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Justin Bieber Under Fire After Racist Video Leaked Online

Justin Bieber is defending himself today against his black friends and black mentor after a video surfaced online of the pop star making a racist joke.

The first surfaced on a British tabloid website. But TMZ says they received the video over 4 years ago but did not published it back then because Bieber was only 15 years old.

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In the distasteful video, Bieber was seen making a joke about black people being afraid of chainsaws.

“Why are black people afraid of chain saws?” His punchline, repeatedly saying, “Run N****r.”

According to the celebrity gossip blog, Bieber will be making a statement on the video in the coming days because he feels very badly about it.

I doubt Justin Bieber is a racist but the video is very distasteful.

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  1. At the end of the day this dude will always have his ‘white’ culture to fall back on.

  2. fire bun him fi that a f##ker him vex cause nuh matta weh him seh black people a the best in everything a that a bun him

  3. Black people still gonna love him – watch.

    • KaribbeanKing4Lyfe

      but of course man, they may complain about white people but in their hearts they love them more than their own afro-american culture they put down everday not being nice to each others. they rather unite with the white man more than their own kind

  4. KaribbeanKing4Lyfe

    I tell you man, ne**o’s of america caused this unto themselves soo what’s new? oh nothing the same old the same old. ne**o’s of america love the white man so much more than their culture who can’t unite but run to the white man for unity (because ne**o’s self hate themselves) and secureness until in the end the white man will turn against them behind closed doors talking bad behind their backs and then smile in the ne**o faces afterward not confessing to them that I talked bad about you. smh man smh

  5. That’s what most young white people do when blacks aren’t around or sneak it in when there is one token black person to appear hip.

    • KaribbeanKing4Lyfe

      blame the afro-american/ne**o thug males for this mess accepting him and give him a pass to act african american black giving him access pass to say the n-word. ne**o’s love to bhuild white people up while at the same time the white people is being racists towards them

      • You are digging too deep, this kid is just a wigger with black friends. He had no place to fit in the industry and the rappers took him in.

      • KaribbeanKing4Lyfe

        just like all the dumb hood ne**o’s of america can’t see certain whites are racists but wanna become your friend cause its kool to hang and act black but when they are around with their own white friends they make fun of african americans

      • What’s up with the term “hood ne**os” and your avatar.. Just saying.

      • KaribbeanKing4Lyfe

        but that’s their names in america man and they love calling themselves that name just like the n-word. what’s wrong with my avatar you say but I don’t see what’s wrong with it at all. you don’t like the art work or something and besides the avatar is the source of my powers just like the sun to superman cause without it i’m weak and people can easily defeat my INFAMOUS WORDS which is also my second powers

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      • KaribbeanKing4Lyfe

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      • If you haven’t lived in any American hood, you can’t speak on it, in my opinion.. I don’t get your actual dilemma here, every place has their common criminals, it may not be visible, but anything can happen.

      • KaribbeanKing4Lyfe

        I walk past there every d@m day and have friends around there on purpose to get information about the afro-american communities and what’s go on around there, lets just say i’m using them to get juicy information so I can tell the truth on “B0SSIP SITE AND THIS SITE” to the people of the world haaaaaaa ha ha ha ha ha haaaaa ha ha ha ha ha

      • I’m at work trying to comprehend, you must be home thinking of ways to amuse yourself …

      • KaribbeanKing4Lyfe

        but of course because i’m a internet “STAR” on his site so I must amuse viewers with my truth about afro-american/ne**o’s of america plus they are very racists too

      • Gloria Thompson


      • I am Canadian! I don’t play that chit, whiteboy!

      • KaribbeanKing4Lyfe

        Canadian black I hope not because you have no culture over there also and compare to new york Canadian blacks are puzzies and not violent like new york city

      • Yup! Us Canadian Blacks are more likely to help each other out than to shoot one another over a couple of rocks, basketball shoes, or the latest Marmot Mammoth coat. I guess our culture is to blame.

      • KaribbeanKing4Lyfe

        sorry that’s the afro-americans in america and I wasn’t born in the U.S.A.

      • Gloria Thompson

        Where were u born? I won’t hold my breath waiting for you to answer.

      • KaribbeanKing4Lyfe

        then don’t because I came from the heavens and got sent here on this lousy earth to follow g0d commands because of adam and eve dumb mistake that they made now all mankind have to suffer cause of them two. I represent not the earth I live in but the heavens only. I hope you didn’t suffocate and die yet because you still have to wait for my reply back and sorry I took sooooo long to answer back

      • I completely understand you now! I wasn’t aware psychiatric patients had access to the internet. At least the general public is safe now that you’ve been institutionalized.

