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Damaging Data From Vybz Kartel Blackberry Leaked

Vybz Kartel fallout is far from over.

The embattled dancehall star is not only serving a life sentence in a Jamaican prison, but he is now under a lot of scrutiny after some damaging data allegedly taken from his Blackberry Torch smartphone was leaked.

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Anonymous sources sent Urban Islandz several photos and video of Vybz Vybz Kartel. Several of the photos are that of guns and sexual acts. There are also photos of Vybz Kartel and his common law wife Tanesha “Shorty” Johnson. There are several images of high powered guns and large sums of cash.

One particular photo that is gaining traction on social media is a photo ALLEGEDLY of Vybz Kartel having back door sex with a female. The photo did not show anyone face but fans identified the tattoo on the male as that of the self proclaim Worl’Boss.

This could be damaging to the deejay’s image since he has done several songs condemning such sexual acts whether with a male or female.

There are also images of satanic symbols and even one showing a headless body rumored to be that of the murder victim.

Most of these photos are too graphic to show but you can view some of them on next pages.

Vybz Kartel leak photo 47


  1. Fett großspurig ein Zeug die Arschbacken

  2. Di whole a uno go s**k uno mada and leave di worl boss alone, ppl fi dead . Mi nuh wrong him. Sum a uno fi a pressure politics like how uno a pressure artist! A alkaline uno fi burn out bout batty wash, dat funny cause no girl cant push dem tongue in my rear.

  3. mi listen to the voice notes an him neva seh him kill nobody but a just badmind jamaican people when yuh deh pon top dem try every thing fi tak yuh down a jus so it go in jamaica but a gaza mi seh sameway an will never change Ahoe!!!

  4. plenty people just jealous of vybz kartel, when worl boss come on the road plenty people will be hiding in their house with shame face.

  5. he never asked you to like him, yet you peek his business, seriously dude get a bloodclaath life!

  6. Chill out. .

  7. I don’t get why they leaking everything. I know they are trying to dispel the conspiracy theory. I think they could’ve at least blurred out the people not involved in the case but whatever.

  8. embarrassing that I even read this BS!! and it is. I suppose we should all have our phones inspected then.

  9. And maybe you need enlighten yourself too. Sodomy NASTY regardless if a man or woman bend over. Not all homosexuals push poo. Homosexual does not mean batty lover it means same sex love. Equally females are homosexuals and no into batty raiding. There are many male homos that dont either.

  10. Wanda if Shorty still gonna wait 35 yrs.

  11. Thts all the fu*ing media do feed bad things to the reader

  12. Stupid pics and more stupid comments

  13. And fk donkey .they love beastyality

  14. His music was very good to me do I no If he did it I dont no .but I do no that most of jamacian police is illiterate and I wish more to fall by bullet have no mercy for them they all are murderer how many people they kill young boys .so there is a possibility they want him out for his music .but wat I even care for they all are the same ignorant ppl

  15. Jesus christ,shorty looks like death! Wtf,kartel?!

  16. MissKnownUnknown

    Who is ‘you’? You know me and who I support? STFU!

  17. Still can’t believe you in jail call me crazy but i don’t believe he did it!!!

  18. did you know theres a show call twins , they have technology to get micheal Jackson voice, why you think they can’t do it to kartels voice and frame him too.

  19. The verdict made Gaza FANS CRAZY these photos will make them INSANE – Anyway him did tell we say when him a fu ck Gal backway him nuh see nuh batty so it is not his fault he did not see anus its a mistake – hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!

  20. stillasaygazafilife


    • Do not forget that people can collect actual, pictures Videos and voice notes too. How credible is your assertion that he is not gay?

  21. Lol … on the next episode of the kartel saga…. a source says they have information that hes really an alien from planet mars. Smh. 3 years in jail and they have all these stupid stories. I cant wait for someone to get the chance to interview him in jail.I’d love to hear everything he has to say to all this garbage.

  22. Dont come in here saying his innocent because that’s clear evidence his not……… am a die hard Gaza fan but what every happen to lizard could have happen to anyone family, member, fren, son who so ever …… ! big D J him coulda do better man you do the crime then do ur time ….. first time me see shorty without weave dammm. ….

