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Vybz Kartel: Lizard Murder Video Leaked Online

Vybz Kartel just filed his appeal but its already looking like it will be an uphill battle for the embattled dancehall deejay as video footage from the alleged murder scene got leaked.

An anonymous source sent Urban Islandz several video footage, some of which were played in court during the high profile murder trial that convicted Kartel and three of his accomplices.

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In the below video, you can see several me in a house that sources say is Kartel’s house in Havendale, St. Andrew where the murder took place on August 16, 2011.

One of then men was seen with a pick axe, while another man has what appears to be blood stain on his shirt.

The language in the video is very chilling.

“Yow hear weh mi a say.. mi want yo hold him with a knife and stab him in a him neck and slow him down…,” one man said in the video.

“Hold down and make mi cut him throat,” another man said in the video.

“You affi swing it hard and no mek it ketch mi,” one man told the man with the pick axe.

Lizard pick axe

This is also one of the alleged photos leaked.

There is also another video and a photo of a headless man rumored to be the body of Clive “Lizard” Williams. But these are too gruesome to be published.

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  1. Soooo it is okay to be a murderer or a conspirator to murder as long as you don’t kill women and children??? What di hell type of logic is that?

  2. uno fool di ting is di man neva duh nothing and it ago stay suh and him son ago come be better than him just look out fi dat memba mi tell u dat

  3. Looks staged really.

  4. Put it togedda him sen dem fi him

  5. How unu tink dem find di pickaxe man?kartel send dem to him

  6. Kartel a informer

  7. If this case was infront of any western court half the evidence would have been trown out.

  8. Addi a Mi daddy who Wah vex gwaan vex
    Dis Bad man that’s Wat happened,,..GAAZA!!


  10. People have no regards for life!! Sick…….

  11. Wickedness. some human being are devilish…

  12. Antoine Giovanni Young

    Dont understand how one could perform such a gruesome act and go by it so nonchalantly, and why would someone have their video on when committing a crime, most talented dancehall artist but not so good in the field of crime lol. Judgement is well deserved.

  13. I dont believe the video is legit. somrthings not right here.

  14. Kartel throw away a great oppurtunity, especially for his children and his family. He could of made other choices but he chose to resolve the situation with voilence. He threw away everything to make a point over 2 shoes such a waste

  15. Free the teacher….. Kill dem all and done…. Boy life ah done… Body deh pun the fukn ground…. Motha bawl out. Kill dem off and dun… Boy life ah dun… Body deh pun the fukn ground.

  16. It is not only the video, there is eye witness testimony and Text messages…. you do like the evidence take it up with Digicell.. all the incriminating evidence was stored by that company!

  17. Sick people!!! only a sick person can support the likes of Shawn Storm and Adijah palmer. No regards for life…. skinny stinking backwards murdering garbage!!!! Jamaica need fi clean DEM out…. Hang every one ah DEM!!!

  18. Seems like a strange and self incriminating video to make.

  19. Marsh Anthony Tomlinson

    Sometimes coffee and sometimes tea.

  20. Why would kartel video that smh. Plus nuff ppl sound like kartel mi haffi watch this proper pon big screen.

  21. Fayah pon dem wicked

    Kartel and his tag-alongs should never see the light of day…Jah know!

  22. Call mi a dem fool cause mi watch the video and all now I don’t see r hear kartel voice, all I see is a man standing in a red shirt with a pick acts stick and man and man a walk around, where is the evidence, there aren’t any. Now a days with all these technology, anyone can fix or record anything to made belive that the person is actually there. I really don’t know why these people don’t stop the foolishness and let the man be. He got a life sentence, isnt that enough.

  23. Unbelievable

  24. Sad that kartel showed his face !!!! 2:17 you will see it look at it very well before any comments !!!

  25. SLIM REAPER #NbaSquad ????IsLife


  26. MyCocksInUrMomsMouf

    That One Dude Seemed To Be Too gay To Do Anything The One With the Yellow Watch And Tight Skinny Jeans This Is Ludacris Anybody Can Make A Video Saying Anything they Want I Thought I Was Gonna See Kartel Really Stabbing Someone In The Neck This Is Crazy He Was Found Guilty Just Off Of This Lame Video….Too Gruesome Thats A Lie….These Video Games Are More Gruesome Then This Dumbass Video….

  27. If u really listen to it, kartel says something ending with let me see wa gwan now and then the guy with the pick axe says, yo kill him mi a say. Then it goes in to say im gonna hold him down and cut his throat etc. So for all u saying wheres the blood. Maybe the MEDIA calls it a murder video but it definitely is the plot right before it happened. Seems like lizard in the other room. And that little pick axe cunt is in the other video talking how he run up in a church during service and shoot up people so im sure he was happy swinging that thing, but cops dont have a want out for him. Doesnt make sense. If u gonna get one get them all.

  28. This happens everyday in Jamaica they targeted Kartel cause he famous !! Lizard was a known murder Smh #freeWorlboss

    • Nope, the targeted him/them because they are murderers, gunslingers and drug dealers. How is that majority of the other artists from the ghetto are not targeted like this?

  29. All this is not necessary at all

  30. Title wah fix that is not a murder video.

  31. imagine the world full of people like them??your kids grow and live with people like them.your brothers get killed by people like them.but with all the evidence,video footage,the house used for the killings and above all the time it took to send them behind bars. we still defend people like them?its time jamaica clean up the evil people like them. so that people live in peace,without people like is just music and a few years down the line,we wont even be listening to people like them.justice saved and let them live with people like them….no more shoes for people like them………

    God nah sleep…….evil soon get wipe out….

  32. I love Jamaica, but I’m glad I live in the states where it’s innocent until proven guilty… I don’t care what anyone says… Did you see any foul play? Did u see a body? I can say I robbed a bank on camera but if there’s no proof how can I be convicted??? Text messages is not evidence some people lie!!!

    • So do u think they are talking about killing a chicken for dinner?

      • Talk is cheap…… U don’t see anything .. Not even a clear picture of anyone.. Let alone the murder victim. Videos can be staged. That’s how we have movies!!!! Maybe u should work for their government dumbass. I guess everyone who talks is guilty!!!! Now let me go chop up my chicken.. Fine fine for dinner…

  33. Am not a friend of lizard are a fans of kartel. but d time he plan to do such act. he could av do a song and buy bak the two shoes . but he want to prove his don frrom d garrison and there’s alot more need to wise up and think before them act

  34. worl' boss' attorney

    m hopin dat worl’ boss’ haters are happy now!!who can pin point katel in that video for me coz i dint see him???u concerned jamaican,just use ur brain for once,,t aint soap that twil get finishd wen u use it o’samtin

  35. I swear the same people that set up kartel and the same people that made this fake “murder” video are the same people commenting saying they can see and hear him in the video. What kind of idiot moron would say u can see him? U CANT SEEE SH–. Voice??? That can be ANYONE that sounds similar to him. And ur going around sayin “this proves hes guilty”… either your the people setting him up or your among the stupidest idiotic people on this planet.

