years living in Alberta. I recently moved back to Quebec to finish my degree.
        Denzel Washington does a great impression of a Black Canadian in his movie Man on Fire. That’s how most of us sound…I think!

      • I saw him and Robert Towsend butcher a Caribbean accent in ‘Mighty Quin’. 🙂 I will check that movie out. How did you came across this site?

      • Hahaha! I saw that movie too. He was brutal. His accent didn’t get any better in Malcolm X when he was speaking to West Indian Archie.

        Yeah…how did I come across this site?! I honestly don’t remember. If I had to gander a guess I would say it was probably an article about Kartel posted/linked in Google News.

        Why do you ask?

      • Whenever I hear an accent. I usually ask people are you_____? Some people think that it’s rude. I’m like who gives a syht. If you German you German. I just thought that you probably dated a Caribbean girl and she got you into the culture. *shrugs shoulders*

        I haven’t had anyone chewed me out for it yet. lol I felt like I almost came close. I met this lady. She wasn’t dress any particular way for me to infer that she was from Israel.
        Me: “Are you from Israel?”
        *she gives me a crazy look*
        Me sweating profusely thinking . I hope she isn’t from Palestine. lol
        Her son who was on the phone at the time.
        “How did you know?”
        Me:”I’m Caribbean and in my country we have different kinds of people”. “Some are from Israel and they look and sound like you”.

      • LOL! My parents listened to an eclectic blend of music while I was growing up. I was exposed to all of it, even country and western which I can’t stand to this day unless I’m partying at the Calgary Stampede. My high school sweetheart was Jamaican, but not your average one, that’s for sure. We first clicked when I heard The Black Crowes’ “She talks to Angels” coming out of her cheap pair of headphones. She noticed me grooving to the tune and the rest is history.

        Living in such a diverse city as Montreal I’ve learned to recognize so many accents from around the World. One accent I had to ask about was a white guy talking to a doorman in a strange French accent that I couldn’t place. I smiled when he told me he was from Tunisia.

        I stopped getting offended when people used to ask me where I’m from. I would tell them Canada, and they would ask where are your people from? I tell them Canada, and they persist with where did you come from originally? When I tell them about my father’s side of the family tree arriving here almost two-hundred years ago from the deep American South, they usually stop asking such inane questions. I must tell you though, the ones who ask the most are usually Black like me. I guess the white folks just assume I’m an immigrant.

      • Lol I would like to know more about your perceptions about the’average Jamacians’.

      • Come on Zig I’m still waiting……

      • Zig I’m still dying to know how average and below average Jamaicans move.(act) 🙂

      • The boy say him have him own business, and worked very hard to get where he is.

      • Selling drugs on a street corner ain’t much of a business in any country, Gloria. What other entrepreneur do you know who would waste time in here when they have a business to run?
        C’mon, Gloria…you really believe that whack of crap story?

      • I believe he is a scammer. The JA DJ that was caught in US with scamming money, he is in US custody now. I think his name is Wah Wah I believe. Well I posted that I hope he get a lot of years in Fed prison. He was very pissed at me he curse me out. I think that’s his so called business.

      • Him come from JA very young I think. Maybe the Ghetto.

      • Lol it was entertaining. I feel bad I had to lambaste ‘Glito’. 🙁

      • Don’t feel bad girl, I luv it. He needed it.

      • A wey me ago get me jokes now. Dam lol. And you could be on your way to Toronto Canada, u blew it girl.

      • Roflmao.I find myself rereading that Popcaan thread. That whole syht was funny as hell. Lol I know first class seats and everything. All the legroom I would ever need. In flight entertainment. Priority boarding even before that lady in the wheelchair. Shoot there’s even a bidet.
        Plane crash I’m the first one out. 🙂
        Keep those drinks coming my dear sir.

      • Lol u really drop the bomb girl. Your friend disappear. ;-(

      • I know I feel very bad about it. I know he won’t care to admit it. But I know for a fact that he enjoyed when I interacted with him. If I tell you guys how I know. You guys are really going to think I’m even more crazy. The thing is unlike some people I don’t like having to lambaste anyone. I don’t think it’s funny. Let’s say I die tomorrow the last thing I want to have done was make someone feel so small.

        This online syht is entertaining to me. People don’t understand how much these black text can hurt someone. I’m cool I’m strong. I don’t give a syht. I’m just very bummed about ‘Glito’. I don’t want to see anything bad happen to him.

      • Also he was following both of us, he don’t anymore. Lol

      • I know, he will be ok. He’s young he will change as he get older. I don’t take it to bed with me either, but I will answer when someone get disrespectful. Then I get over it. It’s stupid to take on some of these comments.

      • And guess what I did like going toe to toe with him too, just did not like the disrespect. But it’s all good. He was following us he took us off. 🙁

      • And Salena I think he really liked u much…

      • No, salena! I’m a Leo.

      • my type of my girl LOL

      • Still no response as to what you meant by far from Afrocentric. Hmmmmm!?!

      • I coming lol

      • I haven’t even touched you yet…I got skillz, but not those kindz.

      • Come on then, lol

      • chill lil puppy

      • Imitation is the highest form of flattery. I don’t mind if you bite my lyrics. Have at it, son!

      • I meant that I don’t feel like by me being black. I like to make the distinction of being Afro Caribbean now I don’t think it’s imperative that I date black dudes. I’m more like who gives a syht. If I see a dude and I’m drawn to him the last thing on my mind is his race.

        I’m a bit of a gypsy and most of the dudes I meet are not black. lol

      • Another dude stop it hunny feeling sorrying fu yu. Tell gayza he nuh de last man stand rofl

      • You are crazy.

      • Nope yu iz yu dude catfishin dese mandem on here

      • Guccithin, that’s a cold thing to say about salena. Not every girl who kicks you to the curb as swiftly as she did is a man. Some girls just don’t like dumb men who can’t maintain an erection for longer than 3 mins. My advice to you is don’t be so eager…sex is not a bicycle race, there is no finish line.

      • Me want it lol

      • Yu dash weh gayZa fu another fufu klown n wastemon name bay rofl

      • Man a OG yo lol

      • nigg why yu always mentioning me tho .

      • You see how he is? He bytching about how you and I making love chat. lol Now he doing the same thing.

      • hes a lame . addme

      • Fifteen yard penalty. Defense…talking to his sockpuppet. 2nd down.

      • Sorry why me ain’t even flirting.

      • Tell dem fe get ina de queue Salena,
        OG deh ya

      • Lol I like my man dem not attached and in their 20s.

