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Beenie Man Talks D’Angel Cheating, Vybz Kartel Life Sentence [VIDEO]

Beenie Man is the girl them sugar but that doesn’t stop his girlfriends or wife from cheating on him.

Beenie Man stopped by the Breakfast Club on Power 105.1 with Charlamagne Tha God, DJ Envy and Angela Yee last week where he opened up about women cheating versus men cheating, as well as, his thoughts on Vybz Kartel conviction and subsequent life sentence.

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When asked by Angela Yee if his ex-wife cheated on him, Beenie Man says women cheat.

“These things happen everyday, women cheat and just keep on cheating,” Beenie Man said. “So all you have to do is go ahead and move on… You meet the girl, you date the girl, you get her pregnant, you married her, she cheated, you divorce the girl.”

Beenie Man said he has not gone to visit Vybz Kartel in prison since his arrest in 2011 but send his prayers to the embattled dancehall star.

The self-proclaim King of the Dancehall also said dancehall music will go on because Vybz Kartel is just one guy.

Watch the interview below.


  1. You see all the time – just cos man are singers etc don’t mean they are sensible – wife up Thots n strippers all the time. see it on road and you see it in celebrities – pimping aint easy playa….

  2. jackie stephenson

    Gaza Slim a run to Jesus now because she know she in a battyhole

  3. angel love money beenie spend it

  4. Gloria Thompson

    You are so right about the unnecessary cursing, because they may not agree with a simple post. I totally agree with you.

  5. Beenie comes off as a little arrogant at times….he forgets he is dealing with americans that do not know better!

    • jackie stephenson

      Thats because he is an arrogant fool bout its ok fi man cheat and ray ray and how him cheat pan him ex wife nuff times no wonder the woman give him bun. These entertainers are bringing down the name of reggage and dancehall big time. Dem feel say dem liccle liccle dibi dibi gal way a follow dem a run dem down is all that can give them ratings when in fact it is ruining their careers. Like that babymother of Vybz Kartel name Amanda bout she know say she a share but she no care what kind of a mentality is that? Just like a classmate I had who go breed fi Demarco when he came Canada and keep show and he have women all around the world

  6. Unno foo fool for real. in the voicenote you clearly hear kartel say him mek the boy dem dash way one woman. so what dat mean? Where is the rest of the voicenote wey Kartel say dem chap up lizard fine fine? And why unno always trace one another over a simple post? Unno need to stop .

  7. jackie stephenson

    Elaine must be a beanie man groupie who a give him liccle piece bright beanie man is a clown straight

  8. Tis pork head dread boy a nuff DJ smash d angel all mr Lexus did a smash that one time . Bennie man is the biggest gyal clown Ina dancehall and kartel is the biggest dunce inna dancehall .

  9. He look annoyed when he was asked about the kartel sentence

    • jackie stephenson

      Riiiiight and I dont know why. But this whole thing a set up trust me why you a text woman fi call police and a bet say she never call that if she even believe him bout she a go pray fi him that mek sense to you? A man a go kill me I not going nowhere in no taxi old fool dem a set up. The only one need fi be in a jail is problem child cause in a di voice note them he is a instigator a tell Vybz fi dash way a man.

      • Right. If it was a case in the states, they would have any and everyone including the taxi driver at the trial. They left out a whole bunch of people.

      • Martel is Satan the devil

    • Him never kill no one like kartel

      • How is that relevant to what I said? Other artist are constantly asked by interviewees what they think about the kartel outcome and he has been asked alot more than once im pretty sure so he looks annoyed of the QUESTION

  10. jackie stephenson

    I am mad at Beanie, Buju, Bounty, Kartel, Ninja man and to name a few all had it all but mek fame money fortune bad friends and bad minded people lead them astray. You dont need to breed a bag of women to be in the game those who follow you like that and throw themselves at you are nasty groupies. They think its cool to raise kids without a father its not cool at all money cant buy love at the end of the day its all about the money.

    • buju nuh mek nuh body stray him him did just at the wrong place at the wrong time bounty & bennie is a free man dem nuh deh a prison so how dem stray

      • jackie stephenson

        You missed my point that they all have bad reputations and it is because of bad minded ill minded people around them enough said jealous ones still envy

      • Read you Bible you need counselling

      • Gloria Thompson

        Bennie and Buju a my SUGGA. LOL

      • Gloria Thompson

        I believe Buju was setup, that’s y u got to be careful who u call friend.

      • No him simple mind Anyway its not a good thing to take them heavy drugs when he vpme out he be drug free. Its the best place for him. Maybe he would have been died

      • Yea Gloria dem set him up a real ting a so mi feel 2

      • he was not setup . He knew what he was getting himself into .

      • Everybody in a jail get set up. A only innocent people a keep jail house. All the guilty people set up innocent people and everybody else either too stupid to see it or they in on it…smh wid confused souls..according to these fans all dem artists innocent yet dem still deh. Nobody send call them but they set up

      • Yo shut up if u don’t know the facts buju was set up did u know buju had a meeting with the battyboy dem in a tampa Florida 2 weeks before he got arrested and they want him to do a song saying it’s ok for a man to live and do what they please and buju truned the down and say if he do a song like that what is he going to tell is people them and leave the meeting and then 2 weeks later he was set up by one of America biggest drugs informer this man is used to set up big drugs kartel what is he doing in buju level when he’s way above that

      • take buju dick out ya mouth son . they had buju on tape tastin the coke ya fool . buju the one set up the meeting maybe he aint kno they were informers but they were .

