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Popcaan Drop Debut Album “Where We Come From” [Stream]

Popcaan release his debut album “Where We Come From” today.

The 13-track album hit stores and iTunes moments after midnight on June 10. Mixpak Records also sent Urban Islandz a listening of the full album which you can stream below.

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Rapper Pusha T, who is a close friend of Popcaan, is the only artist to be featured on the album on a single titled “Hustle.”

“We are proud of the album and proud of Popcaan growth in dancehall music,” a rep for the 23-year-old dancehall star told Urban Islandz. “We just want to thank all the fans for supporting the album and the music and thank all who work hard to make the album come together.”

Popcaan will be doing an album launch in Kingston later this month where he will perform live.

Listen to a stream for Popcaan album “Where We Come From” below.



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      • Thanks girl, One Luv…;-)

      • hows my wifey doing ?. Hope you enjoy your day .


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      • Gloria Thompson

        Back a Wall and Concrete Jungle animal dat…born and draged up

      • B—ch, I am a classy woman for your info. My kids aren’t criminals they are top US University and IVY LEAGUE STUDENTS. Let me remind you when I comment u come with your DUTTY replies to me. Me no follow JOHN CROW…For your info I am married to a handsome professional loving gentleman that don’t disrespect women the way you do. I wonder which woman drop you out pon u head. Me no need attention from a dummy like you. And I will go and comment wherever and whenever I want to me no need your permission. And I do have a wonderful life BOY ZEEN. DONE FOR REAL

      • i make you soo mad LOL . ikno your kids aint that smart stop it. u sound soo foolish .I would go and list the things about myself but it will take too long to do so .You fail to realize you always try n pree me on this site , i find it funny because you claim you don’t why would you always throwing subs towards me.Idc if your commenting on this site just stop commenting on “ME” i don’t need to see your name replying to anything i have comment on .What i told that man up top was that if he don’t like poppy he can gwan he didn’t need to come on the page and leave hateful message aginst the gaza yute who is trying to better himself.Now you and your lil fren dem need to stop being crabs in barrel and stop pree everything .Yall are foolish group of people .Salena n ZigZag N U talk dutty things on here not knowning young yutes do come on this site .I Have never disrespect you and if i did it only because you made me do so .After this i will not be reply towards silly tectics anymore .I hope you can move out your section 8 housing and save the lil bit of money you have to raise them lil criminals good . enjoy your day ugly.

      • Gloria Thompson

        U a dutty low class dutty liar. F OFF jump off a cliff. The only thing u can talk bout a u time in a prison when them JACK u up. U stinks dont worry I will not respond to your posts again. Disrespectful dawg…I am a Ivy League mom University of PA Philadelphia u have to carry weight big time to go dey boy. A my son that.

      • Gloria Thompson

        Glito, u worse than GARBAGE. BYE

      • Good he mess with the wrong person .

      • Gloria Thompson

        Nyc one, yes this JCAN can be nice and dutty when she have to be. Is people like them give JA a bad rap.

      • Oh and by the way, u say you can buy anything u want, a reminder money can’t buy CLASS. You will never have CLASS EVER..I am a landlord and I am doing real good. DAWG. I don’t watch those sleazy shows leave that for retards like you.

      • Gloria I agree 100 %he is all illerate jackass .

      • King you are loser pot belly pig .

      • Big time…LMFAO

    • Yet you took the time to click the article AND post a comment?

    • STFU then…

    • it’s ok, you’ll be ok, we won’t judge you for that. So, tell me what kind of music you like.

      • Melvin I love all types of music . I love all veteran reggae artistes . I grew in the late seventy to earlier 80s. For new artist in JA right now I like Bramma , Romain Virgo , and Christopher Martin . Alkaline is very talented I don’t know much about him . Every one has their favorites . Some of the Jamaican artistes who come and perform in the US they sings garbage . I don’t have a problem with new artist I pick who I like . Big up to Tessane she is a very good artist best of luck to her . .

      • NYC one, you can like who u want. I don’t really like most of dancehall. I like the older artists too. Stevie Wonder went to Chris Martin concert in LA he like him they exchanged numbers. Talking about singing garbage they can’t sing. One Luv