      • KaribbeanKing4Lyfe


      • Gloria Thompson

        LMFAO..HA HA HE HE

      • Are you a Canadian Caribbean person? I hear you guys don’t like to be refer to as African Americans? So what happens when you relocate to America? Are you cool with being refer to as a African American? I know it isn’t that serious but maybe it is?

      • KaribbeanKing4Lyfe

        we are not refer to as that to the afro-americans but being called coconuts, if a white african came to america to live do they get to be called “AFRICAN AMERICAN”?. how about a real african from africa if he came to america to live idiot. do the native Indians get to be called a african american too even though they were there in america first and their skins are dark too? figure it out stupid

      • “we are not refer to as that to the afro-americans but being called coconuts,”

        Even after reading this several times I still don’t know what the f#ck you’re talking about!


      • We Caribbean people have to check off coconuts as race. roflol I have heard people refer to Caribbeans as that though.

      • KaribbeanKing4Lyfe

        my point is I don’t like afro-americans in america because they are some racists people of america worst than white peoplof america

      • It’s ok, whiteboy! We’re all adults here. You can say it without feeling guilty. You hate all us ni99az!

      • KaribbeanKing4Lyfe

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      • Gloria Thompson

        Roll on my bed, LMFAO

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      • KaribbeanKing4Lyfe

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      • Roflmao You actually think that old white lady would be able to tell the difference? Are you going to be dressed different? What if you wear a ski mask? How she gon tell you from the Islands? I just wondering.

      • KaribbeanKing4Lyfe

        so you go by what the white american people say when g0d himself made different cultures? do you go by what men say when they call you a beyotch and a golddigging hoe?

      • No, Salena. I was Born and raised in Canada like my father, grandfather and his father before him. My maternal grandparents hail from St. Micheal in Barbados. Those who don’t know me can easily get on my bad side by referring to me as anything else but a Canadian. I’m not African-American, Afro-Canadian, or even West-Indian. I find such labels highly offensive since I wasn’t born in Africa, or the West Indies.

        I have three family members buried at Beechwood Cemetery in Ottawa. They fought and died defending my right to be called a Canadian. I will not disrespect their memory by allowing myself to be labeled in any way. So, you’re wrong in that regard…I take it all very seriously.

      • OMG you like me lol. I get confused with the term African American. African moved to the U.S. they have to tick A.A. on papers etc.

      • I should count my lucky stars that I only have to tick, Visible Minority on government docs. The thing I find extremely funny about some American states is the fact that they list a person’s race on their driver’s license. They can’t tell by looking at the picture and comparing it to the person they’re talking to? WTF?!

      • But then again there’s the black Latinos. To the average person they look black. They don’t consider themselves African American or Afro Caribbean they consider themselves Latinos. I usually could tell the black Latinos because I’m from the Islands.

      • KaribbeanKing4Lyfe

        just like all the dumb h00d ne**o’s of america can’t see certain whites are racists but wanna become your friend cause its kool to hang and act black but when they are around with their own white friends they make fun of african americans

      • Yeah…that makes a whole lot of sense! Blame blacks for Beiber’s racially insensitive joke! I bet you’re bright enough to blame Blacks for hanging by their necks off trees in the American South fifty, or sixty years ago. It was the fault of Blacks that caused white supremacist nutbars to blow up the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham murdering 4 little Black girls in ’63. It was the fault of Blacks that led to the dragging death of Jame Byrd in ’98 in Jasper Texas. In your putrid mind, it was the fault of Blacks that caused four white men to rape Betty Jean Owens down in Florida in ’59. Yup! It’s all the fault of Blacks!

      • KaribbeanKing4Lyfe

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      • Thanks for confirming all my suspicions about you, whiteboy!
        You just got played like a vintage ’67 Fender Stratocaster.


      • KaribbeanKing4Lyfe

        and your point is again about me? and so.

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      • KaribbeanKing4Lyfe

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        Please, if you can…explain to me what these three elements of your avatar has got to do with your God; the Stars & Bars flag, the hooded Klanman’s robe, and the noose! How does all that relate to your God of the Bible?

      • KaribbeanKing4Lyfe

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      • Gloria Thompson

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      • KaribbeanKing4Lyfe

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    • KaribbeanKing4Lyfe

      bl@me the afro-american/ne**o thug males for this mess accepting him and give him a pass to act african american black giving him access pass to say the n-word. ne**o’s love to build white people up while at the same time the white people is being racists towards them.

  6. What’s interesting is how Biebs has no shame or hesitation in telling the joke knowing full well that the cameras are rolling, which ought to tell something about his attitude.

    Of course the question is how much ‘big bucks’ was offered to keep this all under wraps?