      • Im 28 let hit it an i wil rest in ya puss

      • I can be any age u want me to be, an we can unattache after breakfast lol

      • Oh! So we see eye-to-eye on that too. You’re really amazing, girl!
        I’m more concerned with what’s going on between a woman’s ears than with her skintone, ethnicity, or race!
        Good for you, salena for not falling into that trap. Life’s too short to put limits on yourself.

        See? That wasn’t so bad. I don’t know why you hesitated speaking your mind…and true to my word, nothing you wrote has changed my opinion of you.

      • Yu trying su hard tu get in between har legs

      • Go troll elsewhere. This is the internet. There will be no hooking up on this site. I won’t even mention that we live in different countries with 1000’s of miles between us.

        Reality really bites, eh troll?

      • Hey have you ever seen the movie’ The Unbearable lightness of being ‘?

      • No! I’ve never heard of it before. What’s it about?

      • I think you might like it. Lol I might give these dudes too much ideas if I go into details.If you know what I mean.

      • I’ll check it out.Thanks. I’m always looking for good movies to watch.

        …and yeah I know what you mean about these boys. Reminds me of a quote from a Steven Segal movie. Screwface says to Hatcher; “You’re a dog after bone, but got no teeth.” These guys are really dreaming in Hi-Def if they think they can go the mile and furlong with you, girl.
        Take it easy on them, tho…one is old and married, the other is young, dumb, and full of cum, and that troll, Guccithin has gotten on my last sciatic nerve. I’m off to the gym, I’ll search for, download and watch that movie when I come back.

        Nice talking to you as always.

      • See you I want a full report! 😉

      • I found a good copy of that movie, and watched a bit of it last night before I had to turn it off. I burnt it onto a dvd so I can bring it to my girl’s place and watch it with her. It’s just a wee bit too good to be watched alone, if you know what I mean?

        Thanks again!

      • If you think that’s something you should really check out ‘Lie with me ‘ by Clement Virgo. It’s a Canadian film. Supposedly everything you see wasn’t simulated. lol But that girl is a super hero. 😉 It’s barely audible you may have to turn the volume up. roflmao

      • I watched the trailer for that movie, it has that dude from Dawson’s Creek in it, and the Quebecois actress Polly Shannon. It looks good…for a chick flick.
        I asked my girl about the first movie, she said she already saw it a long time ago. The good news is she wants to watch it again with me.

        Thanks again, salena.

      • Yu wun big fassyhole

      • Nawww, man! I don’t wan’t, nor need your big fassyhole. Stop offering me your humongous gaping orifice. I’ve got a girlfriend, she’s tight…plus I don’t roll that way.

      • U r one crazzzzzy guy ziggy…

      • How much man yu guing tek

      • I haven’t tek them yet. You see me flirting with anyone.

      • Jealous dem jealous lol

      • dont to my girl ! like that

      • bredda listen no matter what you cannot control your kid from not seeing negativity because its all around you .So you trying shieid your son and daughter won’t work .Just how you say music is bad look pon the movies and tv etc.

      • I agree with that but my youth dem ain’t getting raise by kartel, is me a raise them! As a parent I protect them until them big enuff to tek care of them self. There’s rules Ina my yard

      • i hear ya bredda but listen people want to use kartel as scapegoat for their kids turning out bad and i feel thats wrong for them to do .I never wanted to copy what i saw kartel do nor anyone else.Its mostly base off the child who choose to do something .You can’t act like kartel to blame for everything thats happening in JA on him ,cuz that shyt was happening before him and will continue to happen after him .I feel he did make attempts on to try and change how the “MEDIA” perceives him as.For example he has alot of songs that are up lifting talking about the ghetto yute struggle and how he wants them to have a better .He had stopped making all them gun chunes after gaza/gully war took place .

      • Damn you only 22?! wtf

      • LMFAO how old r u

      • Yes he did try to make a change musically! But he got in too deep!
        I’m not saying he is the problem but as the biggest dj out he was part of the problem, so me nah cry fe him

      • ino im jus putting out the facts against your statement .

      • LOL! That’s the number one job of any parent…protecting their children from danger and negativity. Obviously, you’ve never been loved, or hugged as a child.

      • Ziggy, we are coming hard with the moniker changes. Shows confusion. Lmfao

      • He’s so f#ckin’ dumb and brain-dead that he doesn’t yet realize I’m moving him around the board like a pawn in a game of chess.
        Any moniker he puts out here, I’m going to ridicule it to death. Not because I harbor any animosity towards him…no! I’m doing it simply because I can.

      • He’s green hope he mature and change for his sake. I was dying last night, he was begging salena, then she drop the bomb…I couldn’t stop LMFAO

      • Lol! He’s not ever going to change. His kind…his type of mind are of the type which gets sucked into cults, or gangs. He is too easily manipulated. Any relationship he’s in, you best believe he’s the subservient one. In a word, he’s OWNED.

        yeah…salena. Please remind me not to get on her bad side. Did you notice how she toyed with him before delivering the coup de grâce? She’s good. Really good!

      • For real, salena is dam good. But she messed up my night laughs now…I saw when Amber told u what to do with her a@@ and I say no she didn’t. Next thing I saw u typing…lol

      • Do you think Amber will call that number? No crime in hoping, right?

      • She might, be prepared…LMFAO

      • Ziggy, she showed her true color too. I was really surprised.

      • They always do when a little pressure is applied. Plus she had certain disadvantages working against her. The primary one being she’s a Kartel groupie. They ain’t very bright.

      • All she has to do is pick up that phone a dial.

        *chuckles loudly*

      • Bay, you are a good man, not many like you around…blessings to you and wifey. One Luv

      • Thank you Gloria and much love to you too! X

      • Amber Kitty Palmer

        XOXOXOXOXO Salena

      • your foolish .Like everyone else you cannot hold ONE man accountable of actions of other people. Black people been bleaching because they feel if their skin is light they will be acceptable .People blame kartel jus because they jus dont like him .

      • Is him in the lime light setting the example to the yute dem, who a follow him ca they want what kartel have. They look up to him an kartel say himself he is no role model!
        But he is! Not a good one tho!
        If you want to be in the public eye you have a duty to the public to act correct!
        Not start gang war and beat down selectors cause them play alliance tune.
        Truly he was out of control
        Babylon say jail for meee!
        Vybz kartel

      • Amber Kitty Palmer

        xoxoxoxoxoxo GAZA Gltio

      • I never once said vybz starting bleaching first, certain people a do it long time, I know that. But the man a advertise it like its rum.
        Why would u do that? Eh
        Ashamed to be black is the answer!
        The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice

      • The blacker the berry, the sweeter the pie…LOL

      • Amber Kitty Palmer

        Thanks. Those Martyrs served their purpose, and paved the way for the
        freedom of expression of artists such as Bounty Killa and Vybz Kartel.
        Kartel is inspirational, he fed alot of people, and made plenty of
        people happy. Making music, Dancing, sexing, having babies, is a lot more fun than marching, and protesting. Our Forefathers did that already,time to enjoy the gifts they gave us.
        Remember, there are many, many opportunities for Black people, anybody who is put back, put themselves back, Its not because of Vybz Kartel.
        Addi a di Daddi 4ever!

