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Shabba Ranks On Vybz Kartel Life Sentence & Dancehall Image [VIDEO]

Shabba Ranks converged on Jamaica last month to record his first single in Jamaica in over a decade.

The dancehall legend drew a large crowd of spectators everywhere on the island that he popped up.

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Winford Williams of OnStage caught up with the Ranks at the old skate land in Kingston. In the interview Shabba opened up about his thoughts on Vybz Kartel conviction and the current state of dancehall music.

“It’s not goo but the justice system has to do what the justice system has to do… But where a ghetto youth who is talented and him might seeing some progress it don’t look good,” Shabba Ranks said.

“I man never expect them type of things from a rude boy, but the system has to do what the system has to do, we in the street we just have to pray for him because it’s not everyone can go to prison because if everyone go to prison then no one will be here free… It’s not for for the music,” Shabba Ranks added.

Shabba Ranks also said dancehall will go ahead.

Watch the interview below.


  1. Wow! Just Wow! Shabba is the real deal. He tells the truth as if he was born and bred to do just that. I especially liked how he represented his wife and family with that band of gold around his ring finger. Not too many men can rep and present in that fashion nowadays.
    If I hear he’s coming to my town anytime soon, I’m going to throw some dollars on that show. Not monkey money either…gorilla money!

  2. Kirkland Jason Edwards

    Always fun to watch him… Ah my all time DJ this, the stinking one!!!

  3. Kartel let fame and money get to his head . He associate with the wrong people .Kartel was trying to be a big dan in his area .

  4. big up shabba real talk

  5. Big up d real king of dancehall make kartel stay a jail and f..k batty dwn there becuz we all knw him love the back door

  6. jackie stephenson

    Shabba is not ugly at all he is actually a bit handsome I remember in the early 90s people would make fun of him but ya he is keeping it real what can you do Kartel made his bed the wrong way. You keep you friends close and your enemies closer and sometimes your friends are you worst enemies. Betrayal usually comes from the ones you love.