  36. vybz is smarter than most of yall an if kartel wanted to kill someone yall wouldnt even no so yall need tu sit back an chill out cazz kartel didnt kill lizard…….he try to tell the kids to put down the gunz an go look work an the police them no like tht cazz them wah kill off the yute them dats why them set him up smh they been tryin tu get kartel #FREEWORLDBOSS gaza fi life .

  37. Outlaw you must be stupid or something. It’s such a shame reading some of these comments. To all who support what kartel allegedly did. What if Lizard was your brother, father, son, husband or uncle what would your comments be surrounding these allegations?

    • He died how he lived…

      • He worked for Kartel. So how should Kartel die? People say Lizard was a criminal so what does that make demon sodomite Jail Boss?

    • None of my family thief so dat wouldn’t happen 2 nobody I know.u will never overstand its a yardman ting when anyman that thief a gun anywhere in di world dem a go dead everybody know dat.a nuh diss 2 him & is family a just life a so it set its not di way we wanna live its di way it is u see it

    • Thank you, some of these comments are just pure nonsense.

  38. They should hang him by his balls once a murderer always be a murderer. Kill them too some one lose a son like my self

  39. Aye boy

  40. What? Gun thief fi dead? What about the person who is arming ghetto yutes with guns? What should happen to him/her?

    • hardjammer the comments of some of the people just confirm how illiterate people can be. Smh. It is shameful reading some of the comments

  41. Jamaicanfrombirth

    All y’all are discussing this n arguing with each other over what. The man done got convicted so u discussing it or not won’t change a damn thing. Still love his music but I wasn’t there to say what he did or didn’t do. Everything happen for a reason

  42. Them yah ppl yah a Zombie inna real life!! Bout dem a act show. . A music video Kartel did wan put it inna.. a him next level a madness dat. An him idiot followers dem wudda start do it to. Gud ting him a idiot else dem wuddnt ketch him!!

  43. am surprise ,with this video how they didn’t get the death penalty…my god

  44. Death penalty for kartel……How can sumone can be so wicked wat goes around comes around and as for the people who want this man to be free should also be put in jail….Dem nah have no heart

  45. Punk a-s bit-h

  46. All these men in this vedio looks like the gay community to me I’ve lived in the ghetto for years bad man nuh kimbo a what the fu– u nuh feel like .

  47. The government is fighting for a reason and they want to see him rot in prison for another but I’ve lived there for years and I know this Lady that’s the leader has ways to get rid of problems that can affect her power and she always use the police to do her dirty work, but I’ve also seen where she put away people and they are released in the appeal process so this may back fire on her again because I know she is behind this I saw it already when I was a kid and she wasn’t in charge then .

    • are you trying to say Kartel was affecting/ had an effect on Portia’s power? lol! i hope not lol!!!!

      • You gonna see the population is not numarate ING the only reason why she won was because of the Dudus thing that separated the next party Holness is regrouping they may have just turn the table on them selves.

      • Politics has no real bearing on the kartel trial as it no way affects any political party Kartel was no garrison don…

      • No he wasn’t no Don but he got some more important to both party the ears of the young generation remember or let me tell you something PNP didn’t win because of votes most of PNP supporters have gone to live overseas like my self the only reason they won was because of they use the Dudus thing against the next party knowing if there was no Dudus those supporters wouldn’t want to vote for the JLP listen I’m no expert but I read a lot and been studying there politics game for years remember I tell you Vybez Kartel hold the ears of a major part of there success in the next general election the kids there listen to him and they are the future of Jamaica .

      • So wait a minute. Is not you all who said that Vybz Kartel’s music do not have any negative influence of the youth? So how is it now we talking about how the young people are going to be voting for another party because of what the present party did or did not do in them convicted of murder? I am no expert either, but I will say this, regardless of what you see on television, the few people you see and hear shouting free worl boss, let and JLP campaigner open dem mouth publicly in support of Kartel and see who is going to win the next election. You take the Jamaican people for fools. Just you remember that a large portion of the Jamaican young people are level-headed, well thinking Jamaicans who will not put music over what is good for our country.

      • Well said @StingaBlinga the sad thing is the ignorant ones are the ones who have now instantly transformed into political conspiracists, and legal experts but when the real time come for their voices to be heard them vote based on color, redstripe or heineken and not what each party has declared in their manifesto… but they’re more active in Kartel’s defense… the sad thing is most of the level headed young people are trying to seek their way out of Jamaica…

      • True, a pure f—er Damion a chat.

      • From the government 4 problems are destroying Jamaica and Vybez Kartel is 1 of them crime was there before he was born why you saying these stuff and then your police tamper with evidence and showing a vedio that makes no sense and the government workers jury gave a 10-1 decision and then the 1 man that said not guilty was charge after say he did something he can Bair ly afford wtf is going on .

      • the Police were guilty of mishandling evidence if there was any tampering it was tampering to get Kartel off… as for the so called video that makes no sense.. i’m sure you clearly hear the men being directed by a man who can be identified by his voice as Vybz Kartel on how they are going to kill a man… now in the justice system even if you didn’t physically kill the man you’re still guilty of murder as you are the mastermind who conspired to kill…. yes crime has been around before Kartel but you all acting as if he was some freedom fighter is ludicrous! man did a distribute guns to the yutes to further bring down the society he isn’t much better than a corrupt politician or a garrison don….

      • You are in Jamaica there are a lot of stuff you haven’t seen the man’s voice is every where all they have to do is put his voice in a machine that makes apps and everything you say sounds like Kartel there are a lot of technology that they keep out of the hands and sight of little Jamaica I didn’t know that until I lived overseas that house in the vedio is not where a boasy Vybez Kartel live in Havendale come on you are not a fool.

      • not even in rass America you have technology that can give you a 100% match to a persons voice and vocal mannerisms.. stop being delusional… you’re too deep into conspiracies and its not for the better its for the worst of JAmaica smh…

      • The government’s jury gave a 10-1? Do you have any idea how the jurors are selected? The one who it is alleged tried to bribe the others, from what I understand, did not try to influence the others by reason of the evidence presented in court. Him try use money. Notice that he said that the youths were promising entertainers and they shouldn’t send them to prison. A greed ketch him.

      • Yeah I know how they are selected by using government worker who need there jobs after all has been said and done , A the judge select him friends them but because I ts not you u would say anything like how I’m saying the youths where not convicted on evidence yall convict the men on feelings.

      • Level, damion. Yute, a two bredda mi have a prison and one got killed by police two years ago. Yu caan tell mi nutten bout courthouse and fool me with your hidden political agenda. Mi a 38 years old, born and grow a ghetto and mi a tell you straight up seh you nuh know weh yu a seh. Your news come from tv and internet. Me get straight from road. Tell wi what a di real word a road bout dis trial? A jus chat oonu a chat man. Kartel nuh have a fu*ing thing to do with politics. Is weh yu scared seh, JLP agu win the next election. A want you want the present government to step in and release kartel to save dem seat. Yu need fi stop chat fu*ery and lef di tings, hear dat? Don’t follow some people weh nuh know nutten and meck noise bout freedom. Memba mi tell yu seh, if dem neva lock up dem man deh, it would a be nuff retaliation, yu hear?