      • Addi will never be my daddi, an if u believe that the greats died so vybz can bleach out an murder people is wah gwarn?
        He was leading the yute astray!
        Look pon dat eediot alkaline!
        A wha do dem?
        Him did have talent but him shoulda left the negative ting from him did get big!

      • jackie stephenson

        The system is unjust and unfair and double standard and hypocritical. Gloria says she sorry for Vanessa aka gaza slim but I dont because since dem sending kartel away and now bringing him back again for the conspiracy charge in august it will be interesting cause if they pin him again and then let she off cause of her pretty face that will be sick. If you pin one you pin the other and she knows right from wrong

      • Amber Kitty Palmer

        There is an old sayin…You can lead the horse to the water, but you can’t make him drink it….. I know I don’t take up something I don’t like.

        I see dog poo in the street, I don’t play with it just cause it’s there. I see a fuschia wig in the store, I don’t buy it just cause its there. He rolled the dice , had the balls to put his music out there, and the masses love it.

        The “yute” that are being lead astray, is because they parents busy vybin to a Vybz Kartel Mixtape and not minding their children. …..or did Vybz kartel inspire those same “yute” to be themselves in such a way that old farts, and hypocrites, just don’t get it? Bleach, tats, partyng, making music , and babies, you can only wish you could.

        But he wasn’t the first to bleach,….and he wont be the last since it been around for, like, ever….how does that make a person a bad person? Pale people tan ALL DAY. . (‘allegedly”, murdered someone)

        The greats died mostly due to a corrupt system, and haters check your history and also like Mr. Palmer,they too had the courage to express themselves, and the massed loved it. He learned from them, he is the modern day version, but old people don’t understand.

      • So are you saying because he is a artist he has no moral responsibility to the yute dem who look up to him?

      • jackie stephenson

        me tell you fi no ramp wid craziness and u na hear just like vybz him no listen a bumbohole

      • What are u talking bout?

      • jackie stephenson

        am talking about you talking to amber the brick walk

      • Yeah, she’s a groupie lol

      • jackie stephenson

        that i know prolly bang vybz also

      • Now u Mek me laugh again

      • jackie stephenson

        good laughter is good for you, remember when vybz get lock up dem catch him in a hotel with a different woman a wonder if him di breed she too him dont have no behaviour

      • Gurl if you don’t feel like it. You don’t have to respond. I know there’s a lot of people who feel the same way as you but choose not to speak. I hope when you log off you ain’t thinking about this syht.

      • Amber Kitty Palmer

        I know that due to the eloquence of my writing that its hard to believe that I don’t sit around for hours thinking about this “shyt”, but I don’t. This is small stuff to a giant….but no need to explain cause little minds cant comprehend.

        as you were…………………..

      • Let
        us Pray….Father GOD, please Bless and keep Mr. Palmer, his family,
        and those who love them, in your sight. Please release the chains of
        injustice from all of our lives and make our opressors our servants.
        Please hear this prayer GOD so that we may rejoice and tell the world
        that you are GOD. Amen

      • “Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. Therefore whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment. For rulers are not a terror to good conduct, but to bad. Would you have no fear of the one who is in authority? Then do what is good, and you will receive his approval, for he is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword in vain. For he is the servant of God, an avenger who carries out God’s wrath on the wrongdoer. Therefore one must be in subjection, not only to avoid God’s wrath but also for the sake of conscience.” -Romans 13:1-7

      • Let us pray! Let us pray for Clive lizard Williams and his family, let us pray! Pray for the return of his body so that his family can give him a decent burial!
        Let us pray for the missing lady ina de funeral parlour!
        Let us pray for all dem people who get gun down with the shoes which him a send down a de gaza
        Let us pray say nobody no bring no cake soap a de prison
        And let us pray him no drop de cake soap

  14. Free kartel. Don’t make me laugh!
    Free yourselves from mental slavery!
    Bob Marley

    • They can’t/won’t do that! They’re too stupid to notice the chains wrapped so tightly around their mind. Too dumb to realize education is the key to their freedom.
      They are satisfied with the discarded scraps falling off whitey’s table. See how quickly they gobble them up? See how they will kill one another over the right to sit under massa’s table with their mouths open, hands out, palms up?

      Free themselves?! Now you’re making me laugh!

      • Truths rights and justice , is what me dealing with, we must stop senseless killing
        If u do the crime…..
        Peace out!

      • Well, he did the crime! Kartel was tried and found guilty in a court of law, and now he’s doing the time. All is good! I wish he would man-up and let his victim’s family know what really happened to their loved one’s body.
        If only he had the balls…

  15. jackie stephenson

    Gloria dont give your heart to Vanessa she will chop it up fine fine and wine and dine

  16. Zuggu u a real guggu. We under di banner while u under u muma

    • In English, please!

      • Some don’t have the words to deal with you zig! But your right, it’s a sad day that we gone from fighting for our rights to bawling out free a man who is in jail for murder!
        I liked his music but what if it was a family member him kill?
        Would these same people be bawling free kartel?
        I don’t think so!
        Remember it’s a black jury put him there after he try buy them off!
        Fine fine! He shouldn’t even be allowed to release tune unless him pay the family. He’s cold blooded.
        Tell them Zig!! Big

      • jackie stephenson

        ya ok

      • I disagree. They have the words, so to speak, to deal with me. That’s their real problem…they’re dealing with me instead of my argument.

        Adidja Palmer is a convicted murderer. He does not deserve anyone’s sympathy. So much opportunity was given to him by way of his musical talent, and his entrepreneurial endeavors. There’s absolutely no good reason why his rising star should have fallen and crashed the way it did. Kartel is a fool to have given up so much in exchange for an 8×12 prison cell.
        All of his peers in the music industry have distanced themselves from Kartel, the convicted murderer. It’s only the dumbest of the dumb who continue to pledge allegiance to this cold-blooded, dark heart, murdering summab!tch!

      • Agree with u totally

      • Amber Kitty Palmer

        Opinions are like assholes……everybody has one.

      • So…what’s your opinion on the FACTS?

