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Mavado Respond To Bounty Killer, Call Diss Songs “Garbage”

Mavado responded to Bounty Killer two diss tracks that were released last week and not in a very pleasant way.

Bounty Killer, who mentored Mavado in the early part of his career, launched an onslaught against the We The Best deejay when he dropped two diss track.

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But Mavado says he has no intentions of responding or engaged with Bounty Killer in any lyrical feud. Mavado went as far as calling the songs “garbage.”

“I heard a couple of songs and I mean those are not songs those are garbage,” Mavado told Zip Fm. “Those songs where are they going to go they are not even going to past the airport so why should I even bother listening to them. It doesn’t matter to me because I won’t give any of them the time of day. Think about it Gully Gad I don’t have to call any of them name. They are the ones who always have to be calling David Brooks name.”

Bounty Killer name drop Mavado in his diss tracks calling the singjay Gully Pad, his version of Gully Gad.

Mavado says the fallout between himself and Bounty Killer is all about envy and grudge.

“You done know how it go because you have entertainers out there that got their chance in life to be where they could have been if they put in the right work and not feeling as if they are god almighty… You can’t feel as if when you mash up your thing you ago sit down and badmind another man thing and try fight against a man… David Brooks never fight against a man yet and right now it’s all about envy and grudge,” Mavado added.

Do you think Bounty Killer and Mavado should end this beef?

Sound off in comments below.


  1. A wa dis? Envy and grudge? smh! Killa nuh fi envy and grudge no man cause Killa has already achieved iconic status..the man is a legend and still many arent giving him the respect due…Killa has principles he will not compromise Him naa sell out or bow out Killa isnt greedy to do whatsoever ourageous things for money. Ungreatful dogs bitting the hand that fed them..see this skinny boy Vado in the gully with Killa u want to know who he was..who was pivotol in helping you from where you were to where you are now? See say some man sell out and forget where they came from bout money dont change them…smh he cant even sing the song now..when Killa putting Jamaica out there and doing so much for Regaae and Dancehall where was Mavado and these other fools who keep uttering thier frivolous nonsense…Killa is the only artise from JA who ever performed at the super bowl in USA..he even appeared on Def poetry..where Killa reached these artistes who think theyre so hot that they can burn even fire will never reach..You notice there music drops and is so hot but fades quickly? Killas music are classical life applications, everyday experiences..reality “Down inna di ghetto” “look into my eyes”….so many classical songs which wont ever fade..Some man need fi know and understadn themselves…Killa responsible for most of these hot acts and so many others were inspired by him

  2. Bounty killa and all a dem a idiot. So everytime Ja artists fall out or have an argument they make a song. Woman dem be? Thought only pop singers do that lmao. An oh yee sheep as soon as a diss track drop you numbskulls start war too. They getting your money so their hate pays wat is your excuse? ?? You would think fans would learn from Big an Pac. My opinion SHUT UP WITH THE B*ING AND MEK MUSIC so tyad of the dancehall badman war…please real bad man no mek diss track. If you need to go there you showing they got you hurt…I never see real bad man ack like female so….sorry I am a woman so I can say that…bad man no drop wud

  3. u bite the hands that feed u u shall suffer mofrado ungreatfull and if u dont reply u career done

    • He no need reply and I wish he dont. Look what happen with Kartel. Man should rise above that mess. How it start is petty on Bounty. Somebody give you an opportunity and you talent carry you…why should you stay in their shadow or kowtow. Bounty wuss than Diddy

  4. mofrado need fi answer cause rite now in the street it no look go fi him a him start the war and now him a run and a call killa songs dem garbage fu**in traitor judas

  5. GrungGaadZillA & dem know this me link killa na diss no artist a dem diss first & when him defend himself him badmind

  6. mofrado u really a diss u general u mentor u idol the man who help u music career the man who tek u out a the gully your so ungreatfull and right now me done wid u straight

  7. All Of Killa Well Wishers S*ck Unnu Madda Unnu Nuh C Vado A The Real Boss The Goat Head BwOy Just Bad MInd Cause The Man Get BiggerThan Him A Pu**y That.