  23. Is he really a fish or your just saying that out of anger

  24. And he burnt down his house to hide evidence

    • They did not burn down the house, they burn spots inside the house and also demolished a section with some more burning….clearly trying conceal evidence. Come on now. Fireman didn’t go there to put it out. Police shoulda did ketch who dweet too.

  25. PixArentertaining

    I thot that wuz a panty on his head top lmaooooooooooooo and his feet dem pretty

  26. All said and done this is very unprofessional whilst the case is not over completely due to an appeal hearing and it’s only the police that could have released all thes pics and videos. Things like these would normally be released many years after a case is finalised and would expect them to be shown in a documentary which would have been more applausable. ..These jcf have a lot to answer for…why is this happening??? Ellington needs to control his men and reprimand them

  27. I think the devil pic they just threw into the mix …….. Like let’s release 60 of his face and throw in one google image to create controversy because the ppl will believe it. Furthermore these pics are his own privacy his privacy is being invaded… Leaked bbm messages really? Are we in high school. They are obviously trying to bring him down because they realize h still has supporters after the voice notes and video and they will always support him no matter what. Better luck next time. What’s next?

  28. What does Kartel fans says about these pics .I say from day one Kartel hangs around dead beats that’s why he is where he is at today . Kartel was living a very fast high roller life style . I think they will be lot more pics coming out . I guess lots of people don’t really don’t know who KARTEL is he was living in two peoples body .All these people who were around Kartel where are they .

  29. Unbelievable!!! His music such as Slow Motion & Clarks is so nice. It’s hard to believe all this nonsense. Wow!!!! I don’t believe it anyway. I just think he’s goofin’ around. His cell phone is his business anyway. We all have skeletons in our closets so we shouldn’t throw stones from our glass houses.

  30. What kind of fu**ry di police a gwan wit.. what is the point of leakin this?? The blackberry is in the custody of the police so they r da 1’s leakin it. They r so wicked n corrupt. This is personal pictures that have nothin to do with anything its ridiculous. But shawty look mad ugly tho…shawty a bleach 2 blasted much its changing the pigment of her skin she looks pink n horrible. That bleaching sh* is ugly n ppl swear they b poppin. Look like michael jackson n sh*. At least that ni**a went all da way n look white . The average bleacher looks ugly n it shows u feel ugly by being dark and have a low self esteem.

  31. A wah kind a rassclaat devil and sodomite ing dem yah mi dj mix up inna? No man, di dj let mi dung rasta. Pu–yclaat, di man a move like Shebada. Jah nuh, mi shock star.

    • That’s why the police are releasing these things because the generalpublic has NO idea of who Adijah Palmer really is. There are crazy fans who will really try to hurt others out of “vengeance” for Kartel. Ya’ll need to actually SEE to believe. And let me tell you Babylon has NO reason to set Kartel up he does NOTHING for youth but lead them astray, Kartel set himself up by being a devil worshipping sodomite. Chronixx straight! REal music straight! I am done with anything saying GAZA,wait til the fullness is revealed about all the GAZA artists and what he made them do for fame and money.

  32. Vybz Kartel is a gay man trying to live a straight man life. fire bun him up

  33. Ya thats some devil worshipping right there.

  34. I’m out

  35. But none nuh indicate kartel killin anybody

  36. Martin NF Webster

    Vybz kartel is a so called 33 degree wannabe demonic birth control population reducing condom promoting sodomite who being used by lucifer to promote the new world order as for price Ross margarette you would stoned to death in the real gaza your a disgrace to your people for supporting such a clown I wonder why your so quiet and any comment about the queen in response to this remember she your head of state

  37. weh d pic of d gun dem and d batty sex pic?…..suck uno mumma… lie dem ah tell

  38. Missknowunknown
    the English and Spanish had Jesus in them and they slaved us for 400 yrs.
    The Roman Catholic had Jesus in them and they killed millions in jesus name.
    Just saying.

    • gaza is in the middle east

      The roman Catholic church is not christian you stupid ape

      • Really you may need to go read a book or two genius,the Roman Catholic created Christianity spread it throughout Europe and Martin Luther the German priest revolve against the Catholic and created the other denominations.