      • Amber Kitty Palmer

        The fact is this….if Mr. Palmer was a “Murderer”, then when he was arrested in September, he would have been arrested for whaaat?….”Murder”.

        Mr. Palmer was arrested for waaat?..come on class…”weed”.

        Murder charges was brought up when??…come on class…”later”,
        after searching the man phone without a warrant. A weed charge means that the mans phone is not subject to search. Actually his wife was supposed to be able to come and get his things and he was supposed to get bail. The police were supposed to find evidence linking him to this crime, without cheating, digging, and making up things.

        Right- evidence of crime, warrant, arrest, seizure, trial

        Wrong-no evidence of crime, no warrant, arrest, seizure, new charges,trial…Wrong, Fail, “F”.

      • I like your argument, and the manner in which you have presented it. You show more class than many a poster in here.

        It’s a matter of public record that Adidja Palmer was originally arrested for marijuana possession. You forgot to mention the murder he was charged with was that of Mr. Barrington Burton , and not Clive Williams. Everything else you said makes a whole heap of sense…except for the fact that Mr. Palmer is now a convicted murderer doing 35-years to life.

        Once the police have you in custody, and you are charged with a crime, you give up your right to privacy. The police have and will check everything on your person in order to bring additional charges against you.

        i.e. You slip, trip, or fall out of your car in a drunken state. The police arrest you for DUI, they find a gun tucked into your waistband…now you would have another charge of illegal possession of a firearm. Ballistics shows the gun in question was involved in three unsolved murders…can you guess what the next charge(s) will be?

        It is the job of the police to dig, dig, and dig some more until they have a rock-solid case against you. I’m not sure how this works in Jamaica, but in North America the cops tell you straight up…”everything you say, can and will be used against you in a court of law.” My guess is there’s a lot of criminals in prison today because they didn’t know when to keep their mouths shut.

      • Amber Kitty Palmer

        pssst…come closer….closer…..the charges for Barrington Burton were
        dropped. Wrongfully accused, “allegedly killed by Kartel” …see where
        this is going? The corrupt police and prosecutors thought they had
        something then, but didn’t.
        If they thought that he murdered someone
        they would have arrested him for “Murder” based on other evidence , and
        the phone would have just sealed his fate. It did not go that way.
        They locked up a Jamaican in Jamaica for weed which is as stupid as it
        gets……then rummage through his phone without a warrant, etc…..

        North America, I get stopped, cops smell weed, pull me out of my car,
        arrest me, charge me, I get bail, get my phone and go home…….

        ……as has happened to Kartel in the past. They were not supposed to look through his phone on a weed arrest.

      • No, Amber…I don’t see where this is going. I do see that Lenburgh McDonald was going to take the stand and testify against Kartel. I do see that witness was in fear of his life. I do see there wasn’t enough evidence to convict Kartel of ordering Bossie’s murder.

        Do you see that Kartel is now doing 35-years to life? Do you see him as a convicted murderer? Or, do you see the self-proclaimed Gaza thug as some angelic figure who wouldn’t harm a fly?? I know he’s as white as one!

        Please understand that the police didn’t need a warrant to rummage through an unlocked phone in Jamaica. Up until last year, nothing stopped police in your state from looking through your unlocked phone. A Supreme Court ruling and Cedric Smallwood’s lawyers changed all that. Now the police require a warrant, which is no big deal to get once they have reasonable cause.

        The last time I checked, weed sales, cultivation, and or possession is still illegal in Jamaica. Should these so-called ‘corrupt’ cops just let people slide on those infractions?!

      • Amber Kitty Palmer

        THANK YOU!! for that research into my exact point (you’re the best, I didn’t have to do it, whew)…the Jamaican government is corrupt and behind the times thus FREE WORL BOSS!!!

        The Supreme Court Ruling that you speak of (Thanks again) is the modern day protection against such atrocities……that is not supposed to happen., and it is highly unlikely one can get a warrant for probable cause to search a phone for a weed arrest just sayin,,

        Crazy thing is, Jamaica just relaxed the weed possession laws I believe. , I think there is an article on here or the JO about it.

      • I’m not sure if we’re speaking about the same island!? The island I’m talking about arrests roughly 300 people a week on weed charges. The island I’m talking about has had weed outlawed for the last century.
        I am aware that Jamaican law-makers have the intention of reforming their weed laws, but, as of today, no new law regarding weed has been enacted.
        They have to make absolutely sure that they don’t upset America in any way, shape, or form. I believe it will be a long time before relaxed marijuana laws actually hits the streets of Jamaica.

      • jackie stephenson

        they arrested him for the simple weed cause someone was working with the police to bring vybz down they were pinched that he was about to leave the country cause he knew they were onto him thats why, there is no argument there. And just like you said they were building a case against him while in custody.Eventually the weed charge was thrown out cause they had bigger charges building against him, they caught him in a hotel with his pants down with another woman. Your friend Amber has no valid point or argument sometimes you have to sink Peter to catch Paul. Its just fishing and gambling. Police got intelligence and they had to act fast. And go through with a fine fine fine chop chop chop tooth comb

      • Please don’t call Amber my friend. My friends have enough sense to know what a real POS Kartel is.

        Everything else you wrote is gospel.

      • jackie stephenson

        how can you harm people, kill people or order killings and then go home to a bag of children really now?

      • They’re called psychopaths. They don’t feel things like most people. Psychopaths can chop you up fine, fine like and leave you in the living room and then sit down at the kitchen table as they fill their belly full of food.

        Anyways, it just goes to prove once again that, “power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

      • Gweh from yah so, if yuh cyaan undastand Battyfagfag… In english… Go away from here, if you can’t understand Ass-faggot.

      • LMAO!
        You got me there, as I don’t understand the Ass-faggot language. I’ve never even heard of it before. Is it a dialect spoken only by the sloped-brow, knuckle-dragging cavemen of the Caribbean?!
        How do you say, kiss my Black A S S, in that Ass-faggot language of yours??

      • Kiss yuh boyfren rass, Homo erectus… Now yuh gwaan diss Caribbean people? Mi did know seh yuh doh belong roun these parts. Go chuck back inna Sodom battybwoy. Mi nah go reply anymore, yuh nuh worth my time.

      • You fool. The tiny minority of cavemen who inhabit the islands of the Caribbean are not representative of the whole.
        For example, you do not, and can not represent what Caribbean is all about. You are a peon, an insignificant, uncouth, unimaginably stupid pile of stinking chit on an otherwise pristine beach. You terminally ignorant, knuckle-dragging, sloped-brow, stone-age neanderthal f#cktard!

      • Ziggy you no easy roflmao 😉

      • If Santana1don wanted me to go easy on him he should have kept my mother out of the argument. He so quickly and readily dissed a woman he knows nothing about, as if he hasn’t got a mother of his own.

