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Gaza Slim Distance Herself From Vybz Kartel Freaky BBM Messages

Gaza Slim says she is not into the freakiness with Vybz Kartel.

Last week Urban Islandz showed you some leaked Blackberry Messenger messages alleged sent between Vybz Kartel and his protege Gaza Slim.

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Screenshots of the raunchy conversation were sent to Urban Islandz from an anonymous source.

But Gaza Slim has firmly denied that she sent out the messages.

“I wouldn’t write something like that, I don’t know about that, and I am not into that,” Gaza Slim told the Star.

She also added that people are always on social media pretending to be her.

When we contacted the source of the messages, he told us that the messages are very real and was extracted from a phone owned by Vybz Kartel. The source also said there are more messages to come.


  1. Well seet deh Shawn storm beat up Di Teacha inna jail..Shawn as a loyal soldier to Addi Neva know seh he could have been killed just like lizard, until he heard da unedited Voicenotes w/ Kartel & Problem Child. A good, Shawn buss up him mouth an face to rass..from sendin treats to ppl family to now kartels family getting treats, How dos it feel??? More videos an pics to come out..One of a headless body with blood everywhere (which is so called lizards dead body)..and video of da actual killing!! Stay tuned in for Kartel getting charged for more murders (100 murders him & his crew r linked too) including the mortician that cremated lizards body and in January she went missing (they killed her ca she knew too much & was da weak link) the charge with gaza slim & pimpin. It’s just the beginning..u live by da gun, u die by it..u chuck badness, it will come back to rassclot haunt u tr&&!!

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  3. Why the hell would the police leak these things? It has absolutely nothing to do with the case. Why would professional police officers leak all these things? Clearly they are trying to tarnish Kartels name. The more they leak things that have nothing to do with the case and that only serve to try and tarnish his name, the more they prove that this is all a set up and all the evidence was just as fabricated as these leaks. So keep leaking ur only helping Vybz.

  4. aint got nothing to do with the case!

  5. It’s too late for her to distance herself, from this. She has no class. Nasty and low. Hope she goes back to school, get educated and find someone who’ll respects her and her body. Oh, only if she starts acting like a lady and not a dog, though. Nuff more left fi come out. Wait and see.

  6. I know they talk like that but damn they spell that way too.

  7. This “source” has the phone? Then this “source” must b a police officer cuz the phones still in possession of the police. They make me sick.

  8. They are not going to stop mash up him name till he dead & gone! & even den dem a still badmind addi! Bt its cool tho. Like the jesus seh, he who has no sin, trow da first stone!

  9. Ppl believe non of wat u here, & some of wat u see! & if he did freak wit her, so wat!


    • True. What’s the point of saying that though? How many here are hardcore dancehall artiste that bunn it out on every track? Uno find all sart a way fi defend uno god every action. Him ungle leff fi come chop up uno fine fine too. Damn ass.

      • That’s what I at the end of da day everything dem hear bout Kartel dem seh “no a lie dat” and “him Neva do dat” an Rae Rae Rae uzimi..If him did kill one a dem family memba dem, they would want him in deh fi LIFE wouldn’t scream “FREE WORL BOSS” doh…awoh lmao???? Dyam fool dem

  11. Come on I don’t know about the text messages but Kartel already mud that up plain and simple so she is a liar .

  12. If this was leaked from Kartel’s Phone why would it say “received one minute ago” unless kartel was taking screenshots of his own conversations which doesn’t make much sense.

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