      • jackie stephenson

        I dont feel sorry for Buju he is a grown ass man who been around the game a long time to know better he was sampling the coke who does that?

      • Man tap u noise…everything a conspiracy theory fi some people..I can tell u from experience I have been around a lot of these ppl in the music fraternity and who nah push wed a push coke take it from me….if u no want do drugs nobody cya force u…buju was looking to expand what he was already doin…u think a normal man put coke a dem mouth fi taste quality? U affi inna the biznizz fi years n have experience fi do dat..face the facts man its all about money and greed

      • jackie stephenson

        Please dont make me laugh and gimme a break please buju get what the duck get. A long time he doing his silly things dont let him fool you he is an adult trouble dont set like rain when you see it then you run. Greed is what bringing some of these entertainers down, badmind also and some of them rich till dem tun fool.

      • Gloria Thompson

        I give u a break, and u can laugh all you want to. I am not one to beat and bad mouth someone when they are down. You wasn’t there so you don’t know what really happen. And if it is so everyone deserve a second chance before the beat down. If he come out and the same thing happen then it’s different. Also would you be feeling the same way if he was a close family member?

      • jackie stephenson

        Gloria who are you talking about if you talking about Kartel its one thing but beanie man is another

      • Gloria Thompson

        Jackie, if you look at your reply to me, it was about Buju that’s who I was talking about. And that’s who you replied about.

      • U r so blind. …the law is the law…dont wanna be behind bars dont cross the law….u do the crime u do the time family or not right is right n wrong is wrong…

      • are you stupid . BUju is the one that set up the meeting . He was the one who tasted the coke you dummy . Buju knew wtf he was doing .mi lost ratings for him

      • U was there yuh madda dum fi have a king fish like u by di way weh the f##k fish a do pon land go back inna the sea

      • stfu and go read a book . u sounding like a damn fool

      • I got more education dan yuh woman beater
        & everyday mi read more dan one book so how mi fi be a fool.yuh f##king fish

      • thats good for you .

      • Gloria Thompson


      • jackie stephenson

        Yes at least you are caught and know what a go on Buju did taste the coke and moreover he is a grown ass man he should know better imagine how many people him a feed coke to.

      • thats what im saying and hes suppose to be a rasta

      • Gloria Thompson

        Let’s just pray and hope this is a big wake up call for him. And he is a changed man when he is outside again. Also those around him that was doing coke, I am sure he didn’t force them they did it of their own free will. Blessings Buju

      • Gloria Thompson

        You know it’s so hard for me to bash someone when they are down. I also feel really sorry for Kartel in my heart. I wish he had taken a different path in life.

      • jackie stephenson

        I dont feel sorry for Kartel he put a lot of people down and he was an accident waiting to happen, but he definately didnt get a fair trial, who I feel sorry for is Shawn Storm that kid has talent and he is not stupid he knows Kartel will kill him if he squeal I hope they win their appeal though and he stays far away from Kartel.

      • Gloria Thompson

        I hear Kartel did stuff, but I don’t like to believe what I can’t prove. He is so talented it’s such a waste. I feel sorry for Storm too. The trial was certainly a sham. And I hope for them to win the appeal too. But it might not happen because I really think the JA govt want to keep Kartel locked away.

      • jackie stephenson

        Gloria you are absolutely right Kartel is and was no saint he did do a lot of bad things to people I think he felt in order to remain popular he had to play bad man. But in all honestly at least 2 of those guys will win their appeal because there is some reasonable doubt there. As for Kartel yes its true they dont want to see him walking the streets as he was a bad example its sad all around such a waste and talent. He had energy and talent but he only wasted it sleeping with and getting all kinds of women pregnant then brags about it thats whats really coming back to haunt him. He even does interviews where he is talking about people being jealous about it through because dem know say him sleep with dem sister, auntie, mother and grandmothers like who says those things that just gross.

      • Gloria Thompson

        Wow, never heard that. Well guess when u locked up and alone, u have a lot of time to think and wish you hand taken a different path in life. I know Jamaican Police, and Justice System can be very unfair depend on who you are. Being a JCAN myself.

      • Gloria Thompson

        Lol mother, and grandmother.

      • How u mean buju no stray? Why a man with the amount of miney n fame need to be selling drugs? You think that was the first time buju be hustling? And how u mean beenie n bounty stray? All a dem involved in illegal activities even tho they have no need to be


      • Not because dem no inna prison mean say dem nah do nuttn…nuf a dem stray cuz of greed and is only a matter of time before things reveal

      • Bounty r Beenie a nuh bad man & if dem do involve inna wrong doing it cant be nothing serious r big a dat mi a seh 876 a nuh every artist bad a just music some a dem bad fi real but nuh all a dem

    • None of your business

  11. jackie stephenson

    Beanie man need fi put a lock between him two space teeth dem and stop chat pure fart he is a pig just like his ex wife

  12. He got played, can’t turn a ho into a housewife…