        It’s always the weakest of the bunch who has to rely on such childish things like cutting down someone’s mother on the internet. It’s almost as if he never left the playground of his elementary school.

      • I’m not scolding you. It’s a Caribbean saying.It means you don’t F around. 😉

      • I know you weren’t scolding me, salena. I wasn’t feeling that way at all. It’s all good!

      • So true, that’s totally wrong.

      • Crazy, lol

  17. Teacher will be on the streets of ja in a few. Ziggyzag this aint ur stanley cup “o i thought i was white” fukn world this. Money and connects run the world then now and till jah come.police society love badman. How justice sytem get pay.

    • jackie stephenson

      Even if they overturn his appeal they wont be putting him on the streets like that he will be monitored and has to be on good behaviour ahahah they wont be putting him to walk the streets like Jason in New York Kartel will be a marked man for life so many people set him up remember he use to brag about sleeping with people aunty sister granny mother and daughters and granddaughters. But he did get a bad trial

    • You fool. Before the 1940’s and 1950’s, dummies like you
      were saying the same thing about the NBA, Major League
      Baseball, and the NFL. The fact is nothing in the realm of
      sports is exclusively white only anymore.
      My home team has one of the best Black players in the NHL on it. Why?
      …because they/we don’t listen to self-hating, intellectually stunted, crab-in-the-bucket f#cktards like you who claim, “a white man sport dat.”

      *cracks knuckles*

      It’s true that money runs the World, you’ll get no argument
      from me about that. Tell me, how’s Addi’s connects working out for him?

      If you think it’s our lot in life to line the pockets of and increase the bank accounts of police, court officials, jailers, and bails bondsman instead of our own damn pockets, all that means is you have fallen into whitey’s biggest and best trap…crime.
      Badman/criminals are not what we’re all about as a people. The vast majority of us want nothing to do with crime. As a matter of fact, we’re embarrassed every time you, and your ilk make the front page of our local newspapers. Many of us wish you never existed.
      Unless you want to end up in the same predicament as Kartel! Who, by the way, is now “teaching” himself how not to become a victim of rape in a prison well-known for mentally and physically destroying men. If you don’t want to end up like that, might I suggest that you give up your life of crime?

      • jackie stephenson

        Better him than me I cant afford to give life behind bars i love my life i love my life

      • I feel the exact same way. My life is worth more than two missing guns, and a dead body cut up into minced meat.

  18. jackie stephenson

    This case had reasonable doubt and shadow of a doubt you dont have to give evidence to prove him innocent when a rats back is up against the wall you plant seeds of doubt. Keep in mind you are dealing with 12 people who at the end of the day will decide your fate Christian and his tired out father did a terrible job and Vybz with all the money he had should have hired an international lawyer to come in. Now they are releasing songs every week its all to pay the system and the lawyers and I hope their children are getting their share out of it. They failed to convince the jury, and even they know kartel was on the police hit list and anyone who is friends with him, you no see thats why the rest a dem back out dem see dem hand in a lion mouth and take time take it out even gaza slim a back off she full a crap also her time soon come.

  19. Free di world boss

  20. Yeah…that makes sense! No need to change his stage name because he’ll never see a stage again unless he stands on a wobbly chair inside his cell with a rope around his neck!
    I can almost hear the rest of the convicts yelling…“dance Addi, dance.”

    • jackie stephenson

      A wappen to you are you drinking mad puss piss? I can tell you that at least 2 out of the 4 of them will be granted an appeal cause this story isnt over there is a lot of reasonable doubt, lots of planted seeds and planted evidence. I hope Vybz is one of them and Shawn but definately Shawn. The only thing Vybz is guilty of is being cocky overzealous a damn fool and too damn proud.

      • Where were you when Judge Lennox Campbell was handing down his sentence?! He would have loved to hear the evidence you have proving Addi’s innocence. I would think during 65 days of trial, more people like you would have come forward to present evidence to the court. I’m sure Kartel’s lawyer Tom Tavares-Finson did everything in his power to vindicate his client. It was the preponderance of evidence which ultimately sealed Kartel’s fate.

        I’m not sure if you know this, but judges, and lawyers do not like their cases overturned on appeal. Subsequently, every (i) was dotted, and every (t) crossed from beginning to end of this, the longest criminal trial in Jamaican history.

        Adidjah Palmer will grow old and die in prison. His appeal will be rejected. Deal with it!

      • you so badmind .

      • Him no badmind king duss a lonely nerdy queer man. Di bredda imagination tun up, str8 reading rainbow him a deal wid. Yo figgyfagfag! Go chuck back inna yuh madda!

      • Why do you believe I’m lonely?! While you were in here posting your BS about me, I was with a group of close friends watching the Rangers stave off elimination in the Stanley Cup finals. Prior to the start of the game last night, all of us toasted Gloria Thompson’s birthday, just like I promised her I would do. I sure the hell wasn’t thinking about you. Why are you always thinking about me?!

        I’m not looking for any sort of bromance. So please, keep me off your dumb ignorant f#ckin’ mind.

      • Do you want to know how I know you’re lonely? Because you have to sit here and make up stories, and brag about them at that. Ah so yuh lonely nerdman, doh reply.

      • Here’s a perfectly crystal clear example which highlights your complete and utter ignorance. Why in the f#ck would anyone make up a story and brag about watching a hockey game??! I suppose I also made up, and am now bragging about watching the Spurs embarrass the Heat in game 4 last night too??
        WTF!? LMAO!

        If you call that a boast, then it could only mean one or two things; either you’ve never seen a flat-screen television, or you’re ignorant as F#CK! Which is it?

      • Nuhbody wah know weh yah do bredda. Who di bombo wah fi hear yuh ah talk bout baxketball. Yuh keep brag bout weh yah do and mek up story, a lonely man syndrome dat. Mi no ignorant duss see thru yuh f***ry. Exactly my question, who a sit pon a discussion board and talk bout hockey and frens and toast. Ah lonely dat. Mi come pon Urban Islandz fi see wah gwaan fi 30 minutes a day, and buck up inna yuh f***ry. Yuh fi chuck yuhself inna yuh monitor fagfag

      • jackie stephenson

        lol easy super cat me say easy no man lol dont make Vybz Kartel turn you into a nut Vybz lucky him bread butter and slice both sides he had it and blow it. I am curious though his kids have a new song out again called hello daddy and in it the lyrics says for Vybz to pass over the crown to them are they really not expecting dem puppa fi come out at all?
        They handled the man real bad though.

