Popcaan On Vybz Kartel Life Sentence, “Its’s Sad”

Popcaan is perhaps the biggest artist to rise from under Vybz Kartel wings. But the former Portmore Empire deejay has been getting some bashing from Gaza fans in recent months for abandoning his mentor after his arrest in 2011.

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Earlier this year Vybz Kartel released a statement condemning Popcaan and Tommy Lee for what he called a betrayal.

In the lengthy statement, Vybz Kartel says both artists are no longer members of the Portmore Empire and should refrain from saying their members of the Gaza.

This is one of a few times Popcaan has spoken out about his thoughts on Vybz Kartel conviction and subsequent life sentence.

“It’s straight sadness,” Popcaan told Winford Williams of OnStage. “It’s not a good thing for the music because Vybz Kartel is the main artist that really hold up the business on a level so without Vybz Kartel things are kind of different. So it’s all sadness all the way around because Vybz Kartel bring out Popcaan in the world so me and them man their thing different still.”

Popcaan also opened up about his career on the international stage.


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