Bounty Killer Dish Out Two Mavado Diss Tracks

Bounty Killer has finally respond to a recent jab at him from Mavado in the form of two new hard hitting diss tracks.

As most of you may have already know Mavado and Bounty Killer fell out in 2012 after an incident at the dancehall legend’s birthday bash at a night club in Kingston that left Mavado’s close friend dead.

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Since then Mavado drop a few subliminal shots at Bounty Killer in a few new singles. But this is the first time the Warlord is responding directly to the Gully Gad via a diss track.

Last week Killer dish out two new songs “Death Work” and “Tell Yuh This.”

Lyrics excerpt:

Word a throw but everybody know a bag a talk
Mi a the Killer so no listen Gully Pad a talk
Mi wi meck him body jump like when frog a walk
Fire spark, body chork when time the maggi bark

Listen to the tracks below.


  1. Treyvon Thompson

    I really wish Mavado never joined YMCMB. Aint nothing but commercial artists who get paid money to make whack music.

  2. Khani Spanglah Jones

    If I was a dancehall artist, I would not associate with any other dancehall artist. If a dancehall artist say him ago help mi buss in the music, I would sign an agreement Stating that upon becoming established all his efforts will be recoupable in legal tender. It would also make clear that his/her acceptance of such agreement constitute an investment and not a favor. Further, it would be noted that after compensation have been made both parties have no obligation to the other except there be a new agreement. It is said: “sorry fi mawga dog, mawga dog tun roun bit yo” also, “never bit the hands that feed yo” but with that said, If the hands that feed yo try to poison yo then by all mean chop them off from the arm. Bounty and Mavado disappoint me and that is my take on the matter. Vado shouldn’t drop word and Killa should have take the high rd and laugh. Both of them need a real whipping. Big up Killa and Big up Vado, This no need fi go further but Killa history show ‘warlord nuh bizniz’ so we know how dat ago go already. Vado strike the first lyrical blow so ano Killa start da fkry ya. PS. Artist’s male groupies don’t respond to my comment! Females Welcome :)

  3. Killa always a war with one of him friend a killa party movado best friend get kill by di police watch it pon utube killa is a badmind madda f—a real talk

    • Stephen Higgins

      F cking fool a bounting kill the youth – Mofraudo with him dunce self challenge police and them kill the youth all he had to do was to allow them to search him simple – then the dunce say a Killa did want to kill him – Someone tell me how bad mind drop in – must be even duncer than the gully pad

    • what is the meanin of badmind the answer is mofrado he wanted to be like killa talk like killa look like killa and killa help him and a so him reward the general your a player hater straight

      • How killa ben cause di man have a viza & killa na none kill seh dat out a him own mouth killa badmind everybody dat mek more money dan him a pu–y dat

  4. Bounty rich?

    “Bounty Killa is without a Range Rover and Land Cruiser after tax officials clamp down on the dancehall deejay this morning” – owes MILLIONS

    Car get repo 4 years ago and he been begging for money since, Mavodo building his house and buying new things, tell goat face fi lo di youths dem and sell bag juice

    • Stephen Higgins

      Jamaica Government seized the General Rang and Land Cruiser for 32-Million that they claimed is owed to them by the general – This 32-Million would be income tax which in Jamaica is 25% of your income therefore for the period Killer earned in excess of 150-Million.

      At that time I am almost sure not 100 % that the value on the Range & Land Cruiser were not any where near 32-Million so do the maths – Sorry about that – I am forgetting that you are a dunce and cannot do math.

      Continue to spread false information – That won’t stop the general from rub out Mofruado.

      • Spreading?? its no secret Killah money slow up, just look at the grind work. Vado making US and pounds, and Killah still looking a hype

      • Stephen Higgins

        Bounty Killer is rich with talent that I am 100 % sure about – tell the Gully Pad fi stop hide behind wast argument and defend it in song and strop run and hide behind dunce head FANS

      • Vado touring the US/UK monthly making real money, no exchange rate mixup pree dat.. Bounty has his money but why beg a ting when him so rich..

      • Stephen Higgins

        Has anyone every seen money on a stage performing? tell the Gully Pad that real dancehall fans nuh give a f-*k bout how much money him have a talent we rate

      • tweley killa ever farward a u yard and beg u a ting u know when me check the fact unnu jusy bex killa a deal wid unnu gully pad like a dog bout beg money DWL

      • dunce gully pad

        tweley what u know bouyt killa money killa a one of the richest dancehall artists rite now look up top ten richest danchall artist u dunce gully pad



  6. Bounty nah make no money, every time Mavodo touch road him a beg a ting.. broke pocket goat face fi get new lyrics and stop waiting for senior citizen check..

    • movado no in a d top ten riches Jamaica artiste list. how bounty fi bad mine him money. him still don’t hav what d killer hav.

      • Where you getting your facts, he with YMCB.. had major singles with top artists.. Bounty badmind is too strong #AngryMisreable

      • Stephen Higgins

        Idiot google the top ten riches Jamaican Artist – Look like the fool dem migrate from GAZA TO GULLY – Batty Bowy Mofruado from now on – shut you little Ras mouth you nuh bad like the one and only Dancehall Gaad – Do song a try style the general and them hide behind some dunce head fans who start listen dancehall last week – A sh* me sh* ina the Gully fu*ng fool

      • gully pad type in richest dancehall artist and read fi u self if u can read because it look like u cant vodo a traitor ungreatfull

      • ymcb means young money come inna batty dem same artist who me c a kiss up man and a su** out man toungue DWL

    • tweley fi real u sound like a player hater straight who do the most shows fi the year killa killa killa

      • Pree dis, I’m not hating but #AngryMisreable expects his son to feed him when him a big man..


  7. Delandro Buckmire

    My god who is the editor of this site……is it a five year old…..please go back to school and take some well needed english classes

    • Lol completely agree. I think I need apply for their job because every time I read a post my skin cringes. It is painful. Typos are easily done but it is painfully obvious the problem goes beyond that. They struggle with basic grammar. My 3 year old writes better and he can barely talk.

  8. I agree Bounty needs to leave Movado alone I think it’s jealousy .

    • gunshot fi gully

      jealousy or traitor unnu bias who help mofrado reach fame killa unnu ungreatfull me caan believe unnu gully people

  9. Bounty killer sick my stomach .bad mind a kill em .mad ova tha man stack a money millions mavardo to tha world

    • Stephen Higgins

      Its not the Killer its your own self that your stomach is allergic to – your words defile you – Any person that fellows a Judas they them self are Judas as well – Flexx and Foota bill the pu*y and him diss them and think that you can diss the General same way – Killa say Grung Gaad and you follow and say Gully Gaad and then a chat sh* out you mouth

    • Edwards Kirkland

      Star blind u nuh sh* so shut up

    • gully pad a traitor

      so starlight y u a eat killa and mek him sick u stoamach mofrado a traitor lokk from when mofrado a diss killa and u never tell mofrado dont do it unnu ungreatfull johncrow bout sick stomach mofrado money caan reach the general money killa was voted the tenth richest artist rite now so how killa fi badmind gully pad

  10. No war lord , leave movado alone him a gud yute him defend the links wen jail boss dis the link