      • Martin NF Webster

        You need to read two babylons by Alexander hislop I didn’t know apes like you read also read Vatican assassins by Eric Jon Phelps you daft git

      • Yes I read I know more about your country history than you.and I can see you are a very low self-esteem person. your British colleagues studies have proven that racist people are people with low self-esteem and fear,I could hate whites for slavery but I don’t so where does your hate comes from ? Oh and if we are apes why did you leave the human blog to come chat with the apes what your not smart enough for the humans of your pier.
        Well the apes also seems smarter than you so you may need to go have a chat with the monkeys they maybe on your level if not try the baboons you will fit in some where down the animal chain just don’t give up mate.

      • Martin NF Webster

        Gary dale could also explain this your so called reggae artists bash the Catholics and the Vatican yet Bob Marley who people consider the king of reggae why was he two sons sent to a jesuit college in jamaica just like your former prime minister Bruce Golding also wasn’t Marcus Garvey a Catholic one more thing Robert Mugabe Denzil Washington and Patrick Ewing trained by Jesuit who over see the Romans Catholic church

      • Maybe you didn’t read my comment,I didn’t say kartel was my artist I think he is a moron and I think the Roman Catholic church is a criminal organization and the rest is history.

      • Martin NF Webster

        You still didn’t answer my simple question I made no reference to vybz kartel I ask you to explain how comes these reggae artists who bash Catholics and the Vatican when Bob Marley who was the quote on quote king of reggae who was a rastafarian who two sons ziggy and Stephen who went to Catholic jesuit college in jamaica the same jesuits control the Catholic Church which has its roots in ancient babylon so they for it ain’t christian and never will be

      • Ok I understand your question now I was at work and was quick reading.
        To begin jamaicans and africans are confused when it comes on to religion who ever their slave master worshiped thats the religion they follow and that will be the society religion,Bob Marley push the Rastafarian movement but he also know that his kids need the education that runs the world and the Catholic provided that so I guess he send them to get the education while he educate them on history,the bottom line is their is no Rasta school to prepare you for the world the Catholic run the so to survive in their world you have to learn their ways.
        Roman Catholic and the ancient Babylonians are two different things they exist thousands of years apart two different civilization,ancient Babylon was in Mesopotamia and rome in Italy.
        The Sumerian
        The Assyrian
        The Babylonian
        The Persian
        The Macedonian
        the greek
        Then carthaginians
        Then the Roman empire around 300 bc.

      • “no Rasta school to prepare you for the world the Catholic run the so to survive in their world you have to learn their ways.” the religion is weak them – i am inclined to disagree with you on this one.

      • Daaaaamn!…you all gonna let lil ol racist Martin drop jewels on you all? Ha! Where is Ina and that fag*ot Ross?

    • MissKnownUnknown

      I understand your point of view, religion has been used for centuries to slave people, I agree with you about that part.
      But that doesn’t mean Jesus is bad and slavery is not the issue in this case, thus not relevant.

      The reason I mentioned Jesus was because of the above image. If people believe in Satan, then there must be something on the other side too. You know, darkness vs. light, good vs. evil etc.

      I’m not a fanatic religious person, just an observation regarding the picture. Vybz apparently chose the ‘dark site’, and it shows in his actions. It’s clear he’s not about positive energy, but evil demonic ones.

  39. The edited the pictures… there was one with the baby… these are pix of the man and his family….spending quality time

  40. I always wanted to.visit Jamaica but seen the corruption first hand I rather not . KARTEL was chance out his rights but likke Notorious Big said more money more problems. Being raisre in the streets he should have know this . Every foul has its fat sunday, beliebe that

  41. I haven’e seen any “evidence” leaks like this is in any case here in the states. There is some level of prejudice, conspiracy, defamation, and badmind going on here. U.S. cases maintain more confidentiality than this regardless of the charge or circumstances. Them a wipe di floor with di yute hoping to make him look worse & worse, but it doesn’t look as bad for kartel as it does for the JA justice system because this is highly unprofessional. This has become more of an ego and emotional revenge for the system than justice because they got what they wanted and still a keep up fckry. Pay attention people to how them deal with ghetto people when them hold yuh, and then they expect to receive cooperation from the rest of the ghetto culture/society/ppl when dem violate suh? They are trying to send a message but they are sending the wrong message because people nah go just roll over and cooperate after unnu a show dem seh unnu nuh response fi dem at all. All i have to say to ghetto/poor ppl is wise up and low di negativity/badness/killin and walk str8 because they really dont care about nobody. Don’t mek them get fi bring u dung fi nuttin. we need to stop fighting our brothers and sisters and unite and fight for a cause, direct that energy somewhere worthwhile to bring change but use yuh brain not unnu weapons

    • Wow well said…BLESSINGS

    • You will not see this in the U.S. for real, but memba seh a Jamaica dis, not America. I have many many video evidence used in the U.S. courts in the media. Is what you a seh? Not that I am saying it is write, but nutten n7h wrong wid likkle labrish.