  8. send traitor to hell


  9. send traitor to hell

    yes the traitor has final broken is silence what a judas say bounty killer diss tracks r garbage what a traitor

  10. I can’t understand you people if your working for someone and you learn a trade r see that you can start a business for your self wouldn’t you do it to make your own money wtf Bounty leave the youth alone r you a slave driver u want everybody to work for you to get paid do your thing and let the man do his no hard feeling your a general stand on your own 2 fu**ing feet that’s what’s the man is doing .

  11. Mafrado is a big bloodcl*t coward!!!!! S*ck yuh mother David Brooks

  12. I agree with Movado Bounty put him self where he is . Bounty goes on Winford Williams taking about him no want visa he is full of a hit every artist wants to travel . I don’t agree with the flyer situation what Movado did Bounty was correct but I guess there is more to this mess . It’s seems to be grudge ful and bad mind has a lot to do with this .

    • I still think Movado needs to remember where he is coming from .

      • come on ah bere f—ry bounty toilet paper ah sing as weh worl boss say ah bere noise em ah mek he nah say nun. bounty voice gettin to old even me granny can sing voice ah betta song dan dat

      • bounty is toilet paper nuh? thats why you use it in your kitchen? youre a dunce.

      • Ross Margarette

        Yes killa is a bit-h a-s bully that beats women

      • player hater gully pad


    kartel seh him f yuh madda and yuh a beg friend come on mofrado.

  14. Edwards Kirkland

    Then if bounty killer isn’t relevant to you, then do you doing dis song aim at him… Come on gully pad you think anybody have monkey brain like yuh… Dunce bat


    since him a mek such a fuss bout connie a killa mek yuh rich so dat connie a run back a yuh punk.di gad ting get to yuh head box di police yuh cause yuh friend fi wid it.

  16. movado sacrifice connie fi become more famous and wealthy……….bout him a diss d general who bring him from nothing 2 something……kmft…f—ing illuminati puppet!!!!! ALLIANCE FI LIFE……GRUNG GAD!!!!!!!

  17. yes because nobody in the world is allowed to talk in third person, that right is for kartel, lets called the english authorities and let dem kno that speakin in third person is reserved for one person.. smh i tell u bout ppl

  18. Stephen Higgins

    The Gully Pad – is like a fool you buk in the street that full of tuff chat until you step to him –

  19. Mavado di real boss has spoken, who else going to defend this woman beater. Any man who beats a woman not right in his head and have issues. Don’t defend the goat face, let his true colors shine.

    • Stephen Higgins

      When this fool a diss Killa it was not envy & grudge – but when killa respond – him envy and grudge you – real fu cking dunce cant even construct his own response have to pirate the Bleacha

      • How you love follow man so, different discussion yet you coming at me. Your warlord beat woman, defend him.

      • Stephen Higgins

        Like all men Killa have him failings – But he is honorable and true – unlike the dunce head Gully Pad who cant even construct a simple tweet – bout the song are garbage I can bet me life the fool cant spell garbage

      • Stop using Kartel disses, he said that during their feud..

      • real talk me link da gal ya a player hater and a gully pad


      • Ask his wife^ he even admitted on OnStage that he has anger issues and needs to stop beating women. This guy is mentally deranged thinking people gonna bow down to him. Mavado gets respect from all major artist abroad, but Killa won’t acknowledge that.

      • who name one artist who respect mofrado and worst him start diss the man who help is music career a ting wid foreign artist they dont like snitch and mofrado is one player hater

      • Anywayyyyyy…

      • gully gal beat old man infront his teenage son…so whats the different…u mayb beat ur gal or man too

    • killa the boss….when kartel and the killa inna envy gully gal was up front inna the war…just fi betray the killa…killa dont have to worry about gully gal because him hype some come down like how the nasty gulky come down

  20. So Mavado is referring to himself in third person now? Wonder who inspired him to do that…