      • Mi nuh have nuh beef wid unnu. Kartel have dat man murda, mi no defend Kartel. Mi duss cyaan stand Battyfagfag. Yes dem hangle di case real bad though, mi wouldn’t suprise if di man did beat di appeal.

      • “Mi duss cyaan stand Battyfagfag.”


        Yeah, I know! Try attacking the message, instead of me. You just might fair better.

      • *chuckles louder*

        IDGAF what you want to hear about. Maybe you don’t know how it goes..quite possibly you are really that ignorant, FFS.

        Re-read this thread…as you can plainly see, it goes where I want it to go. You’re just along for the f#ckin’ ride.

        Pay close attention to what I’m going to tell you next. The following irrefutable facts are things you need to know.
        Lonely people post to these boards at 9 and 10 O’clock on Friday night. Those of us who are sociable wouldn’t be caught dead in here, prime time on a Friday evening. You see…those of us who truly have a life tend to share that life with friends and family. The lonely among us will find themselves alone on a Friday night, basking under the warm glow of their monitors posting inconsequential BS on the Urbanislandz website.

        If you do not wish to read my F U C K R Y, please do not respond. When you see my name, my avatar, just ignore it, or better yet, run from it. It’s a simple concept that even a two-year old child can grasp.
        You really have no argument whatsoever to bring to me except ad hominem attacks, and I’m really getting quite bored with it, and you. What puzzles me is your motives. So I have to pose the question; what exactly makes you respond to my posts?!

      • Bombohole, mi have 2 yute and a pregnant wife fi mind, mi deal wid family inna di daytime. Mi come pon urband islandz inna spare time and run up inna yuh douchebag essays. Fruity parfait pu***hole…. Nuhbody wah fi hear yuh life stories or mine, so go Chuck back inna hell sodomite…

      • why you always worrying about kartel so much

      • Worry?! WTF!? You have mistakenly taken what I wrote about that convicted murderer as worry. You sir, are brain dead!


      • For as long as Urbanislandz keeps a convicted murderer on their front page, you should know that I will not forgive. I will not forget. You should expect me.

      • wtf you need some help .No one cares if you forgive or even forget .Maybe you should write a letter to urbanislandz then if you feel that way you stupid fk

      • No! I don’t need anyone’s help. You keep repeating the same ol’ same ol’ thing, Gitlo. No one cares, and no one wants you here BS…when are you going to realize that if you didn’t care, then you wouldn’t waste your precious time responding to my posts?

        You’re the one who really needs help, brah!

      • i rlly dont care but i tired of seeing u on here complain about kartel and shyt.

      • LOL! You’re not tired, you’ve been worn down! You’re old; I’m young. You’re slow; I’m fast. Keep drinking your Horlicks, old boy!

        I’m not in any way complaining about Kartel. What you see here is me doing my ‘happy dance’ knowing Adidja Palmer now lives a wretched existence.

        I see you’ve changed your nym once again, Gitlo. It seems to me that grow tired of things very easily, even your own moniker!
        I like this new one, GAZA…


      • LMFAOOOO

      • Yeah, I know! I prefer that than to be led astray by the false belief that Kartel is an innocent man. I’ll keep my bad mind, you keep your delusions! Deal?

      • Ziggy, want to tell you 333 is aka force mejure that’s the one that was going at me that education isn’t important. And everyone can be artists and business owners. Do u recall…came on this site to tell u because if she mess with me I am gonna go way out with her this time.

      • Youre 100 percent dnt waste yur time on zigzagfag

      • Respect Gucci

      • Dumbo, you don’t know lawyer from a prosecutor dwl.
        You are miserable lonely piece of cr**, obsessed with Adidja Palmer.
        House ne**o! FOH

      • Him nuh know nutt’n man, bare dictionary an enciclopedia him carry up and dung. try look like him smart, but di bredda dumba dan dirt. Figgyfagfag a internerd, new name fi internet nerd. Bomborass sheman Fagbag

      • Does the depths of your abject ignorance know no bounds!? Here you are unable to string four coherent sentences together, incapable of spelling simple everyday words that a third-grader would have no problem with, yet you have the audacity to call me dumb? WTF!?

        Serious, guy! Go back to primary school. There you can learn about punctuation, sentence structure, grammar, and rudimentary spelling.

        BTW, just so you know…your semi-literate command of the English language is not conducive to full-time employment, or a rewarding career.

      • And now you lecture me about the things I should learn. Bare nerd argument. Mi a seh it again… Chuck back inna yuh mumma. Doh reply nerdman.

      • Yeah, dude! You’re ignorant as F#CK. If I don’t tell you, who will?!

      • Yes mi ignorant like caveman, mi embrace it, deal wid it fagfag, nubody nuh fi tell mi. Now deal wid di fact and embrace dat yuh is a lonely nerdman, Harry Potter bwoy…. Nuhbody nuh like yuh inna dis rasclaat site.

      • jackie stephenson

        Well at least Kartel wont be making any more babies for a while lawd.

      • Eh?

      • jackie stephenson

        I said at least he wont be breeding any woman for a while the mans has 5 or more different babymoms and a bag of kids and a grow

      • True, mi feel sorry fi him yutes. Dem haffi walk round wid famous fadda weh murda people and f**k up him bright future.

      • jackie stephenson

        why you sorry for his yutes no sorry fi them be glad cause if he really is guilty then his kids are in better hands especially shorty pitney dem a go on well a sing up bless up little addi and little vybz.

      • True mi see yuh reason.

      • jackie stephenson

        Man has so much energy before him make him music him keep bad friend and company that envy him and bring him down. Who in their right mind give up a nice soft warm comfortable bed and a life of luzury for a prison cot

      • Really!? You think I’m here to make friends? You see anything friendly about me, or my tone?! I can not stress this point enough to get through to your thick neanderthal skull. I don’t care what you think, what others think, or what your mother thinks about me. I have a firm understanding of who I am, and no internet caveman is going to sway my mind.

        You think it’s magic how I string these words together, fine! You think I’m a nerd, fine! You think I’m lonely, fine! Just know that your opinion of me means absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things. I really don’t know what else to tell you to make you understand the absolutely insignificant role that you play in my life.

      • LMAO so who’s essay yuh copy and paste? lmao Ah yuh role insignificant, yuh nuh see how many people waan yuh gone? People duss waan reason and chat, yuh duss come and brag and call people name and tink yuh holier than thou. Go nyam yuh enciclopedia and dictionary fi dinna, fagfag. Mi done wid unnu, doh reply……

      • Wow, well said ziggy…

      • You fool. Prosecutors are lawyers! The degree requirements are the same. Trust…the prosecutor, the defense lawyer, the judge are all LLB holders. You would know that if you weren’t such an ignorant gint.

