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Gaza Slim Says Vybz Kartel Life Sentence Devastated Her [VIDEO]

Gaza Slim says she is devastated by Vybz Kartel life sentence but she is coping with the help of god.

The former Portmore Empire singjay recently sat down with Winford Williams of Onstage where she opened up about the impact of Vybz Kartel conviction and life sentence.

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“When I heard I rolled on the ground and cry,” Gaza Slim said. “I was getting a lot of phone calls. But the first phone call I got was from my mom who told me that Kartel got 35 years and I told her she’s lying and she told me that she is watching it on TV. I don’t even like to think about it.”

Gaza Slim says she is just leaving everything in the hands of god. The “Independent Ladies” singer also opened up about her new gospel song and her Christian background.

“I always put god first in everything I do,” Gaza Slim said.


  1. jackie stephenson

    She has the Kartel name Addi tattooed on her shoulder she obviously was sleeping with him, the man who belonged to Shorty, Sharice, Sophia, and Amanda an God knows who else he breed just gross and I also seen a picture of chain with handcuffs around her neck

  2. jackie stephenson

    Vanessa go away if God listens to your nonsense then I dont wanna be on his team. Most Christians hide behind bandulu sins anyways

  3. funny how dem people ya always a talk bout how dem put God first and trust in the lord.

  4. MakavellisOffspring


    • jackie stephenson

      And she is very foolish also clearly her song is sending a powerful message in regards to her dilemma right then and there it is grounds to make you look guilty she should have just shut up until after her trial what a foolish dumb girl if you have a lawyer he should be advising you not to do this crap. This song clearly sounds like she knows she tell a lie pan Lizard which in fact makes it look like Lizard clearly is not alive how on earth can people kill and its not even self defense and how on earth can you have time and guts and energy to chop up someone fine fine. This bling girl deserves no mercy lock her up too an dash way di key

      • I never was more suspicious until I heard her sing and beg for mercy. Everyone is a Christian in jail and the should have stayed true to themselves because this whole act cast doubt to me.

      • jackie stephenson

        Good Elisa at least you are not being fooled by her I definately am not. Trust me Elisa if God puts up with her crap then I dont wanna be on his team. Yes he is suppose to be a forgiving God, yes we all make mistakes I certainly am not perfect but she absolutely needs to keep her mouth shut and let whatever will be be. she is such a moron.

      • I love Kartel and that he stand for being an individual and speaking out against the people that keep the poor down and telling the youth to be strong, but bling is just a groupie that got famous. Lots of girls do it, but let’s get real. I read a lot of court transcripts and feel like he had an unfair trial. Gaza slim Is a mess.

      • jackie stephenson

        yes i agree his trial was unfair but she with her have mercy on me song aint gunna fly

      • I had the same reaction. Like, oh hell no.

      • MakavellisOffspring


      • jackie stephenson

        Oh Makavellis cut the crap didnt mama tell you fi no make no woman fool you she wasnt scared of nothing she liked that thug life the kind kartel was living she enjoyed it and knew all his dirty little secrets of course. She slept her way right up through the industry she was no friend even her shadow was afraid of her go back and check through all her videos then you will see what I mean

  5. If Gaza put God first in everything she did than she wouldn’t be sitting down now telling the world that she puts God first in everything she does under such embarrassing contradicting circumstances.

    • jackie stephenson

      Right I have seen all Vanessas music videos and all she sing bout a pure fart and dress sleezy and open up her legs its the police to all

  6. Vanessa Bling! It would be better if you put your faith, along with a truck load of money in the the lawyers representing you at your upcoming trial. Money and lawyers are the only two things that can help you at this point in your life. Believing in anything else will get you nothing but an adjoining cell next to your beloved Addi.

    • jackie stephenson

      amen zig zag amen and amen and bravo duppy know who fi frighten make Vanessa move her backside money money money she already fond a new crew to par wid bright bout she a come out with gospel music my God who are the advisers for these clowns. Speaking ill of the dead is one thing although Lizard life was camouflage but tell lie pan a dead man is another and so help you God Lizard if you are still alive out there.

  7. Typical Jamaican to blast each other when everyone trying to get out of what this corrupted government is doing big for mercy girl Se of them enjoy what I’d happening to Jamaica they created crime when they the government started making honest mistakes with tax payers money yall should be begging for mercy too and not be blast g each other .

  8. Neutral Observer

    Jackie and Gloria, please exchange numbers and sort your debate out.

  9. She was having an affair with Kartel . That’s why people need to get their own life . Yes we all need a little help . Kartel did not set up none of these people financially he was all about him self . I do feel bad for her .

    • jackie stephenson

      she was more than sleeping with Kartel she sleep with other entertainers also dem type a girl de man

  10. Coward.

    Jesus is not feelin you, lil girl.