      • Exactly what I’m saying .Holness is regrouping fast they are worried! If Kartel say JLP the younger generation gonna say JLP

      • Kartel is been held as politic pawn

      • Only who feels it and grew up in it knows it Bout 4 thing a destroy Jamaica and Vybez Kartel 1 of them so I guess All that The money they stole from the Tax payers is not a crime .

  48. There is no murder taking place in the video, but they are talking about killing someone, they aint talking about killing a dam chicken for dinner. Kartel is whispering like someone in the next room and he dont want them to hear, also he needed the light cuz the house pitch black so he turn on the video camera. Looks like thats the only reason he was recording and forgot to delete it after. He messed him self up for this one. And those voicenotes smh, problem child telling kartel to get rid a lizard and kartel agreeing with him. A fool

  49. Oh they found a headless body on the phone Vybez Kartel had in his position after the police tampered with it, which i have one in my phone too !it was disclosed that the DNA wasn’t of Lizard but we don’t care put Kartel a prison because we the people of Jamaica who have to work hard for our money and he sings and party all night earn more than us and tells the young people of Jamaica that this government and it’s police are neck and tie criminals .

    • If you spoke in one constant volume, at one constant pace, in one constant rythm, right into their ear, they still wont hear….

      • I know right its typical Jamaica they r like crab in a barrell trying to bring each other down.

      • fighting for whats fighting dem. indeed.

      • The government is fighting for a reason and they want to see him rot in prison for another but I’ve lived there for years and I know this Lady that’s the leader has ways to get rid of problems that can affect her power and she always use the police to do her dirty work, but I’ve also seen where she put away people and they are released in the appeal process so this may back fire on her again because I know she is behind this I saw it already when I was a kid and she wasn’t in charge then .

      • exception prove a rule …..bigup.

  50. Jah nuh sleep kartel and him friends dem did it dem to wicked and foolish.akartel idiot followers need to stop him innocent.

  51. But wait…after looking closely on some of those vybz kartel tattoos and seeing and hearing some of these names being used in their circle, I realize that it is a deep satanic movement rasta. How yu fi tattoo devil pon yu body and have all dem devil symbols pon yu self? The youths calling themselves demons, hell angel and dem tings deh. What is happening? Is pure evil associated with those kinds of things. It’s not a joke thing enuh. God vex ova dem ting youth. I naw seh di man dem guilty or not enuh, but yu si once a one start mix up themselves with the devil, yu usually get fame, money and power, but di devil always mess yu up big time. Plus God always try fi save by knocking dem off of dem high horse. Maybe, just maybe, that is God working to save these guys from the pit of hell. God is everywhere, even in prison, seek him there.

  52. Yow, yu have some people out deh weh even if the kartel tell dem seh, yes mi did deh and know how it go, dem still woulda seh him nuh guilty.

  53. Deshawn ???q?? Clarke

    At d end of d film u clearly c vybz kartel

  54. Deshawn ???q?? Clarke

    Where is the next video..I need to c it

  55. This beyond stupid why would he make a video of this no one can be so dumb

  56. That’s the stupidest video i have ever seen! it don’t make sense any at all and i dnt see wat is chilling about dat when u dnt even seen d very actual crime…kmft

  57. I ain’t had to find I own 3clubs in my city send me your email and I’ll give you my address so you can come and see me

  58. bubaa me nah watch dis. how unnu fi have a video of a man a murder n unnu a gwan like a one movie unnu a rass watch. what if it was u inna lizad place… #I will censor my self to this

  59. I realized after all this kartel did kill or was involved in the killing, he never meant to record it, he was using the video camera for light like I do in the dark but HE FORGOT TO ERASE IT!!!!!!! Think about it, if he didnt have this video all they would of had from the phone is the picture of his dumb friend with the pick axe which would of meant nothing. This video was very significant

    • I dont think they would of been able 2 convict them with just the voicenotes. This video got the jurors attention

  60. Seriously is everyone from Jamaica that slow in the head to think that that video showed a murder? it shows nothing just pointless talking mainly showing peoples feet. Cutting off a head causes more blood than normal to spray in various directions. They cant find blood but convict on what if’s…..

    • It didnt show a murder. Looks like they talking about something they about to do. Hes even talking so low so whoever inthe next room dont hear him

  61. Bigga Ford you are the worst producer I’ve ever seen all theses guys look gay bad man no kimbo .

  62. Now that more is being released, and things are coming to light, even though we dont want it to be true… it is what it is.. last person in the video on the left, kartel pic from the same day on the right. Im done.

  63. Anybody hear Popcaan voice?

  64. kartel is done .. its crazy

  65. How do we know that this in fact the premeditated murder of Lizard or some other murder. Where’s the graphic video that can’t be showed?

  66. Them fi get the death penalty put some needle in them make them die slowly.

  67. Howard Marcos King


  68. I don’t want to talk to you anymore Ross STOP crying like a little bit-h you don’t want to talk to me anymore I don’t care cause every time you say something stupid I’ll be there so go cry to your mama you little Bombohole bit-h

  69. You are still a bit-h NYC bum but you know best with all your contacts right mr know it all you sound like a cop go baf up yuh madda you little rat

  70. NYC one I ain’t even going to bother because you are a hater like or not you will see the bullsh-t case unfold

  71. Whoa! Wicked, wicked ppl.

  72. No tattoos on his neck

    • The lips, the lips, the lips. World over, the people dem laugh after kartel’s extraordinarily black lips. Mi shame fi yuh.

  73. Di mon dem cockeh ahn brite…dem did tink seh dem wouldn get caught..den anyway left a trail of obvious evidence…video…tex…….c`mon son!!!!!! Den dem all bun dung di house fi cover up di ting…..kmrct!!!!

  74. queers and hookers! Go back to NYC

  75. Him implicate himself…..last 2 seconds ah him face ahn ah fi him voice dat

  76. Kartel u an u family take the public fi idiot, wot kind of Appeal fi prove wot, u innocent stop act like a gal u make u friends duppy up lizard because u to much of a coward to do it ur slef, Jamaica dummies criminal u don’t have no hopes of coming out. So u an ur family go sit down an seek God.

