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Lil Wayne Preps New Single “Side B*tch”

Lil Wayne says the side b*tches are always winning.

The YMCMB rapper put his fans on high alert for a new single titled “Side B*tch.” Lil Wayne posted episode 14 of his Weezy Wednesdays series last week where he previewed the song inspired by his own relationships.

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Check out some of the lyrics:

I can’t wait until she my b*tch
Cause right now, I’m just her side b*tch
She gotta ni**a she can ride with
Lord, I’m so tired of being her side b*tch

In the video Lil Wayne also showed a contract that he has which he outline the terms for being his side chick.

Peep the video below.

One Comment

  1. Snippet sounds like early auto-tune Wayne, but this “side chick” movement has to stop.. you even got dudes wanting to be “sides” to these girls.