        No such thing as a house ne**o no more, bwoy! We no longer work in the big house. Nowadays we f#ckin’ own them. You better get with the program before they lower your stupid A S S into the ground.

      • jackie stephenson

        You truly are whacked are you on Judge Lennox or the police payroll to comment nonsense. I suggest wherever in the world you are to try and take a law course. We see this everyday badmind and ignorance just case you hate someone to keep them in prison. I mean 35 years who does that? People murder people everyday and dont get an inch of that sentence. Circumstances are different and extrodinary yes but this team went through great lengths above and beyond to make sure they nail that coffin. Shawn is very very talented he doesnt even need Vybz he can sell records on his own. I listened to this guy problem child and he is a mix up and hated Shawn cause he was p and coming. What kind of a friend instigated for him to dash way a man thats no friend. If you have to buy your friends then you desperate and moreover its all a set up someone out there knows something.

      • *chuckles*

        I dunno about all that, jackie! There’s no need for me to take a law course, as you suggest. I have the good sense not to murder people, or act like a head of a criminal organization. I treat the police like I do taxi-cabs…when I call, they come! Otherwise, I really don’t have a use for them.

        I don’t hate Kartel, or anybody for that matter. What I hate are the things that people do. Kartel had a chance to rise above his station in life, and lead many a ghetto youth out of the misery that we call poverty. Instead, he decided to use his influence, celebrity status, and wealth to rule over a criminal gang in Portmore with an iron fist. Kartel wasted his talent in a vain attempt at becoming a “Capo di tutti capi,” when he should have been trying to become an international dancehall icon.

        The Jamaican courts have been merciful towards Vybz Kartel. He should count his lucky stars that he was charged with “murder, conspiracy to murder and illegal possession of a firearm,” and not “aggravated murder” which carries a sentence of death if convicted.

      • carelessboutpeople


      • jackie stephenson

        I dont know where you get your facts from but anyways he lives hopefully he will learn just as Shawn Storm and the rest its just sad all around Jamaican police have been waiting to take him down for years. They have killed a lot of innocent people dem police.

      • That’s true, the Jamaican police have killed and will continue to kill innocent people until the people of Jamaica disband those police death squads. Yet, that does not give Kartel a free pass to murder anyone. I would think since the death squads target the poor and disenfranchised, (Kartel’s fan base) he would treat each and every life in the ghetto with the utmost respect that it deserves.

      • I’ve been reading your comments and I would say they mostly make sense but do not cross the line about the police department. The police department do and will continue to uphold the law, whether you or anyone like it or not. Just the thought of disbanding the police department should be a crime, ask yourself what would jamaica be like without one.

      • Understood. Please note that I did not say I wanted the police force to be disbanded. I specifically called for the elimination of the police death squads. The whole idea behind them runs contrary to the democratic process. Everybody charged with a crime deserves their day in court. The mandate of police death squads denies that basic right to those accused of committing crime.

        Sorry if I didn’t make myself clear the first time.

      • Hey man we cool.

      • Yeah, of course!

      • jackie stephenson

        You see it how much influence Kartel have over some people they are even fighting about the issue, but ya everyone is entitled to their opinion and while I agree with a lot you say. There are just some things that wasnt fair and they have to listen to reasons.

      • They will! I have no doubt that they will listen to reason and uphold Kartel’s 35-year to life sentence!

        ‘If dem want dem fren fi live dem fi return mi shoes’
        -Adidja Palmer

      • 35 years long? Lucky he weren’t in America

      • what have you done for ghetto yutes ? more then what kartel did ?. Nuh say kartel aint do nuthin for nobody either cuz u n i kno thats a lie .

      • I’ve taken great pains not to become one, neither will any of my unborn children know what it means to live in a ghetto.

        I know this for a F U C K I N G fact…I have never murdered anyone from the ghetto! Can Kartel say the same?

      • okay but what have you DONE to help kids who don’t live life you do ?.Thats what i thought .You avoid answering my questions .

      • Gitlo, I don’t know any kids growing up in an impoverished household. The kids I know have PS4’s, Apple ipads, the latest smartphones, ride $500-$1000 mountain bikes, play hockey with $200 composite hockey sticks, have $300 Beats by Dre headphones hanging around their necks, and enough disposable cash to turn any up and coming rapper into a millionaire over the course of a one summer. IOW’s they’re living better than me!

        Sorry to burst your bubble, but most Black folks in my country have never lived in the ghetto. As a matter of fact, outside of one area in Toronto, you’d be hard-pressed to find another ghetto in Canada.

      • Amber Kitty Palmer

        It was the “preponderance” of “ignorance” which ultimately sealed Kartel’s fate.

      • Could you imagine if Kartel would have simply placed a lock code on his phone? The police wouldn’t have enough evidence to charge him, much less have the courts convict him of murder.
        If you don’t want the police to use the data on your phone in a criminal trial, then lock it down with a 4-digit code, FFS!

      • Amber Kitty Palmer

        Can you imagine if the government officials would do their jobs correctly and get warrants?
        If you don’t want the police to use the data on your phone in a criminal trial..then….shoot yourself dead because those fools do what they want at innocent people’s expense.

      • I’m not a criminal, but if I were, you can bet that I would have at least a 4-digit lock-code on my phone. Above that I might also have an app installed that I can use to remotely wipe my phone clean of all data, an app like Android Lost.
        You really can’t trust cops to play fair, now can you? Shooting yourself dead is totally out of the question.

      • Amber Kitty Palmer

        Hahaha….ok. This is true. If nothing else we have learned how not to be a criminal.

      • As if you will be earth forever yourself

      • No! My time here is going to be relatively short. What I won’t be doing is spending my last days growing old in some man’s prison.

      • Sounds like a fairy tale, you can close that book now.

    • Chuck off Figgyfagfag, nuhbody nuh waan fi hear yuh f***ry. Ah yuh fi hang from di tree house weh yuh bill inna yuh mumma house.

      • Mmmmkay! I’ll get right on that.

      • Please, do us all a favor. Mek sure yuh light di rope wid fire, before it go roun yuh neck. Doh reply.

      • jackie stephenson

        Where is shorty nowadays how she so quiet a bet say she a give vybz bun you think she can put down the panani even for a year? Anyways she did love share I dont know how she put up with it him have 5 baby mothers

      • Jah know star, yuh nuh hear weh Kartel seh in Bail for Me? Mi seh f**k gyal, but no breed, lol.