  77. These are demons not man How can u kill another young black man just trying to survive and feed his children just like u over piece of metal. such demonic cruelty towards your own brother come on, U R OF YOUR FATHER THE DEVIL. Pure evil talking about killing your brethren like u killing a chicken

  78. Suh weh di nex mon dem deh weh innah di video. Like why dem nuh lok up tuh…..kmrct

  79. All of you clowns are also idiots who in there rite mind is gonna record a murder and also tape themselves over a phone talking about what there going to do and you can only hear his voice and not the other person all you Jamaicans deserve too be living lilike how your living Becuase uni a idiat politicians and police tek unu fi fool and you allow it

    • Support that

    • you obviously don’t know much of what you speak.. first go and look up the explicit voicenotes where you also here Problem Child’s responses to Kartel’s… 2ndly, the murder wasn’t recorded the act of planning what to do was caught because dude seemed to be using the phone’s flash as a light source in the dark room smh… police and politician fi blame because Kartel did a distribute guns and end up murder somebody? so him giving the yutes dem guns to turn on their fellow Jamaicans isn’t what many of you blame politicians for? yo i swear some of you are the epitome of dunce and fool it ironic you call ppl idiots but yuh inna the same rass boat on the other side a defend a man who nuh care bout yuh…

  80. I thought I heard Popcaan voice too?

  81. Shawn storm cut???? Anyone hear whats being said before that???

  82. why do i get the feeling this was recorded after the murder.

    • Exactly come on sheets on the window dude has net worth of 5.5 million dollars

      • Kartel seemingly isn’t a domesticated man, is he? The property uppa Havendale look like a dump, but den when yuh have murder, freakiness and coercive gay sex on yuh mind, yuh fi live inna cess pit. At least Kartel did duh one ting right. That house need a woman touch, but a pure wh–e and freak kartel did inna. House pride anno fi dem priority. Yuh neva si some a di dump weh even Dudus people dem live? All di money weh dem did have and dem neva want brandish paintbrush in fi dem quarters too tuff. Yuh can’t apply sense to senseless and wicked people. Stop waste your good heart and sense pon dem people yah. Yuh know is him inna di video. Sorry him dupe yuh, but anno yuh father, anno yuh uncle, but is ongle one self hating narcissistic Gay Man who doesn’t love him self enough to declare his position, so he chose to draw in the blind, the easily lead, people looking for a hero, the semi literate, pretty dunce, those lacking in imagination and overtly frustrated, unfocused , angry black men, who couldn’t see that Kartel wudda have unnuh a walk inna tight pants and cropped marina. No wonder Gays around the world laugh after Jamaican Men and American rappers. All the signs of homoeroticism , the ultra misogyny, the capacity for these apparently intelligent men to always attract simple , whory females to them, never a female with a brain that can’t be easily influenced, the walking with a crowd a man, grinding females in front of them one another……these are all signs of undercover Gaydom. Kartel really knew the calibre of mindset his die hard fans have. The best thing you can do is f— him off. Him nuh like yuh, cah him nuh even like himself. Leave him to him jezebel dem!

  83. who is the guy in the red shirt?

  84. there’s a female voice in this recording them a male voice over power her tiny voice…

  85. Honest to God I am a huge kartel fan and love him music, but as I watched this video I was like hell nah, this can be staged as I know them cops can be real sick to do so but when I got to the last 2 seconds of the video, my heart just sunk, that kartel at the end before it cuts, you can see him long hair, replay and you will see ; ((((((((

  86. at 1:16 there’s a female voice in this video

  87. did i just hear a female voice? wtf

  88. No face no case…anyone can stage this. I mean there were People faking kartel voice for voicing fake dubplates.. I’m not saying he did it, I’m not saying he didnt. I’m just saying some solid supporting evidence is needed to draw conclusion… People act like you cannot Photoshop bbm messages or edit bbm conversations messages, or create fake convos on a blackberry. If you have nice drawing skills you can draw on the tattoos on anyone….. There’s a lot of people that don’t like Vybz Kartel. This is a very unfortunate situation, and anyone that can take a life should be punished. I just can’t be one to be quick to jump to conclusions, even with this kind of situation. Some solid supporting evidence please.

  89. Remember this?Brown Baxter, also a fire expert testified that fire was set in the garage leading to the living room and two bedrooms which also caused damage to the bathrooms. Her final analysis was that the fire was deliberately set due to the evidence of fuel at the location……
    Now did they stand there and put the fire out?? Isnt this a street with other houses and no one passing or near by noticed a fire?? Im sure he had belongings on there he wouldn’t just set ablaze!!!! This why that jack ass officer was asked on the news how do they know it was set on fire and the cop only answered we know for a fact… ya cuz the cops set it in fire!!! Y not show the face in the pic? Y block it out? I hope his family starts speaking up, cuz this isnt right.

  90. Are they really that dumb

  91. Soooo fu—n bad that is how can u do that to so one over 2 gun….they cud of dun that to mi brothers so they deserve wat they get….fu—n scum

  92. A kartel voice that in f video d witness neva did a tell no lie dem too wicked me no sorry fi dem

  93. thats not kartel, kartel tattoes are bigger and brighter.

  94. If u look at the video good u would realize the person in the black sleeveless tank top is kartel an he voice cant hide

  95. U guys nuts thats not kartel at the end were him neck tattoo stop gossiping propaganda set up wicked people try make up movies stuuuuupido

  96. It is believed that lizard was beaten to death its believed to be kartel house it believed tgat lizard headless body was on the floor everything is believed but still no facts

  97. Worldboss Christopher Marshall

    vybz katel face no show but me see madsus

  98. Cold blooded. ..he deh where he belong. . House is Raggedy. .y r they videoin n takin pics like dis is a celebration? ??. I don’t c how kartel supporters can keep sayin free world boss with all this evidence . Just sad to see a talent wasted. But soon after a few of his croonies will jus follow in his footsteps until they’re arrested or dead. The gaza ppl need to hop off his dick n admit. ..even tho we all like his music and business endeavors. .hes a cold hearted killer. He ran a drug empire bringing in illegal guns and drugs and laundered the money thru his “record” label. He probably killed over 100 ppl by now. He jus killed bossie in July n lizard in august I wonder who was next or got killed already. He had a funeral director cremating bodies. Look like he wanted 2 mash up his own artist n loyal fren shawn storm as well. Look how many ppl left or got kick out from gaza empire n said it wass 2 much negative. Things goin on n they glad they left. Now I see what they mean by negative.

    • A true rasta….portmore empire was the sh– from 2008-2010
      Hits after hits. They were extremely consistent. Apparently the power get to him head and him start go down the wrong path and a abuse the man dem and ting

      Talented and creative artist but… bad personality

  99. Ya’ll talking nonsense. This video was not used in the court to convict him. It was used to show that kartel was among the guys who did it. They use the video to hear his voice n place him at the scene as evidence along with the voice notes, text msgs n phone calls plotting to kill the guy. So even if it wasn’t his hand that did it. It showed conspiracy to kill. Vybes kartel in the court in kartels case, cuz they trod reach of them individually. N this video just proved he was there by his voice. he had motive. This video made sense in his trial cuz any one know vybes kartel knows his voice more than the president voice.