    However,Judas certanly is.

  11. jackie stephenson

    Grow up in a church an a skin out her pum pum in music videos please no make me laugh whether she backslide or not she is obscene and have no flavor. Must have respect for her body and her cat no make no boy come style you up me no sorry fi her an a di truth who me sorry for is kartel and Shawn Storm the rest a dem a set up and wannabe friends.

    • I hear what your saying but I don’t feel sorry for any of them. This is the kind of life they all chose to live and now they are paying the price. What I’m not comfortable with is the fact that they all decide to find God when their back is up against the wal but never when they were singing/djing their nastiness – they are all hypocrites! Fortunately for them God forgives

      • jackie stephenson

        I know I agree whole heartedly I keep commenting on here try and read some of my posts especially gaza slim aka vanessa bling me no sorry fi she dog nam she supper august

  12. jackie stephenson

    And speaking the truth is not being a hater you need to be put in check Gloria you seem to support these wack jobs who go around and buy friends and tell lie pan people yes we can forgive them but they also need to learn a lesson. Everybody wanna eat bread the whole fact of the matter is Vanessa was jealous of Lisa Hype and so on and problem child jealous of Shawn Storm and so on I know enough about them to make these comments Gloria

    • Gloria Thompson

      I hope all Jamaican artists learn from these artists that been going through the Justice System. Stay real and do right. One Luv…

      • jackie stephenson

        I know it is very sad all around but they need to know they dont run Jamaica they really did get an unfair trial but she will have to pay also cause God na sleep he forgives but he dont forget

    • Gloria Thompson

      I just don’t like to put negative vibe on people, she will face that in August. I am sure right now she is sorry for a lot of things she did. I must confess I really feel sorry for Kartel I wish he was not where he is now. JA lost a extremely talented artist. That’s my feeling on him even thou I have people who knew him telling me stuff.

      • jackie stephenson

        Lizard was no saint apparently he was charged and served time for rape he lived by the gun. The point is all these set a people were bad and leachers walked around and scared people bout gaza this and gaza that. they had too much war about who is the best and baddest dj thats why they kept guns

    • Tru, she seems really scared. Where is problem chils, him dead?

      • jackie stephenson

        Andre St John is aka mad suss and then Kahira jones that simple mean say problem child was never charged think think he wasnt even questioned and a him a instigate Vybz on the voice notes which makes you wonder if a set up on problem child part. Because him did grudge Shawn Storm cause he was an up and coming artist. If anyone should be in prison its problem child

      • Totally agree, he sound like a rat to me. Way he sound on them voicenotes, no doubt hes a rat. He needs to be in prison him n police could have killed boy lizard.

      • jackie stephenson

        oh yes and if you go back and listen to the voice notes over and over again you hear a passionate plea in his voice instructing vybz to dash way a man. like who does that? the guns were not his and had no concern of his they were between vybz who owns them shawn the main man and lizard the gun keeper like what the hell remember he was inquiring with vybz about shawn

      • Yeah, in last few notes to me it seems kartel realised he was set up and exploded,and man was laughin . How could they not see this in court? Also he said something that refferenced him being overseas

      • jackie stephenson

        cause they dont wanna see it they wanna be rid of him gaza gang was giving police problems they would even let police go in portmore. If lizard so fraid why make him a text him woman to call police why not call them yourself if your life is in imminent danger see until now we dont even know if the girl call police. And if Lizard so scared why him jump in a the taxi with Shawn a set up business ya man

      • Too much foolishness in this case, he has to win on appeal

      • Maybe he felt like if he didn’t go with them that his family would come to harm etc. Maybe he felt like he could talk his way out of it to an extent but just in case “baby call the police”. I don’t think he wanted to be that obvious and call the police then and there in the cab with everyone listening. Wasn’t he discreetly texting his gf? I’m pretty sure if he could he would’ve text the police.
        This whole case is messy and nothing is what it seems lol.
        Did his gf know about his criminal activities?

      • jackie stephenson

        Selena whats the matter with you, you lick you head or what lol but seriously Lizard was a career criminal he was on rape charges and gun charges as he stores guns for people and also thief people gun and sell fi money. You live by the gun you die by it dont believe any hogwash you hear. I am asking why him jump in a di taxi when he damn and know say all this problem is coming on him. He knew because Vybz had been waiting for the guns for weeks and then when it came down to it he gave him until 8pm that night. he knew he knew he knew what he got himself into. so if you know say you in a trouble why bother jump in a di taxi call the police and have them meet you where you are going.

      • Roflmao so let’s say he didn’t jump in the taxi what would’ve happen? But aren’t the police just as corrupted? Who did he rape?