      • Amber Kitty Palmer

        Short Boss Muzik on Facebook

      • jackie stephenson

        oh no wait…… ohhhhhhhhhhhh

      • jackie stephenson

        oh, no wait! ohhhhhhhh

      • Idiot! Gold links don’t burn very well. Anymore bright ideas??

      • LMAO now yuh brag bout gold links?? Yuh sorry man.

      • (SMFH)
        Who among us doesn’t have a piece of gold? You’re an idiot, and most likely a pauper since you don’t have one single piece of gold.
        Which brings me to my point…gold is as ubiquitous as a cellphone. Paupers like you think if I were to talk about a f#ckin’ cellphone, something that everyone has, I’d be bragging!


      • Yuh braggin again fagfag lmao. Mi nuh wear gold, dat duss a metal weh people give value to, ongle piece a gold mi have is a wedding ring pon mi finga. Yuh have a cellphone?? Oh no sah, mi neva own a cellular phone sah, you’re such a don sah. Egobloodclaatmaniac… Mi dun wid unnu, doh reply….

      • Just like I suspected from the start. You are a pauper! You got one piece of gold that someone else paid for, you don’t have a cellphone, you think my name is don, you keep saying ‘doh reply’ as if I’m really going to take heed of anything coming off your keyboard. Essentially, you’re a f#ckin’ moron!

        BTW…Happy Father’s Day!

      • Gloria Thompson

        You so crazy…u make me helpless laughing

    • jackie stephenson

      Ok I dont know what stories or fairytales you read, but I am a law student in Canada my two majors are family law and criminal law. Like I said it isnt over until the fat lady sings, nevermind about the judge thats why they have appeals court its obvious the judge has a personal vendetta against kartel, his lawyers were useless even I could have beaten this wrap for him by pounding them endlessly they getting paid big bucks am sure and didnt do a damn thing. As far as lizard there are a lot of question marks along with how the police conducted their investigation. When it comes to law how it works is you have to be skilled to plant seeds of doubts in the juries minds which the defense failed to do. This story has a lot of reasonable doubt. Its like an OJ Simpson of the 2014 his lawyers were damn good they pounded and proved and did what they got paid for. If these clowns were in Canada or America they would have walked. But in a real world where the judge hates Kartel, the prosecutions hate Kartel and the police hates Kartel this is what happens. His lawyers get a big fat F.

      • Respect!

        What you call a personal vendetta, I call judicial frustration. What you call hate, I call tenacity, and dogged determination. Adidjah Palmer has been implicated in over a hundred murders. He beat the rap when they charged him with Barrington ‘Bossy’ Burton’s murder. You being a law student, and all that…do you really think they would have left one stone unturned in their quest to put Vybz behind bars for an extended period of time?

        According to you, he would have been better off committing this heinous crime in Canada, or America. I’m saying Kartel would have been better off had he focused on his career, family, and community while leaving murder to the professionals.

        At the end of the day, each and every one of us are responsible for our own destiny. We are the rudder of our own ship, pointing it in the direction we wish to go. Vybz Kartel’s ship hit the rocky shores of crime and gangsterism. He is where he belongs…in the bowels of a penitentiary. End of HIS story.

      • No thanks! Unless you got a vag! Do you have a vag? Check between your legs, tell me what you see, and report back here in a timely fashion.

      • Roflmao 😉

      • Ziggy..WOOOOOOOOW LMFAO, u r the best

      • Yea, youre a SLAVE . All that f– ry you think youre chatting,you dont own s—,and if you think you do,you still dont. Whitey does.
        Youre black, your parents probably ran from jamaica and you think you are safe somewhere slaving for white man book gtfoh youre nobody and never will be,deluded b–

      • Sorry, punk! Never been to Jamaica. Parents don’t come from Jamaica. What you think I own, or don’t own, is of no
        consequence to me. That which you should be worrying about is what you own! Worry about who you are, forget about me and mine; focus on your own chit.

      • Well b**tchn**a take your own advise and STOP posting chapters of your f**ry on every Kartel article, fa**et, we all sick of hearing yoir life story get a FNN LIFE!

      • Well, ace! If you don’t like what I write, then simply don’t read it. Above everything else, you should never ever reply to it!

        Nod your head if you understand!

      • so chuck off pon this site if u aint from JA .nobody wan hear what yu have to say .

      • King Gitlo! How impotent can one king be? You want me off this site? Then wave your royal scepter and make it happen. You say that no one wants to hear what I have to say? Then issue a royal decree prohibiting your subjects from ever responding to my posts.

        Just so we’re clear on this, nowhere does it say only posters from Jamaica can post here. Maybe you can threaten the good folks at Urbanislandz into bowing to your will and make this site for Jamaicans only!

        You’re no King…you’re a nobody like the rest of Kartel’s followers.

      • Will never happen…UI will never bow to a down low king. LMFAO

      • Crazy people believe all sorts of fantastical things. Allow him this one time to believe that UI is subject to his rule. I feel like laughing at the delusional king again!

      • jackie stephenson

        I am not in lea with what Kartel did and I dont believe for a second he killed over 100 or even close to that too many rats always dig a bad hole. I said and I know he got an unfair trial. Quit being a hater and get back to reality and please dont put words in my mouth as I dont condone evil, but you still have to defend them.

      • One thing about this world we live in, jackie…you won’t
        find many things fair about it. Vybz thought he could chit
        on Jamaica’s front porch and the establishment would simply turn a blind eye up at his transgressions.
        Little did he know his days were numbered, and a pack of ravenous wolves were laying in wait just outside his door.
        Now that these wolves have him exactly where they want, he will not smell the sweet aroma of freedom again.
        They say his appeal could take five years to be heard. That will give the wolves ample time to plot/scheme and carry-out
        Vybz Kartel’s inevitable murder. Adidja Palmer will not see
        his 41st birthday. Mark my words.

      • As bad as kartel is, an he deserves to be where he is but me nah wish no death pon him. He is better of as a example to certain entertainer who don’t know the difference between music an badness

      • I’m not wishing death on anyone. His enemies will take care of that.
        In the immortal words of Alonzo Harris:
        This sh!t’s chess, it ain’t checkers.

      • jackie stephenson

        I beg to differ Kartel a no badman him think say him bad but him no bad him just a damn jackass a listen to people and keep bad company. Who bad a Jim Brown and him son dem Christopher dudus a dem bad a bet say kartel cant ramp wid dem

      • It’s not the lawyers when the government of Jamaica wants you behind bars for life they get thier way it’s just a corrupted system to keep the voice of the poor silence , the appeal court is and always works because with the evidence the prosecution came up with it looks like they made a move without faces to incriminate the men it’s a sad day for the poor as usual .

    • you make me confirm that some people are living too damn long – including you!