  101. first it was done with a cinder block now with a pick axe. there is something red on the floor but can’t really tell what it is. also, it doesn’t exactly look like there is a trail of blood leading to the patch of red or blood spatter anywhere else…so i don’t know how blood would just be there in that one spot in a pretty regular formation. there’s also some random purple color to the left of the “blood”… anyways, you’re saying the tattoos are recognizable but none of these dudes are kartel…and the person at the end that people are saying is kartel…you never see his tattoos…just a blurry face…so I don’t understand what some of you people are saying about tattoos…also you’re saying kartel had a lot of money so why does he have such a sh-tty place…well let’s just assume kartel is guilty…wouldn’t you assume he’d have some random hideouts perhaps where the condition of the place didn’t really matter? i’m sure he’s not gonna just do this at his main residence.

    • Apparently they say he has more than 3 properties. This is the one that he doesn’t attend to often, kinda like a trap house…. either way I still believe hes innocent !!

  102. But the time of the so-called murder Kartel had his long hair ….. This man has short hair , too short to even add extensions

    • I didnt even think of that. Good point! He had his long hair from when he did his show to till the time he got arrested

  103. Hey jamaica you just showed the world and even some haters how stupid you are thanks for the hate that he is innocent dumb a-s country

  104. Don’t really want to believe that kartel capable of doing something like this but bwoi true say the end of the video done look like him right yuh soh:

  105. Didn’t they say he was beaten to death now this video is saying they stab and cut his throat where are these people you see in the video? ???

  106. I’m sorry but this doesn’t do anything for me…who records shot like this and how do they know what’s really going on without an actual visual. ..

  107. if kartel was so smart of hiding the body without evidence, you think he would have make a video so that there will be evidence agains him, think about that, it could be any body and yes technology has developed there are ways to copy peoples voice and i mean common any one could put a tattoo,

  108. hypocrisy and conspiracy at it’s highest – keep strong Addi! they keep fighting you even though they gave you life in prison – just shows how devious they are!

  109. would you tape something as serious as this with no faces, the person taping did not know to turn their phone the right way to get concrete evidence – i don’t think I will tape my dogs playing in my hard and only tape their feet!

  110. Kartel voice ?? to me all male Jamaicans sounds alike to me just like all Chinese look I still don’t see no evidence..

  111. Who filmed this?

  112. Everybody saying it’s Kartel voice and face based off of prejudice u can’t definitively see faces and like it or not many ppls voices sound alike if this is what was used as evidence it is not conclusive try again

  113. Wtf is this free the youth them Bigga Ford you need to be in jail for life smfh

  114. Nobody who geh convicted are on this video plus many ppl sound alike ppl saying that it’s Kartel on the video it does not definitively show his face even if you pause it the video shows a blurry pic of the person holding the phone. This is fu—ry

  115. It funny cause I don’t see any of the men who were convicted of this crime in the video and It looked staged

    • I know right!! And wouldn’t a proper investigation be finding all members involved?? Y didnt they ever put a wanted for questioning out on the taxi driver??

      • What about dude with the pick axe why are they hiding his face isn’t he a wanted man?

      • I guess they just wanted kartel that bad and and was willing to take 3 others and said fu– the rest. Im guessing people in the community will know who the guy in the red is, whoever knows him gonna call him out, maybe even him momma

      • Ross! What should we think of this???

      • Neck tattoo (not focused, but evident) check! Same jawline. Check! Same shirt. Check! Same hairstyle (you can see the twists on our left) check!

      • heartbreaking and sadly. ….. I have to agree stooshe. I also saw the video of him talking with some guys about killing people in a church and the guy with the pix axe is in the video really proud to say he’d kill people during a service.

      • ??? I never seen the movie

      • you should. it is exactly like this case. tale of how one can fit the ‘logical’ profile yet not be guilty at all.

      • So you think hes not guilty? Cuz up to yesterday no one could tell me anything until I saw both videos and heard the full voicenotes between him and problem child

      • no offense,but if u said u thought he was guilty UNTILLu saw that low budget fkry they put out, id understand. u lost me now. yes i know they did not and cant prove guilt. not guilty its a fact thats yet to be proven.

      • I do now believe that he had a part in the murder. He might not of done it with his own hands, but definitely gave orders. … that is him in the video at the end. No denying that

      • answer this…where is ‘problem child’?

        oh no, i dont mean alkaline either (sic)

      • Lol.. well theres many people the police should have shown on the news as “wanted” but for them kartel is enuff for the moment

      • that kartel has poor taste in clothes?

        Nah but F*ck Ross – I ain’t even defending that maggot stan.

  116. Khani Spanglah Jones

    Thought I was going to see someone being chopped up and voices I could hear to make sense of this evidence; didn’t get either. Is this what he got 35 years for, this video, this a joke?!

  117. Eric Gumenu Zagatie

    Fu—-g fake tape not enough evidence

  118. If this is the kind of evidence they using I find court system is corrupt as always

  119. This is bullsh– u can’t bring this kind of evidence in court it just nonsensical. All u have a video showing what no body of the victim then how can u proof this.

  120. i dont hear anybody saying anyting man

  121. my thing is when since police care about getto youth killing each others

    • BOOM Good f–king point

    • word up !

    • When did you start NOT caring about ghetto youths killing each other? Kartel aint no youth (he’s Generation X, for f—‘s sake) and why is it not okay for “the system” to trouble the “the lowly”, but the same “lowly” should have carte blanche to trouble their one another? Self hate is a terrible thing to behold, especially when it exhibits itself in the form of “who is right” and not “what is right”. kartel was/is nothing better than an overseer. The same people that he claimed are done hard by, b y the system is the same people that he wants/wanted to keep dark and worshipful of him. He used the slave master’s tactics on you. which is worse, because he was of the same class as most of his fans, but you don’t realise that he despises you. Kartel doesn’t like: Women, confident males, out of the closet gay men, intelligent people (who use their intuition or have an inner integrity…these people are not easily lead or even better, know when to cut out of a situation that isn’t for them), authority (unless it’s gang related or criminal authority). The man is anti social and a liar who tells himself the worst of his lies and believes them.

  122. I think all the noise were added who video tape headless ppl killing someone and the call out shawns name? To place him at the crime. Doesnt make sense at all. Plus nothing from the person thats getting kill not even a noise.

  123. In my book, the one that said “you affi swing it good but nuh mek it ketch mi” sounds A LOT like Vybz Kartel. Also, at the end when he goes to stop the recording, his face is caught in it.

  124. No one will ever know the truth. My belief is if you do bad it will come back to you…whether there’s a court involved or not. Many innocent people have been executed..and many guilty people have been set free and enjoy delicious ice-cream on the beach.

  125. anybody can mek video not even a face was showed in it ppl are so stupid and prejudice.

    • LOL! You’re so bright, eh? So, if you were to commit a murder, would you be making a video so the police can use it against you in a court of law??! The only stupid people I see are the ones in the video.

      • noone ‘made’ the video. the magic new technology noone was allowed to see in court ‘extracted’ this from ‘his’ phone.