      • Seriously you people need to shut up and educate yourselves before you start tearing down your own to build up another. First off all evidence in a trial is public information as trials are open to the public. That is not unique to Jamaica. Unless the trial judge orders the evidence to be closed it is free to be publicized. There is no prejudice. The verdict has already been reached. An appeal does not look at the evidence but at the application of the laws and the actions and the methodology in how the evidence itself was applied or gathered and whether there were professional errors that breached the rights of the defendants to a just trial. In lay mans terms…now in idiotology none a dis matter cause de appeal nar watch dat de appeal only a look pan how de case and evidence wuk. Sheeshk people instead of prancing and ranting bout the worlds dumbest gangsta maybe open your eyes and learn instead of joining the conspiracy line. How many real crime shows are there in America that also speaks to the police and prosecution. Police even right books about cases they investigate. I am not saying I agree to shaming but to say it don’t happen anywhere else is false.

  42. kartel baby mom look dutty and look like she would do anything fi money.Kartel yuh dweet man just tell yuh followers and fans so them can stop waan like yuh .

  43. His family needs to sue them. Shorty speak up hunny. Thats your face in those photos

  44. Can there be a more prejudicial jury system, who has this mans phone and why are they allowed to do nonsense like this. Someone should be held accountable. I would hate to have a family member be judged by a system like this. This is dangerous and quite alarming. You have a responsibility to handle your jobs in a professional manner, BE A PROFESSIONAL

  45. Can there be a more prejudicial jury system, who has this mans phone and why are they allowed to do nonsense like this. Someone should be held accountable. I would hate to have a family member be judged by a system like this. This is dangerous and quite alarming. You have a responsibility to handle your jobs in a professional manner, BE A PROFESSIONAL

  46. kartel would be my bit in prison

  47. MissKnownUnknown

    I know it’s not relevant, but a as a woman I must say, damn he’s ugly!
    This picture is the most disturbing one #54. This guy needs Jesus in his life.


  48. free worl boss

    • gaza strip is not in jamaica

      Oh shut up you stupid slag

    • Y yall ni**as keep saying this free world boss sh*. .ni**a is a criminal. Hes at where he belongs. I bet if he killed 1 of ya family members ya wouldn’t b sayin dat

  49. I hate him u was a bad example of your youths he mashed up the morals of the youth please rot in prison thank u !!

  50. I hate kartel I hope he dies in prison and he gets is ass bursts up also he is Battyman just look at him!! F- in idiot boy !!! Vybz kartel go s u mother u fish !!

  51. yooo whos leaking this crap LOL get a life…

    • The police who else. When kartel was arrested the police took phones off him…not a fan but it’s obvious their trying to prejudice the appeal. These should never have been leaked, at least not until well after the appeal is heard…im not even sure if these were used as exhibits in the trial

  52. Maybe its just me but the 10th picture looks like its Tommy Lee being fed a cherry by Kartel. And that 20th picture of Kartel and Shorty, wow what a combination.

    • Looks like ur mada getting her cherry eaten by tommy lee

      • Hahahaha…the things fools say out of anger. Lack of education makes you be like so, you think when you insult anothers mother you become a hero.

      • Or better yet, the idiots think that by insulting other’s mothers Kartel is innocent, going to be freed and we are going to change our views.

    • For someone that does not like kartel, you comment on every story, which means while ypu are on this site you purposly see the next kartel article, read throught it and comment. So you my dear are a creep. Your name should be blackconfusedcreep.

      • Kartel gweh, you locked up in jail and I am free like a bird so I can read what I want, whenever I want and comment on whatever I want. And by the way, how do you know that I comment on every article unless you also do the same thing following me and reading all that I write.