      • jackie stephenson

        Hang on Selena just a second make me call di police dem and ask them who and who Lizard rape. If he didnt jump in the taxi he would either be alive or in jail or if he is still alive right now God knows maybe the cops gave him a lot of money and put him on another planet

      • Lol I only ask because you seem to know a lot. I meant the cirucmstances surrounding the rape. So I’m assuming the lawyers couldn’t mention his criminal activities. So why did his gf stay with an alleged or convicted rapist?

      • jackie stephenson

        Selena people are accused of things all the time thats where innocent until proven guilty came in but hang on let me call his so call girlfriend and ask her why she screwed a rapist.I will also call Joran Vandersloots wife and ask her why she married and got pregnant for him and I will also ask her where Natalee Holloways body is ok. Whats the point of mentioning Lizards criminal activities the so called dead mince meat man wasnt on trial Vybz Kartel was

      • Roflol but sometimes they do put the victim on trial if they felt that their alleged lifestyle may have played a role in their demise.

  13. Gloria Thompson

    She can ask GOD for MERCY, unlike us humans he is a forgiving GOD. She is beautiful and have an AMAZING voice. We need to stop being HATERS. Dear GOD have mercy on this young lady. Being poor in JA is so dam hard.

    • jackie stephenson

      Gloria I dont know where you get your facts or story from but Vanessa is far from poor she has a beautiful voice and have songs plus she leach off of Vybz and make money too. She deserves forgiveness yes but she needs to learn her lesson also you sleep with dogs you get fleas and people she mix and mingle with. She have interview with onstage and not one mention about Lizard not even a condolence everything is Kartel she wasnt a good friend to him anyways she knew what path he was taking

      • Gloria Thompson

        Was she born rich or grew up rich? Also how was lizard’s background? I don’t think Kartel would have a female giving him advise if whatever he was doing is right or wrong.

      • jackie stephenson

        Gloria she wasnt born rich she made her money off of entertainers like getting to know them so them can promote she case she sing alright still I know she is still young but she knows right from wrong. Honestly Gloria she is just like me when I was younger nammi nammi licky licky see more want more will do anything for more

      • Gloria Thompson

        Oh, ok. Bless

  14. jackie stephenson

    she is so wacked what is she gunna do in August hasnt she realized that all the people in Vybz Kartel circle are going down why she begging for mercy now? She was never a good friend either she knew he was in bad company why didnt she put him on the right path.

    • Kartel put himself where he is, he thinks he was above the law . It makes me so angry to see some one with such talent and throw it away . He was earning so much money . Fame change people . Most of them couldn’t even go inside the court room . You are 100 percent correct I said the same thing most of them were leaches .

    • She couldn’t put him on the right path u know why Jackie because they’re all leeches and dem can’t talk to hard to kartel and everybody know dat. She had to mek the call to da police or else she would of end up dead to. Comin from someone weh know Addi personally. A nuff tings dem man deh do a road trust me pon dat girl she or no one can chat to da boss a suh him stay Uzimi ignorant!

  15. jackie stephenson

    Just like I have said before I never liked her and never will cause she wasnt a good friend none of them were they were all just lost sheeps following each other and money and fame now Kartel hand in a lion mouth.

    • Gloria Thompson

      What have she done to you for you to hate her so much. Also she was brought up in church, she didn’t just find GOD because of trouble. And even if that’s the case he still HEAR her PLEA.

      • jackie stephenson

        Miss Gloria I did not say I hated her just cause I said what I said doesnt meant I hate her she is in fact a very beautiful girl she does deserve forgiveness but she also needs to be called out. She devastated Vybz gone a prison but she isnt devastated she tell lie bout a dead man rob her if in fact Lizard really is dead cause thats questionable also. Just another foolish girl.

      • Gloria Thompson

        So she did go along with saying she was robbed by lizard, which she shouldn’t have done if she knew its not true. Now she will be fighting for her freedom come August. I feel it for these young JA young ladies who sometimes don’t have the right parents to guide them. I listened to the song she sound good.

      • jackie stephenson

        The day kartel get the 35 yrs is her mother call she and tell she and she never believe that goes to show how much she is interested now him gone a jail she will find someone else to leach until her prison time come. As far as Kartel not listening to female my point is that he never had any good female around him to advise him period all were about money the man have 4 babymothers or more. Shorty, Sonya, Amanda, Sherika and Sharice and 7 kids

    • She had to know some of what was going on around Kartel . She lied if Lizard was some ones sister they would not like her .

      • jackie stephenson

        Of course she damn and know everything no follow her ya hear make she stay dey her bread butter and slice both sides

      • I grew up very poor in JA it’s sad what some of these young people will do for fame . Anytime I saw her she was up under Kartel ass .

      • jackie stephenson

        She was up under all the entertainers ass she soon get it up her ass