      • HUH!? I’ve got a cellyphone, if I don’t click on that camera icon, no video gets made. No video…nothing to extract. These idiots either didn’t know what they were doing, or they deliberately made this video. Any which way you look at it, these bwoys are dumb, dumb, dumb!!

      • every ‘smartphone’ records everyting at all time.
        u just tink u need to click on stuff lol.
        this was ‘extracted’ from ppl claiming to be of NSA level .

      • Every smart phone has a finite amount of storage. If what you say is true, then after 24hrs I wouldn’t have enough space on my phone to even take one picture. Stop with the nonsense, brah and get with the real. These guys are total idiots.

      • u are not understanding what im sayin . its ok tho.

      • Oh yeah! I understand what you’re saying, it’s just not making much sense.

      • your tv, ur phone , ur ipad etc are watching u just how u watchin em.
        666 database…we are all hidden images in a briefcase somewhere lol

      • Yeah! That’s true, but in this case, in this clip, they made that video themselves. One thing you have to know about the 666 database, tho…it’s nothing when compared to the man holding a cellyphone that you don’t know about!

      • that cant be proven, and it wasnt. logically speaking, it wouldnt make much sense.

      • Maybe you would know the answer to this question…was this tape used at Kartel’s trial?

      • lol yea it was, and its not ‘leaked’ either, it was on tv week ago. that doesnt make it a credible evidence, esp the way it was presented.

      • And the video was dated after the murder which wasnt allowed to mentioned- sending the defense into a fury almost getting him kicked out of court. So it seems like the prosecution got to do whatever they want.

      • I can’t believe they showed that in court and he was found guilty smh

      • Yep

      • It was unfair case….Yea

      • This video was only a small part of what was presented in court. They had an eyewitness, phone messages and four different account of what happened that evening at kartel’s house from the murderers. Kartel seh dat him never si lizard except when dem go a stage show. One a di other one said that he went to his barber shop once wee and lizard got to the house. Shawn Storm seh him lef after he dropped of lizard and wee. All kahira Jones said was that the police a try set dem out. None of them had an alibi for the evening in question. Kartel nor his defense team to this day, have not denied the voice notes. His defense tried to put the police on trial, rather than defending the accused. If you were in the courtroom, you could tell that the defense were about to seek a deal. The only lawyer who had a strong case was Shawn Storm’s. Most people in the court agreed that shawn probably did not know that the men were actually going to be killed. In fact we assumed that he left out of fear of being held responsible and being beaten too.
        I have said it already, that not all of the accused actually committed a murder but they all committed a crime. They were found guilty by way of common design. That is, if you abet someone in a crime, for example serve as the watchman, lure the victim etc, you have broken the law.
        On the subject of not finding a body, that is just as bad as finding a body. The prosecution presented a case that put lizard at the scene. Two of the accused also put lizard at the house too. The eyewitness also described a motionless lizard on the floor. What convinced the jurors, I believe was the evidence that a potential crime seen was broken into and controlled burning inside the house was carried out. A portion of the house was also demolished to disrupt the investigations. Then to top it off, the police held gaza slim and pim pim who made a false report about lizard and had the text message that vybz kartel sent instructing them to do.
        The only way the defense was going to win was to have all, the evidence, not just some, thrown out. This is why the defense focused so much on the police.
        The jurors who found them guilty were selected by both the defense and the prosecution, so it cannot be said that they were working for the so called system.
        The phone that many people said that was tampered with was a small case. It was shown in court that a call was accidentally made while investigators were it. The defense saw that as an opportunity to say that the police wad using the phone to actively call people. Such was not the case. The defense team did a lousy job in defending the accused. I can safely say that two of the accused lawyer’s cared more about the fees they were collecting.
        A lot of people are expressing their views because they were not able to follow the case into the courtroom, understandably so. We need to do some research before we begin to hate, blame and disrespect.
        Peace and one love to Jamaica land we love.

      • Using the phone was no accident it was plain DUMB…

      • I guess your phone never accidentally make a call yet. One call was made for a few seconds, one.

      • You go girl

      • police also claims, as of the other day, they have a video of headless lizard. u tink they coulda used that instead of this to prove that point in court lil better or nah?
        give me one reason why they wouldnt

      • Both of y’all STFU

      • You missed the sarcasm,n____a!

      • I agree. there is no way. half the time your photos delete themselves over too much stored items. this is totally bogus. Kartel has way more tattoos that dude in the video and that house is a total dump. this is what convicts a man and you’d think they would detail Kartels tattoos like they do with gang bangers so they can tell who did what crime and whos affiliated with whom. this has so many red flags and it needs an appeal but Kartel will likely lose that too because there is no jury that hasn’t heard all this media brainwashing.

      • Tap talk fu—-y

      • Stop reading then,retard!

      • Lol

      • This video is wack all I’m saying not enough evidence for me to judge him and if he did kill my youth then he has to pay facts that..

      • A pay them pay them youth here to do this Kartel too boasy Fi a live like that in a big havendale Bigga Ford the plan you and the government set ago back fire pon yall

    • Yes they r is badmind them a study that’s all if them nuh have he must not have nothing u nuh too rasssss lie nobody can be identified in this clips as far as I can see why yall so envious and grudge full go work for what you want god gave everybody talent find yours.

      • Funnily enough, the disposition that you describe Kartel’s detractors as having is the one that Kartel has himself. name me an artist that prospered under kartel’s tutelage/mentorship. Tell me why Kartel wanted so much control (financial, spiritual, physical) over his camp. What is it that Kartel has over Shawn Storm that he didn’t take the deal offered to him that would have seen him free to enjoy his family? kartel doesn’t want anybody to have if he does or doesn’t have. Now he is content to have three other men go down with him in flames. What you are witnessing with the court case, the leaked messages, videos and pictures are the symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (which Kartel surely has). The inconsistency between what kartel portrayed and what he is is the KEY to diagnosis of this disorder. Kartel is a lie, Adija Palemr is a lie, I am sure his family life is a lie as is the portrayal of his childhood is a lie. I personally think that the only person “emptier” than Mr. Palmer, in his whole family, is his mother. Like Kartel seems to have to have secret fi anybody, that comes into his realm, Mamma Palmer a di ongle smaddy who kartel fears. She has all his secrets and is she who hated her son when he was discovered that he was into homosexual carry on when he was at Calabar. I’d prepare my self for disappointment , if I was you. Some people (seemingly not the fans) know a lot more about kartel than you do. That’s why we are glad he is where he is.

      • 1 bag a talking you saw nothing to prove it was him you know what round up everybody who has there hair like that and a tattoo on there neck and convict them too this is why the system is not better you people convict people for stuff your not positive about and the crime that stare you in the face you play a blind eye to .