      • If I am a fan of an artist obviously I am going to follow updates. Yes you can comment on whatever you want but according to what you comment you dont like him so you are pathetic to check up on him to see whats going on with him. PAthetic little birdy. Go chirp somewhere else

      • Like i said before, GWEH!!, what you speak makes no sense.

      • U still dont understand my point. When did I say im expecting you to like or support him?

      • In every response?

      • U see it bounty an movado did already a tel everyone say kartel a batty boy but then never wah believe, now dem ketch him a fu gal ina dem batty. But Jamaica people really foolish still eheno cause look at this man physical appearance unu noh must see that the man no straight.

      • Smh do you know how many men fu girls in their as?. Dam thats alot of “gay men”, altho its a woman bent over not a man. Maybe you should educate yourself on the difference between homosexuals and straight men.

  53. With all the leaking … nothing has linked kartel to a murder yet… he’s totally innocent … free up vybz…

    • Mussi bloodclart blind.
      Murder video voice notes and bbm all leak.

      • The article states that there’s images of gun and cash…. u either stupid r illiterate know what the article says.. I done with puzhole lozer

      • Go on fb its on threre

      • nothing on fb that linked vybz kartel to a murder, you too dumb and a hater.

      • We haffi just low you eno cause u ah real tom fool.if deviltel aka kartel did kill ur family i know ur trigger happy fingers would have type all sort of crap…ni**a go learn some serious sense.

      • vybz kartel didn’t kill anyone family, he’s totally innocent. theres’ isn’t any serious evidence to link him to a murder.

    • Rani i can clearly see you ah big idiot how you must free ah criminal, kartel nuh rass innocent him gulity and him order the killing over to piece ah steel him could have just buy back and run away lizard.

    • Martin NF Webster

      Oh shut up you stupid black ape vybz kartel is guilty end of no buts or ifs get over it

      • Again, with feeling…F— Off!

      • There is no room for ignorant people like you

      • aye batty boi, did you know theres a show call twins , they have technology to get micheal Jackson voice, why you think they can’t do it to kartels voice and frame him too.

      • If it is possible for some of you to use your brains just for a little while. How is it that he was being framed and his legal team not challenge these allegations in court and request it be investigated? If you deh a court and you hear audio being used to implicate you, you know you never say dat? What you going to do siddung and build other straw man arguments or try to challenge these material evidence being pitted against you? Yu naw go raise hell and say anno my voice dat eno? Yu gwey wait for Joe & Joeisha Public wid dem ‘brilliant’ self fi sepculate that is a framing/conspiracy/set-up on behalf of you? Unno dumb beyond belief eno! Man put some rhyme together bout some nawciniss and uno follow him like him a The Messiah. How uno simple-minded so? How dumb can uno be to not see that this man is a criminal ?!?!?!

      • with all the sh*t you just rumbled about, you or the system cannot link vybz kartel to any murder, theres not single solid evidence, where is the DNA?

      • Bare bloodclaat truth but nuhbody a ask da question yah WHY LIZARD DID NEED DI GUNS DEM

      • tommy lee, just came out and stated the he did not video tape anything, so how the bloodclaath they got his voice on records, I want dunce people to get to the truth of the matter and free vybz kartel…

    • Wut u mean nothing linked him to the murder? R u serious? Umm the voice notes , dog bite, wee the other victim who got away, text messages, gaza slim’s fake report that lizard robbed her 3 days after the murder. .. I mean come on u prob a gaza fan but facts r facts. U cant deny the substantial amount of circumstantial evidence against him. Plus the video in his havendale house where he is clearly seen and thats his voice talking. Gaza my ass dat ni*** is a murderer. .hes at where he belong

      • your haters free the works boss and you people bout follow man no follow man lead cause kartel sing fun songs u say him guilty ite look pon dem American they sing bout killing people ice t sing cop killer does that means all of them are bad people no!!!

    • Arghhhhhh i give up…better still come borrow my glasses or is it hearing aids you need…listen to the video again where roderick holding that monster of a pixaxe. ..if you cannot hear kartels voice then something seriously wrong with you…

    • Your name really does indicate that you are dunce with your stupid comments.

  54. Kartel and him baby mada a two very ugly people