      • Hmmm like u know a lot…Wow

    • Kartel voice clear as day and his fave was in the last 2-3 seconds

      • I know you wish it was him but it not no tattoo on his neck

      • Stop tell lie pon yuh yeye dem. Tattoos are shown, they just aren’t focused. Why is it so importnant to you, in light of what is put in front of you, that Kartel is not guilty? It disturbs me to see men reduced to fangurl status over a man who wudden even poop pon unnuh if he saw you in real life. I hope you have a male relative that inspires such loyalty in you. If you haven’t then, I think therein lies the answer to the question that I ask myself about kartel’s male ride or die fans.

      • Big man voice can be captured and made to sound exactly like the person you want I live in America I’ve seen this with my own two eyes and ears now you see why she was flying all around the world that’s what she was trying to buy and she has a reason to do this the young people votes are critical to there survival in governance.

  126. Y’all are going to have to pardon me, but if what they say is true, and this is Kartel’s house, Kartel the Worl’ Boss who’s worth a million bucks…how can he live in such squalid conditions??!

    • My sentiment!!!

    • He had more than one property uptown a fi di wife and kids and the ghetto affi the dawgs weh him pass through and throw them a bone and mek sure them a hold the order dons nuh live in a ghetto they live uptown but still have house in the ghetto.

  127. Kartel is on the tape talking .

    • He sure is! I wonder how this new revelation is going to affect his appeal?!
      …excuse me as I fall off my chair laughing!!

    • I will say this again its not him the guy has no tattoos on his neck check it out for yourself

      • Shut the f– up co—–, mussi kartel a f— yu inna yu batty. I guesss him no want batty wash too, pree the BBM message weh him a talk bout gyal a come gi him batty wash!!!! A yu artist still dont. Batty man!

  128. Are people this stupid smh..good luck behind bars.

  129. This is some crazy sh– u see Kartel is a fu—ng liar .

  130. ‘leak’ my a** its been on JA local news weeks ago.
    longest vine ever LOL. stop playin.

  131. Concerned Jamaican

    This is bone chilling although the video never show Kartel. How can you kill another human being so cold blooded. They all deserve to be locked away for life.

    • so wats ur point, if the video never show kartel ,anybody nuh can mek video idiot?

      • That’s the problem with idiot bwoys…they missed the part where modern technology can positively identify a voice. Not to mention that the tattoos in the clip are a complete no-brainer.

      • Don’t know why people waste space in them head over this little bleach out face boy him probably wearing a pink panty by now!! We’ll c him in 35 years!!

      • See him in 35 years if he’s granted parole!

      • mr. curruption

        if u live that long

      • R u

      • mr. curruption

        lil bch, u missed the point where modern technology can even make a man, so you r saying that the jurers used this modern technology to judge kartel… nooo.. stop contradicting yourself out of ignorance..

      • FOOL FOOL BWOY!! Didn’t you CLEARLY hear Kartel Voice asking the dude with the pickax: “a dis you ago use fi kill him? Swing it hard and meck sure it no ketch me”.

        A mi DJ but he should die in prison for doing this. If you ask me, him and his crew are actual serial killers they beat two murder rap before killing Clive Lizard Williams.

      • Add more juice u r so right . They cut Lizard neck off . Can u imagine what Lizard went through horrible and graphic .

      • Kartel soud go on that tv program, world dummies criminals, I wonder who give him the name world boss, more like world biggest idiot

      • Omar we both are on the same page except lunatic Ross Margaret .

      • Voice can be tampered with we are living in a new world of technology stop acting a fool to the system that’s what they want to secure your vote to make them rob you some more.

      • Technology can alter anything. This is why they using technology to alter the identity of four men, while the actual murderers are living in Cuba. So why the fuss? Kartel nuh deh a prison. Him lef di island like what he said he was going to do while the police was gathering evidence.

      • All u a real IDIOT

      • Off course I am an idiot for having my opinion on this matter like the rest of the other idiots.

      • U sound dumb

      • shut yuh rass uno to fool fool ah kartel n him friend kill him .

      • Hmmmm whatever all of you that this corrupted government and it’s police force fool on a daily basic is so blind that you don’t even see political games but with are without Kartel the young kid not gonna vote so I’ll see what they gonna do start killing them to vote are putting them behind bars.

      • Lol and what your point,him guilty and uno fi comprehend that uno need fi crawl outta di ghetto and get some sense and you are really an idiot.

      • Thank god your not from the ghetto so you don’t know what we have to go tru in the ghetto I’ve elevated from the ghetto but I’m still not gonna forget where I came from and the things that go on down there on the poor and the voice of the poor to keep the big wigs in high places and living comfortable it’s a shame tho the law can only be used to apprehend 1 set of people.

      • That’s right Damion. I agree I don’t know why ppl always condeming the ghetto. Like ppl outside the ghetto is not stupid

      • I am from the ghetto and that’s how i know not to do anything that could even remotely put me under the control of the government. Kartel is not an idiot so you all need to stop[ act like it was a ll plain set up and Kartel had absolutely nothing to do with it – we from the ghetto so we know how it go right?

      • Tenchu you’re from the ghetto. As you said so stop hiding behind the government and there hypocrisy and corruption. I don’t know if kartel did or didn’t do all those crimes I only can say alleged am not god so am not going to judge no one BUTall am saying if he do the crime do the time he is not stupid but play into the hands if the devil. And who knows if he doesn’t know a lot more about the corruption that is going on in the forces. Makes you want to think.

      • Check my other response on here, I am not hiding from nothing or no one – you are all making excuses when you know what it is – you saw how he was acting (Daddy Devil??WTF?) – how you defend that on any level? – I don’t believe the video. What i am saying in general is the truth however. Not even arguing here – im showing you something. We know we are dealing with the devil so you don’t give them further ammunition – maybe he was railroaded but then so were thousands of others in jail right now (No one gives a sh– about them and the hypocrisy stinks). VK was reckless and thought he was too big to go to jail – but he is just a ghetto kid like the rest of us.

      • “….elevated from the ghetto” ??? Well apparently you expect congratulations for that? Now liberate your mind and start thinking for yourself and stop follow idiocy bout conspiracy against kartel…when you start thinking objectively, you’ll see how ridiculous and pointless even the very notion of that is. Why the government care about this Kartel so much or who he influences (albeit an army of thoughtless zombies) From one perspective, Ghetto is really a state of mind. Pree dat.

      • No not in there book they treat and deal with people according to address fool if you didn’t know , I’m normally don’t even answer people who has 1 side to a story and believe all that they read because most of you see stuff on TV and think that these type of technology don’t exist so it makes no sense to go back and forth with you just hold your opinion and I’ll hold mines something don’t add up conspiracy is hiding in this case .

      • Oh and that idiot talk no its just you hideing behind a corrupt ed government that help you to eat because you help them to rob the poor of there hardworking money.

      • Do crime, pay time

        Now this is where I draw the line, don’t discreminate cause you don’t live there plus this has nothing to do with the ghetto nor politricks. This is about right from wrong, so sashyl you need to crawl out your hole wherever it is barbican, red hill who care cause it is not where you come from it’s where you going. Plus you might be running your mouth and you live in a cardboard box for all we know

      • DRUNKROO…nobody ah foreign live inna cardboard box just so u know.

      • Kartel is at home, where you can find him for the next 35 years.

      • They never built that place for him alone when they put you there unfairly because your out spoken and refuse to be harassed by their unprofessional police policy I’ll see how you like that .

      • Do crime, pay time

        Damion you need to get real, there is a fifty fifty chance and not judging but for someone who is so intelligent, why would you have curtain things on your phone for them to “tamper” with. Plus I have never heard him or is lawyer saying those are not my vids or those are mine but that was not said. Then when they got sentenced him and shawn laugh bout something outside the court. That to me just seems heartless and cold. Plus if it was your fam damion and you heard that he did it you would be saying something different now

      • If u still live in JA don’t hate, u could end up having the same HOME

      • Licky-licky Jamaican people not going to vote? Is which Jamaica you from? Election fever makes Jamaicans forget about any and most form of injustice against them. The ‘die-hearted’ attitude to politics exercised by Jamaicans is what politicians thrive on.
        John will say he is not voting, but meck him si Bob, from his rival party step towards the polling station. You would be surprised to see how fast that decision changes. When Bruce did sen fi dudus, how much laborite, especially from Tivoli said they would never vote again? Who are the leaders in Tivoli today? It’s my opinion too, but vybz kartel will not be able to substantially swing any votes.
        We cannot argue that it is the system putting him away if he has so much political influence over voters. That would not help leaders of the present system that is claimed to be fighting him. They would have protected him. That is how the Jamaican political culture works.
        Kartel and other three were targeted because they attracted the attention of the force through wrongdoings. As a result they like many other dons before them were tried and convicted by members of their peers, who were selected by both the defense and the prosecution. They too had the power to determine if the case was a sham. They did not.

      • “without Kartel the young kid not gonna vote” that’s a problem in itself that needs to be addressed separatly. If kids are following that dumb arse then JA is lost…

      • I bet if he was your brother you would be sing a different tune with all that tampering and fabrication u would want to see the original before they put your brother away for the rest of his life smh don’t wish bad for others especially if evidence don’t add up.

      • I was talking about kids embracing VK as a role model and you start talking about how would i feel if my brother went to jail? How you know i don’t have family locked up?Man are gangsters out here and know what time it is. I aint wishing bad on no one – he is already convicted. You dont give a damn about all those other people sent to jail by the corrupt system – only your favorite musician.

      • Do crime, pay time

        You are so on the wrong page, you need to go google corrupt politics you twisting this way too much. Coocoo

      • can u imagine all a plan fi go kill t’ innocent woman him fi rotten in prison

      • MyCocksInUrMomsMouf

        I Agree This Could Be Staged For Kartel Too Take The Fall For Someone Elses Actions I Guarentee You The One Who Did It is Still Roaming For there next Pray And Fall Guy……Insane I Didn’t See No Faces….Was There Any DNS Sh- With All that Choppin Come On Now…….

      • Yes for real the Police did it that why the police tampered with the phone and could tell that Lizard was chop up fine fine with the apps that they loaded his voice on , that country is so corrupted I can’t believe no tampered evidence they present and that fake vedio.

      • Doesn’t matter who you vote for you are getting robbed.

      • Guess you right but Kartel was literally acting there neck and tie robbing ways .

      • Do crime, pay time

        Like what the f**k, what votes have to do with this, no matter if them tamper with it most of it is true plus we all see the coloring book (kartel) in the vid. So you stop acting a fool

      • That vote thing get yuh attention just wait only time will tell you think that free money yall get from them that they can rob who work hard for it gonna last just wait.

      • I saw none of the accused men so stop trying to incriminate the men just like the corrupted government yall vote in .

      • Ahaha called him a coloring book haha. He does look like he let his kids scribble scrabble on him with some markers.

      • Nah man ya na see him face a dat vybz kartel at di end de a him dreads wit di braids de so

      • What we’ll everybody with braids need to get life for murder.

      • LMAOOOO…..voice tampered? Yu mussi fooool ahahahaaaa

      • You implying that this was tampered with? This was presented in court in front of the accused. If he knew he didn’t say those things…wouldn’t is legal team objected to the credibilty of them? Jack Ass?

      • Your parents are the jack Ass for have a waste man like you focus on how you gonna feed yourself because I got my opinion on the whole matter and it looks like conspiracy to me no man does that to them self .

      • U must be p—y 2 say dat at least he wasn’t killing woman r kids so f— all u heater that wanna see vybz die in prison. Gun thief fi dead.f— lizard

      • Mien f— vybz a f— u enuh outlaw u can kil man fi old gun boy wen can by a millon honu fi stop make man leed hone vybz a idoit an if me did hav the power me shot him me blood cl self fi have sens

      • Yes ah him inna it and you can even see lil ah him inna it.him fool fool fans dem inna serious denial.

      • mr. curruption

        no i didnt clearly hear kartel voice> i heard a voice>

      • No one ah idiot kartel guilty ah uno ah the idiot folloers all when it green uno say it pink.Kartel guilty to rass him should have get 500 years even if him not gonna see the light fi live that long.

      • The man without sin today buss a blank

      • Riddim yuh off beat today so stop yuh foolishness cause yuh damn well know we are all sinners.

      • uno ah di idiot all whenit red uno say it green They all got what they deserve.yes and it show lil of kartel inna the end even ah one eye man can tell him inna ghetto ppl to rass fool fool.

      • You are one of them should of fallen victim to your so call world boss,wonder how your mother would of respond to the news ,to know that your son have been by a acquaintance of him

      • U can c Kartel at 2:17

    • You can see kartel at the end like 3 seconds towards the end it’s really fast I kept pausing it u can’t get a clear pic on pause but u can see his bleached skin and lips and hair… It’s him 🙁 but like why is there blood on the floor if no one was killed yet? This seems so juvenile like a fun meeting where they are being so charasmatic with one another regarding how to kill him ? And that pic of axe dude not a good look.. A video n voice notes for what ?

      • They or four idoits me cant belive vybz dog u kil man an a video it a movie u star or a u a the law if me hav the power me hang u rite in me the the meddle of jamaice make the world see u fool u fu– a now sharty ago su– cock an dash way the pu–y pon popcrone

    • It showed Kartel.
      Look right at the end…Kartel face when he turn the camera round,

    • pause the video close to the end and you can clearly see kartel you have fi time it right tho

    • Where do you see murder? I miss somethin?

      • Good question the red spot looks like dye fresh blood runs and the stick look like it was painted with dye sh– this is pure badmind to win the young ppls heart back that they can come vote for them to rob us some more it’s like take the fools a little further.

    • The video shows Kartel big and bright in the end. And a him voice uno hear a chat the whole time. So nothing else need fi be said. Just heng him bloodclaat n dun.

    • Yuh nah look good

    • yes kartel in it at the end you can see a lil view of him and him mek him people them kill the man.

    • Happens every day someplace worldwide

    • Who is that at the 2.17 mark then?